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Reasons Your Maytag Dryer Isn’t Spinning (& What To Do)

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With the convenience dryers have ushered into our lives, it can be quite a headache when they suddenly stop working.

If you find yourself in this situation with your Maytag dryer not spinning, you can do a few things to get it working again.


A Maytag dryer that won’t spin can be caused by a few different things;

  1. Unplugged appliance
  2. Tripped circuit breakers
  3. Blown thermal fuse
  4. Faulty drum belt
  5. Problematic door switch

Of course, the list is far from exhaustive. So, if you can’t pinpoint the problem or are unsure how to proceed, it’s best to consult a professional maintenance specialist for a definitive diagnosis and repair.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss likely reasons for your Maytag dryer not spinning and troubleshooting tricks for each. I’ll also provide some handy maintenance tips so you can avoid this situation in the future. Let’s jump right in!

10 Reasons Your Maytag Dryer Isn’t Spinning and What To Do

Whether your Maytag dryer stopped spinning during the cycle or won’t spin when you turn it on, here are some of the most common causes of its malfunction:

1. Unplugged Appliance

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It may sound like a silly mistake, but you can’t imagine the number of people who’ve found their dryer not spinning simply because they had unplugged the appliance.

Someone unplugged the appliance and forgot to reconnect it, or a pet or child knocked the plug loose, cutting the power supply to the dryer.

What To Do

The solution is pretty obvious – ensure the dryer is properly plugged in.

If all seems well, you should examine the power cord of your unit to see if it has any damage. All this is to ensure that power is reaching the dryer.

2. Tripped Circuit Breakers

Female Electrician With A Screwdriver In Her Hand Standing In Front Of Open Fuse Box

Check your circuit breaker box if the connection seems fine and can’t notice any power cord damage. A circuit breaker will trip every time your dryer draws more power than the capacity of the circuit.

Here, one thing to keep in mind is that Maytag dryers usually have two circuit breakers – one for the spinning action and the other for the heating.

It could be that both circuit breakers were tripped or just one of them. If you notice your unit spinning but not heating, the breaker responsible for heating is likely tripped.

But if it’s heating but not spinning, then the breaker for spinning could be the culprit.

What To Do

To fix this problem, reset the breaker responsible for spinning. If it trips again, you’ll need to contact a maintenance specialist or electrician to check the wiring and increase the circuit’s capacity.

Electronic appliances generally become less and less efficient with time, so the amount of power they need will also increase, necessitating the need for sizing a new breaker.

According to National Electric Code (NEC), your dryer’s circuit should handle at least 80% of the unit’s amperage!

3. Control Lock Is Activated

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Control Lock is a safety feature in almost all modern dryers designed to keep children from changing the settings when you are away.

It could be that you’re attempting to run the dryer when the lock is engaged, so check on it if your unit has it.

Of course, this may sound like a silly mistake, but with the things running around in our heads, you may have activated the feature and forgotten to deactivate it.

What To Do

If this is the case, then disengage the control lock. You’ll usually find a button labeled “Control Lock” or something similar.

Press it and hold for three seconds, and your dryer should start working.

You can check your manual for the exact buttons you need to press.

4. The Door Isn’t Fully Latched

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As with most other dryers, your Maytag dryer won’t spin if the door is open or not properly closed.

Keep in mind that some Maytag models have two door latches – one at the top and the other at the bottom. If either one is not properly closed, the dryer won’t spin.

What To Do

To fix this problem, ensure the door latch is securely closed. Try opening and closing the door a few times to check if this resolves your issue.

For models with two latches, make sure that both are properly closed.

5. Broken Door Switch

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The door switch is part of the appliance responsible for detecting the door’s status – open or close. If this part is not working, it won’t signal to the electronic control board that the door is closed.

As such, your Maytag dryer won’t spin, especially if the switch broke when the door was open.

If you’re a DIYer and have a multimeter, use it to test the functionality of the door switch. If it turns out it’s bad, then it’s the culprit.

What To Do

Here, you need to get a new door switch. And thankfully, replacing the door switch is usually fairly simple and requires no special tools.

You’ll need a screwdriver, and you can get the replacement part from your local appliance parts store.

Just check the model number of your dryer to get the right switch.

6. Worn-Out Drum Roller(s)

Roller Dryer Interior Texture

Your Maytag dryer usually consists of two drum support rollers designed to support the drum and keep it in place while spinning. If one or both of these rollers are worn out, your dryer won’t spin.

If the rollers become worn out due to use, they won’t spin freely, resulting in your dryer not spinning. You may notice the unit making rumbling noises every time you start a spin cycle.

Sometimes, the spinning will be slow, which signifies that one drum roller bearing is worn out.

What To Do

You’ll need to replace the damaged roller(s) to fix this issue. Consider replacing the two rollers even if you’re only having issues with one, as the extra wear on a single roller causes all of them to fail eventually.

Getting a new drum roller is usually a straightforward process. You can buy the new rollers from your local appliance parts store or online; replacement isn’t a technical process.

Of course, you can always call a professional if you’re uncomfortable with DIY repairs.

7. Faulty Drum Belt

Repair Of The Drum Of The Washing Machine

The drum belt is the part that connects the motor to the dryer’s drum. When it gets loose or breaks, the dryer won’t spin. A defective, faulty drum belt is one of the common reasons for dryers not spinning.

