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What Is a Volumetric Espresso Machine

Volumetric Espresso Machine

If you are a coffee lover, you must know that nothing can beat the aroma and taste of a classic espresso shot.

This Italian coffee brewing technique has become a well-known thing now. So much so that companies have started producing espresso machines for restaurants and homes.

The machines provide the exquisite experience of getting a cup of coffee without waiting for ages. Skilled baristas are trained to provide the best taste in every cup.

For the assistance of baristas, different espresso machines are also available in the market that provides a similar delightful taste.

With the breakthrough of the volumetric espresso machine, things have changed a lot for coffee makers. There is no need to constantly look at the coffee drip or monitor the drink’s color, as the state-of-the-art machine can take care of everything for you.

You might be wondering what precisely a volumetric espresso machine is.


A volumetric espresso machine functions automatically and provides pre-programmed water volume for each coffee shot making it one of the most accurate espresso machines ever.

Are you interested to know more? Then, read further as we explain what a volumetric espresso machine is and how it is better than the other types.

What Is a Volumetric Espresso Machine?

Volumetric Espresso Machine

As mentioned earlier, a volumetric espresso machine is a type of espresso machine that works automatically. It provides a pre-programmed fixed amount of water volume for each coffee shot.

Volumetric espresso machines are fast and convenient, making them a breakthrough discovery for commercial use.

In older times, the Barista had Baristatantly watch the entire duration of espresso extraction to ensure the right amount.

However, the volumetric espresso machines use a flow meter that monitors the dispensed water volume, giving each cup the best taste and aroma.

According to world-class Barista Ben Kaminsky’s research, volumetric espresso machines are proven to be more cost and time effective for big businesses. It does the Barista’s joBarista’sely monitoring the water volume while helping the bartender multitask efficiently.

Difference Between the Semi-Automatic and Volumetric Espresso Machine

Semi-Automatic And Volumetric Espresso Machine

You must have interchangeably heard the names of a volumetric or a semi-automatic espresso machine, but they are not the same. Semi-automatic machines are more efficient than manual ones, but they require more commands from the user than a volumetric espresso machine.

When the brew pump gets activated in a semi-automatic machine, it starts brewing and continues until the user manually stops it.

A volumetric espresso machine is more advanced once the user activates the brew cycle; it continues until a predefined amount of liquid has been dispensed. After that, it automatically turns off, making it more convenient and user-friendly.


An espresso machine is a practical appliance that every restaurant and home must have. The advanced volumetric espresso machine is an automatic type that uses a flow meter to detect the predefined amount of water volume in each coffee shot.

This espresso machine is more user-friendly as it helps do the Barista’s job efficiently. If a business owner is considering revamping her coffee business, getting a volumetric espresso machine can be your best investment.

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