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How To Sanitize a Bosch Dishwasher

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To ensure the longevity, efficiency, and hygiene of your dishwasher, regular sanitization is crucial. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to sanitize a Bosch dishwasher, one of the leading brands in home appliances.


To sanitize a Bosch dishwasher, first clean the filter and spray arms with mild soap and water. Use the Sanitize option if available on your model. Clean the dishwasher tub with white vinegar and baking soda. Then, use Bosch Dishwasher Cleaner and Descaler in an empty dishwasher on the hottest, longest cycle. Finally, clean the exterior with a damp cloth and mild soap, and condition stainless steel surfaces with the Bosch stainless steel conditioner. This process should be done every 4-6 months.

Why Sanitize Your Dishwasher?

Sanitizing your Bosch dishwasher not only keeps it clean and odor-free but also ensures that it operates at peak performance. Regular sanitization eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses, enhances drying results, and minimizes the environmental impact of the wash cycle.

How Often Should You Sanitize Your Bosch Dishwasher?

To maintain optimal performance and cleanliness, it’s recommended to sanitize your Bosch dishwasher every 4-6 months. The frequency may vary depending on usage and local water hardness.

Materials Needed for Dishwasher Sanitization

To sanitize your Bosch dishwasher, you’ll need:

  1. Bosch Dishwasher Cleaner
  2. Bosch Descaler
  3. Damp cloth
  4. Mild soap and lukewarm water
  5. Bosch Stainless Steel Conditioner
  6. Finish Detergent
  7. Finish Rinse Aids
  8. Finish Dishwasher Cleaners

Step-by-Step Guide to Sanitize a Bosch Dishwasher

  1. Clean the Filter: The dishwasher filter is located at the bottom and should be cleaned with soap and a soft brush under running water to remove debris.
  2. Clean the Spray Arms: Remove and clean the spray arms to ensure proper water flow during the wash cycle.
  3. Use the Sanitize Option: Select models have a Sanitize option that increases the time and temperature of the final rinse, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and enhancing drying results.
  4. Clean the Dishwasher Tub: Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in the base of an empty dishwasher and run a heavy clean cycle. Sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda in the base and let it sit overnight. Run a regular clean cycle in the morning.
  5. Use Bosch Dishwasher Cleaner and Descaler: Add one box of cleaner or descaler to the bottom of your empty dishwasher and run the hottest, longest cycle.
  6. Clean the Exterior: Wipe the door seals with a damp cloth. Wash stainless steel surfaces with lukewarm water and mild soap using a soft cloth, wiping in the direction of the steel grain. Condition stainless steel surfaces with the Bosch stainless steel conditioner.

Troubleshooting a Bosch Dishwasher

If your dishwasher still smells or appears dirty after sanitization, you can try running an empty cycle with a cup of white vinegar to help deodorize the dishwasher. If the issue persists, it might be a good idea to contact Bosch customer support or a professional technician for further assistance.

In conclusion, regular sanitization of your Bosch dishwasher ensures thorough cleaning and disinfection of dishes, reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses, enhances drying results, and prolongs the life of your machine. With this comprehensive guide, you have all the information you need to keep your Bosch dishwasher clean and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any brand of dishwasher cleaner and descaler?

While you may use other brands of dishwasher cleaner and descaler, Bosch recommends using their own products for optimal results. Their cleaners and descalers are specifically designed to work with Bosch dishwashers.

Can I use the Bosch dishwasher without the spray arms?

No, the spray arms in a Bosch dishwasher are crucial for proper function. They distribute water evenly throughout the dishwasher during a wash cycle. If they are missing or not working properly, your dishes may not be cleaned effectively.

What should I do if the Sanitize option is not available in my Bosch dishwasher model?

If your Bosch dishwasher model does not have a Sanitize option, you can still maintain cleanliness by regularly cleaning the filter, spray arms, and dishwasher tub as mentioned in the guide. Using Bosch Dishwasher Cleaner and Descaler will also ensure your dishwasher is sanitized.

What is the purpose of the Bosch Stainless Steel Conditioner?

The Bosch Stainless Steel Conditioner is used to clean and protect the stainless steel surfaces of your dishwasher. It helps to remove fingerprints, water spots, and other stains, leaving your dishwasher looking shiny and new.

What should I do if the Bosch dishwasher cleaner and descaler do not remove all the stains and residues?

If the Bosch dishwasher cleaner and descaler do not remove all the stains and residues, you can run an additional cycle with a cup of white vinegar. If the stains persist, it may be a sign of a more serious issue, and you should contact Bosch customer support or a professional technician.

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