So, test if it could be the reason for the problem. An easy way to do that is to try and spin the drum manually. If it spins freely, that tells you two things; the rollers are in great condition, but the belt could be faulty.

If you have the skills, you may also need to unplug and disassemble the unit and inspect the belt’s condition.

Check to see if it could be frayed, worn out, or compromised in a whatsoever way. If any of this is the case, your belt is to blame.

What To Do

Replacing a faulty drum belt is the only way out here. But begin by getting the correct model from the store.

And although you can still try doing the replacement yourself, we advise you to get a professional for the job.

8. Blown Thermal Fuse

Upset Woman Staring At Her Broken Machine

The thermal fuse is designed to protect the dryer’s components from overheating. If it blows, the dryer won’t start, and you need to replace the fuse.

The first thing you should consider doing once you suspect a blown thermal fuse is to check the condition of your dryer vent.

A clogged dryer vent prevents the efficient flow of air, causing the dryer to overheat and probably causing the thermal fuse to blow. If there’s lint buildup, get into testing the integrity of the fuse.

Begin by disassembling the unit to gain access to the fuse. The component is usually located near the heating element. Then, uninstall it and use a multimeter to check resistance.

To do that, set the multimeter at the lowest setting for “Ohms for resistance”. Then, connect one lead to one terminal of the fuse and the other to the second terminal and check the reading.

If it’s zero, that’s to say there’s no resistance, meaning that the fuse is not blown. Otherwise, it would mean the fuse is blown, and you’ll need another.

What To Do

Once you confirm that the thermal fuse is faulty, you’ll need to install a functional one. It’s a simple process that requires a Phillips screwdriver.

Once you’ve installed it, remember to clear the dryer vent from any lint buildup to prevent it from blowing again.

9. Problematic Dryer Motor

Close Up Of An Internal Of A Dryer Machine

The dryer motor is the part that generates the driving force used by the drive belt to spin the dryer drum. So, if it isn’t working properly, your dryer won’t spin properly because it’s broken or overloaded.

What To Do

If you suspect a failed dryer motor, get professional help. Attempting to repair or replace the motor can be dangerous and complex.

Get an experienced technician with the right tools to inspect and repair.

10. Defective Electronic Control Board

Man Open The Washing Machine Door, He Doing Laundry

The electronic control board is the brains behind the operation of your dryer, so if it fails, none of its components will work, including the motor and drum.

It’s easy to tell when it has failed. Just press any of the buttons on the control panel, and if none of them responds, that could be your problem.

What To Do

Replacing the control board is the only way out here. And as the most complex component in the dryer, it’s advisable to get a professional to do the job.

Getting the right replacement may require checking your dryer’s model and serial numbers. Therefore, be sure to have that information handy before shopping for the part.

Maintaining Your Maytag Dryer

Once you’ve identified and fixed the issue, do not forget to keep your dryer regularly maintained.

Here are some maintenance tips:

1. Clear the Exhaust Vent Annually

Hand Cleaning Accumulated Clothing Lint From Trap In Clothes Dryer.

The dryer vent’s primary role is to channel out hot, humid air from the dryer. But it also catches lint that bypasses the lint trap.

If the vent isn’t cleared regularly, it can start clogging. And that could cause a fire hazard or the thermal fuse to blow. Ideally, the vent should be cleared annually.

2. Clean the Lint Screen Regularly

A Man Takes A Lint Filter Out Of The Dryer And Cleans It From Dust, Lint, Hair, Wool.

The rule of thumb has always been to check and clean the lint-screen filter after every load. That keeps the airflow unobstructed, saving energy and increasing dryer performance.

But then, you must thoroughly clean the same with laundry detergent and warm water at least every three months.

3. Keep the Lint Trap Clear

Replacing The Screen In The Lint Trap Of A Clothes Dryer

The lint trap is the primary way of keeping lint from entering the dryer’s vent. Therefore, it should always be kept clean and clear to prevent any blockage in the system.

A great way to keep it looking nice is by scrubbing the mesh lint screen with a toothbrush every time you clean the lint filter.

4. Occasionally Inspect the Outside Vent Cap

Flexible Dryer Vent Hose, Attaching/Detaching From Wall Vent By Turning Screw In Steel Duct Clamp.

The dryer vent cap keeps animals and other conditions from entering your dryer vent. So, ensure it’s securely attached to the side of your house and free from clogs or damage.

That will ensure that your dryer works efficiently.

5. Keep the Load Within Safety Limits

A Woman Using Washing Machine

Overloading your dryer increases the chance of fire and reduces its life span. Therefore, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding capacity and drying cycles.

It may mean spending more time doing laundry, but it will be worth it.


Your Maytag dryer won’t spin? Don’t be alarmed yet. A few electrical, mechanical, or control board issues could be the culprit. Therefore, take a few minutes to inspect the appliance and fix these issues as soon as possible.

If the issue isn’t complex, you can easily repair it. But if you’re dealing with something beyond your scope, don’t hesitate to call a technician.

Lastly, always maintain your Maytag dryer regularly for optimal performance. And with all these in mind, you can be sure of a long-lasting and efficient machine.

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