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What Does “Air Turbo” Mean on a Washing Machine?

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You’d be surprised just how many features the standard washing machine has. These modern-day appliances offer various functions that streamline how you manage your laundry.

But while you probably use the same wash, rinse, and dry cycle for all your dirty clothes, you can try several other helpful features.

If you’ve got a top-load washer, one of those features is an ‘air turbo.’ Although you’ve probably seen the option on your washer’s control panel before, likely, you’ve never tried it. So what exactly does air turbo do?

  • Air turbo allows more air to circulate by opening designated vents in the washer’s lid.
  • The feature also entails rapid spinning to eliminate as much moisture as possible.
  • The air turbo function works faster than standard tumble and spins dry settings, and leaves clothes with the ideal moisture level for ironing.

Top-load washing machines might be more affordable than front-load washers, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on functionality.

The air turbo option, in particular, works wonders to prepare clothes for ironing or to speed up the drying process.

What Is Air Turbo on a Washing Machine?

The air turbo feature exists on most top-load washers from well-known manufacturers. The option opens up vents in the washing machine’s lid to allow more air to circulate.

It also starts a rapid spin process while the vents are open. This allows the washer to eliminate as much moisture as possible so that when you pull your clothes out, they have enough moisture for ironing.

Air Turbo vs. Dryer

Air Turbo
Air Turbo Source: wbaiv

For the record, an air turbo doesn’t achieve quite the same dryness as a standard dryer. Standalone dryers use heat to completely evaporate moisture so that your clothes come out free of any wetness.

While the air turbo feature tries to eliminate as much moisture as possible, it doesn’t get your laundry completely dry. On top of that, there’s a discrepancy in the amount of time it takes for a dryer to do its job versus an air turbo cycle.

You can’t choose how long you want the cycle to run with a dryer. Instead, it depends on the settings you choose.

Most of the time, a dryer cycle lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. In the case of an air turbo, you choose how long you want the washer to run.

Most models let you select between 15, 30, and 45 minutes.

How To Start an Air Turbo Cycle

Washing Machine Air Turbo
Washing Machine Air Turbo Source: nist6ss

Every washing machine is different, so the steps to start an air turbo cycle may vary from model to model. Some manufacturers place a dedicated air turbo button on the control panel.

Pressing the button lets you cycle through the different duration options you can choose from.

Other models require you to select the dry spin setting before navigating to the air turbo function. Check your user manual to find out how to operate your washing machine and where to find the air turbo feature.


Although air turbo might not dry your clothes, it serves a useful purpose. This top-load washer feature eliminates as much moisture as possible by improving air circulation.

In effect, you can iron your clothes fresh out of the cycle or hang them for a faster drying time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Front-Load Washers Have Air Turbo?

As of writing, the air turbo feature only exists on front-load washers because it requires the opening of several vents.

Adding this feature to front-load washers proves a safety hazard, so manufacturers avoid programming front-load washers to use air turbo.

Is Air Turbo Better Than Spin Dry?

Air turbo cycles take less time than spin and tumble dry, removing much more moisture.

So if you’re in the market for a new top-load washing machine, you might want to find one with air turbo functionality to shorten drying time.

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