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What Does “P1” Mean on Toshiba Air Conditioner?

Toshiba Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit Installed

Portable aircon units have become one of the house’s most famous climate control units. Their portability comes with a lot of conveniences, knowing that you can move them around to any room without any worries.

However, you can be a bit scared if you notice “P1” displayed on your Toshiba air conditioning unit.

So, what does “P1” mean? This article will look at one of the most common errors on Toshiba AC units and how you should fix the issue.


A “P1” error on a Toshiba air conditioner means that the unit’s drain tray is full and needs to be emptied. If you need to drain the water from the tray, unplug the AC and move it to a draining location. After opening the drain plug, use a drain pipe to redirect water, then restart your unit.

Continue reading and learn more about how your AC operates and how to solve its drainage problems.

What Does the “P1” Error Mean on a Toshiba AC?

The good news is this is not something that should keep you up at night. The P1 error is a protection code displayed on your portable air conditioners after the bottom tray is full.

The best way to resolve the issue is by draining the water-catcher tray and restarting your AC unit.

What Causes The Drain Pan in The Air Conditioner To Fill?

Tray To Drain Dirty Water Out

Before figuring out how to solve the issue, let us look at what causes the display error on your Toshiba aircon.

In addition to cooling the air in a room, air conditioning appliances also remove excess moisture. It is done by running the air near the evaporator coils, where moisture is condensed and turned into water droplets.

However, unlike self-evaporating air conditioners that expel excess moisture outside the house, other AC units use a drain system that collects the condensed water into a water catcher or drain tray, which needs to be manually emptied.

The portable Toshiba AC displays the error to inform you that the tray is full and there is a risk of the water overflowing or leaking.

How To Drain The Bottom Tray in the Toshiba Aircon

Here is a step-by-step procedure to safely drain the bottom tray in your portable climate control unit.


Air conditioning manufacturers can have different locations for their water-catcher trays and procedures on how to drain them. You should always check your user manual on where the drain tray is located and how to empty its contents.

1. Turn Off the Air Conditioner

The first thing you need to do is to turn off and unplug the AC unit. If water leaks while draining the appliance, you want to avoid damage to its electrical components and prevent electrocution.

2. Move the Unit to a Draining Location

If you do not want water damage to your floors or carpet, then the safest bet is to move the portable aircon. Relocate the unit to the bathroom or near a sink, where water spillage can be easily maintained and cleaned up.

3. Connect a Drain Pipe

You need to find a drain pipe to feed the water into a sink for proper disposal. Portable Toshiba AC units have a drain plug at the tray’s bottom.

The drain pipe should securely fit in the plug to minimize any risk of leaks.

4. Remove the Drain Plug

All you need to do is remove the bottom drain plug on the tray, connect the drain pipe, and let the water drain into the sink. Ensure that the hose is secured tightly to the plug. Place a towel under the connection if you notice any water leaks.

Make sure to clean up the area and dry it off thoroughly to prevent mold growth around the wet spot.

5. Restart Air Conditioner

Finally, restart the machine unit until the error disappears.

What To Do If The “P1” Error Continues Displaying

Technician Adjusting The Errors In Air Conditioner

Sometimes, there might be a bigger problem than the bottom tray filling up. If the error continues displaying on your AC panel, you should contact an authorized repair technician or customer care service for help.


The P1 error in your Toshiba air conditioning indicates that your unit’s bottom tray is filled and needs to be emptied. The bottom tray fills up after moisture condenses in the AC and gets collected for draining.

When draining the bottom pan, you need to unplug the aircon unit and move it to a safe location. Afterward, open the drain plug at the bottom of the pan and connect a hose to redirect the water into the sink. Lastly, you will need to restart the unit for the error to disappear.

However, if the error continues displaying on the AC panel, you should call a professional to look at the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Drain Your Portable Air Conditioner Frequently?

It depends on the type of AC you own. If you have a self-evaporating unit, the system automatically evaporates excess moisture out of the house. However, other ACs need to be drained to eliminate the water accumulated in the tray.

What Happens When the Bottom Tray in an Air Conditioner Is Full?

Most modern AC systems display an alert or error to indicate that the pan is full. Other units also turn off their air conditioning until the tray is emptied. However, in older models, a full tray would often lead to water leaking and overflowing from the unit.

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