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How To Move a Fridge Without Scratching Your Floors

Moving A Fridge

You cannot keep your fridge in the same place forever. You sometimes have to move heavy appliances to clean or revamp the floors. The essential thing about moving your refrigerator from one place to another is to avoid scratching the floor.

Let’s face it! Nobody likes to have scratched and damaged floors. It hurts your home’s outlook and makes it looks shabby.

But the question is how to move such heavy appliances without damaging your floor’s appearance and shine.


You can move your fridge from one place to another without damaging your floor by using the:

  • Refrigerator sliders
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Moving blanket

If you have recently changed your floors and do not want to ruin them, read further as we explain some helpful tools to move your fridge the right way.

9 Ways To Move Your Fridge Without Scratching the Floor

Several ways make moving heavy appliances like a breeze.

Here we have enlisted a few of them to take a look:

1. Empty the Fridge

Emptied Fridge

Before you move your refrigerator, it is advisable to empty it. Then, you can remove the shelves and other removable parts to make your appliance easy to move.

Remember that the lighter the fridge, the easier it is to move it.

2. Slide a Piece of Cardboard/Plywood


You can use pieces of cardboard/plywood under the fridge to avoid hiring professionals to do the job or buying fancy products.

Here is how to do it:

  • Cut the cardboard, plywood, or masonite into four small 2-3 inches pieces.
  • Ask someone to lift the fridge and slide them under the appliance.
  • Now push the fridge to the desired spot.

3. Hire a Professional

Oexpert Mover

Although moving your refrigerator doesn’t require an expert’s help, if you want to play it safe, call a professional and let them do their job.

The expert movers have efficient tools that help move heavy objects without damaging the floors.

4. Obtain a Dolly or Hand Truck

Fridge On Dolly Truck

A dolly or hand truck is a flat wooden or metal bed with wheels under it that help safely move objects. For example, lift the fridge and place it onto the dolly for easy movement.


Always maintain the correct posture while lifting heavy objects, and never try to do this alone, as it can lead to a severe back injury.

5. Glide and Guard Floor Protection

Glide And Guard Floor

Glide and Guard is an efficient floor protection product that can help anyone move heavy appliances quickly. For example, it has six interlocking tracks made with special plastic that make sliding a fridge easier.

All you need to do is place two strips under the refrigerator before moving and slide two more strips at the front to avoid friction.

6. Upside Down Bathroom Mat/Carpet

Bathroom Mat

Here is another cost-effective option to move your heavy appliances from one place to another.

Take a bathroom mat with rubber coating at the bottom or a piece of carpet and slide it under the fridge to move it without damaging your floors.

7. Moving Blankets

Moving Blanket

Moving is a heavy-duty blanket used to move heavy furniture or appliances. For example, you can slide it under your fridge, tug its long ends and drag it to your desired place.

8. Use a Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwater Detergent

Using a dishwasher detergent is a great idea if you temporarily move your fridge in the same room for cleaning or looking for a missing object.

  • Squirt the liquid on the floor.
  • Now move the fridge carefully; the dishwashing liquid will make it easier for the fridge to slide.

9. Furniture Moving Straps

Furniture Moving Straps

Investing in furniture moving straps is one of the best ideas for moving things easily. These are long adjustable straps that are designed ergonomically.

Slide the strap under the fridge and wear it around your shoulder. It will make the appliance much lightweight for you as your shoulders and back will be doing the heavy lifting.


Moving a heavy appliance can damage your floor and leave unwanted scratches and marks. If you want to move your fridge, try placing plastic or cardboard pieces under it to help it move quickly.

You can also invest in furniture lifting straps or rent a dolly for the same purpose.

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