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What Does 5D Mean on a Washer?

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When you see a “5D” error code on your washer, it may cause you some confusion. This code might seem like a technical term related to the functioning of your washer, but it’s actually an error code indicating a specific issue. The “5D” error code is often displayed on Whirlpool and Maytag washing machines, and it’s commonly misinterpreted. The actual error code is “Sd” or “Sud,” which signifies excessive suds in the washer.


The “5D” error code displayed on a washer typically means there’s an issue with excessive suds or a problem with the drainage system. The error code is often misinterpreted and is actually “Sd” or “Sud.” It’s most commonly caused by using too much detergent, not using a high-efficiency (HE) detergent, or a clog in the drain pump or drain line. To fix it, you should reduce your detergent usage, use HE detergent, clean the detergent drawer, run a cleaning cycle, and check the drain pump and drain line for clogs.

Understanding the 5D Error Code

The “5D” error code typically indicates a problem with the drainage system or excessive suds in the washer. It’s an alert that the washer is unable to adequately drain water from the machine or that there are too many soap suds detected.

The cause of this issue is usually the use of too much detergent or not using a high-efficiency (HE) detergent. Occasionally, the error code is caused by the drain pump or drain line being clogged, or a defective drain pump, foam level sensor, or main control board.

How to Fix the 5D Error Code on a Washer

If your washer displays the 5D error code, follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Check the amount of detergent you are using. Do not exceed the recommended amount of detergent and use only HE (High Efficiency) detergent.
  2. Clean the detergent drawer, as it can become clogged with detergent residue, which can cause too much foam.
  3. Run a cleaning cycle to help remove any excess detergent or foam buildup.
  4. If the error persists, check the drain pump and drain line for clogs or obstructions.
  5. Inspect the foam level sensor and main control board for any defects or malfunctions.
  6. If the issue still persists, consider contacting a professional technician for further assistance.

Always remember to measure detergent and base detergent quantity on load size, and follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions.

The Impact of 5D Error on Energy Consumption and Efficiency

A 5D error code indicates that the machine cannot drain water due to excessive foam, which is often caused by using too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent. Excessive suds can lead to improper cleaning of clothes and may require additional rinse cycles to remove the foam, which can increase water and energy consumption.

To prevent the 5D error and improve energy efficiency, it is essential to use only High Efficiency (HE) detergents and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct detergent quantity based on load size. Additionally, ensure that the drain pump and drain line are not clogged, and the foam level sensor and main control board are functioning correctly. By addressing these issues, you can optimize your washer’s performance and reduce energy consumption.

Potential Drawbacks or Limitations of 5D Washers

5D washers, or washers displaying a 5D error code, can have several potential drawbacks or limitations. Some common causes of this error code include:

  1. Using too much detergent: Excessive detergent can lead to the formation of too many suds, triggering the 5D error code.
  2. Using the wrong type of detergent: Not using a high-efficiency (HE) detergent can also cause the 5D error code.
  3. Overloading the washer: Putting too many clothes in the washer can lead to subpar cleaning outcomes and hinder the appliance’s optimal functioning.
  4. Bulky laundry: Bulky items can cause an imbalance in the washer, leading to the 5D error code.
  5. Damaged foam sensor: A faulty foam sensor can incorrectly detect excessive suds, causing the error code.
  6. Faulty control panel: A defective control panel can also trigger the 5D error code.
  7. Clogged drain pump or drain line: Occasionally, the error code is caused by a clogged drain pump or drain line.

When the 5D error code is displayed, the washer will try to reduce suds by adding more water to the load, which can prolong the washing process. To fix the issue, it is essential to identify the cause and take appropriate measures, such as using the correct detergent, avoiding overloading, and checking for clogs or faulty components.

In conclusion, understanding the “5D” error code on your washer can help you troubleshoot and fix the issue effectively. Remember to always measure detergent and use HE detergent to prevent excessive suds and the 5D error code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other error codes can appear on my washer?

There are various error codes that might appear on your washer, each indicating a specific issue. Some common ones include F21 (long drain time), F22 (door lock error), F23 (heater failure), and F24 (water temperature sensor error). Always refer to your washer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for a comprehensive list and understanding of error codes.

Can I use regular detergent in a high-efficiency washer?

No, it’s not recommended to use regular detergent in a high-efficiency (HE) washer. HE washers are designed to use less water, and HE detergents are formulated to produce fewer suds and rinse out more efficiently in these low-water conditions. Using regular detergent can lead to too many suds and cause issues like the 5D error code.

How often should I clean my washer to prevent the 5D error code?

It’s recommended to clean your washer once a month to prevent detergent buildup and other issues that could lead to the 5D error code. This includes cleaning the detergent drawer and running a cleaning cycle with a washer cleaner or a homemade solution.

Can overloading the washer cause the 5D error code?

Yes, overloading the washer can contribute to the 5D error code. Overloading can hinder the washer’s ability to adequately drain water and can lead to excessive suds. It’s essential to load your washer correctly according to its capacity to ensure optimal performance.

What should I do if the 5D error code persists even after troubleshooting?

If the 5D error code continues to display even after you’ve tried troubleshooting, it’s best to contact a professional technician. The issue might be due to a more serious problem, such as a faulty drain pump, foam level sensor, or main control board.

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