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Roomba Noise Troubleshooting Guide

Man Hand Activating The Roomba Irobot Vacuum Cleaner

In today’s advanced era, we cannot imagine a clean house without a Roomba. It is an efficient robot vacuum that quietly does its job and cleans the house with the help of sensors and mapping technology.

One of the main reasons why people usually prefer a Roomba over a traditional vacuum cleaner is its noiseless work.

But that is not always the ideal situation!

At times your Roomba can start making strange noises and make watching tv or talking on the phone impossible. You might wonder about the exact reason for the noise and how to fix it.


There are several ways to troubleshoot noise coming from your Roomba. Some methods are easy and can be done at home, while others require professional expertise.

Here are a few common ways to eliminate unwanted noise from your appliance.

  • Clean the brushes.
  • Replace the faulty vacuum impeller.
  • Check the floors.

Are you finding the unwanted noise at home annoying? Read further as we explain several helpful ways to troubleshoot noise problems in your Roomba.

8 Ways To Troubleshoot Noise Coming From Your Roomba

Ideally, Roomba must be quiet and efficient to do its job discreetly. But if that is not the case with you, don’t fret because, like other devices, your Roomba can also malfunction, resulting in loud noises.

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot it.

1. Clean the Brushes

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Spinning Brush

The Roomba cleans your home surface with the help of brushes that swipes dirt and other debris from the floor. If you are experiencing a loud noise from your Roomba, it is essential to check the extractors for any blockage.

Here is an easy way to do it.

  1. Flip over your vacuum and carefully examine the brushes.
  2. Clean the stuck debris like hair and dirt from the device’s exterior.
  3. Once done, detach the brushes and thoroughly clear the cleaning head for efficient working.

2. Examine the Charging Station

Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Sits On A Charging

If you are experiencing noise from your Roomba while charging, don’t panic, as there are several reasons for it. Firstly it is essential to examine the charging station and clean the panels that help the Roomba charge.

Secondly, try plugging your device into another power outlet, as a weak socket can also cause your Roomba to make loud noises.

Lastly, try replacing your Roomba’s battery. Once your device’s battery ages, it starts getting weaker, take more time to charge, and makes strange noises.

You can get a replacement easily at the official irobot store.

3. Ensure the Extractors Are Well-Connected

Man Is Fixing A Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The Roomba can also start making a loud clicking sound if you drop it or don’t connect the brushes back correctly. The best way is to detach the brushes and examine them to check if they are broken or damaged.

If everything is okay, try placing them back correctly. The side brushes of Roomba are installed with a screwdriver, so make sure the screws are tight, and your device is moving effectively without making a single sound.

4. Try Restarting the Device

Young Woman Starting Her Robotic Vacuum

Your Roomba can start giving errors and making beeping sounds instantly after your turn it on. The best thing is to fix the error causing it. If the sound doesn’t stop after fixing the issue, try restarting the appliance.

You can refer to your user manual to restart your device. Usually, it is done by pressing and holding the clean button for 20 seconds.


If you are unsure about fixing your appliance, it is better to call a professional for help, as your one wrong move can permanently damage the device.

5. Check the Floors

Irobot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba Cleaning A Gray Carpet

Another common reason your Roomba can make a loud noise is the floor change. These robot vacuums work as quietly as a clam sea on carpets, but they can suddenly get louder once they reach the wooden, stone, or tile floors.

There is no one solution to this issue, as Roomba is an appliance that can make noise while working on different surfaces. You can schedule the cleaning to avoid the loud noise once you are not home.

6. Never Ignore the Beeping Sound

Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Mop Cleaning Living

If your Roomba is constantly beeping, do not ignore the sign. It is not an ordinary sound but a signal by your appliance indicating an error.

If you want to know more about the error codes, please visit the official irobot website.

7. Replace the Vacuum Impeller

Vacuum Impeller View

The vacuum impeller is a small motorized component inside your Roomba that helps suck dirt and debris. If you are facing a noise issue from your Roomba, chances are the impeller is faulty or broken.

It is advisable to take it to the team and get a replacement if it is under warranty. Fixing or replacing a defective impeller is not easy, and it can permanently damage your appliance.

8. Run the Device on Training Run

Roomba Device On Training Run

The training run option is a time-saving way to save you from cleaning the brushes and heads unnecessarily. It runs the Roomba without a vacuum or larger brush head.

If you still notice a loud noise from your appliance, it indicates that the problem is due to the wheel motor or the side brushes. You can enable the training run either by tapping the three dots or using the smart app.


Roomba is an efficient device that helps clean your home without you lifting a finger. If you notice a loud strange noise coming from the appliance, it is advisable to take prompt action and try to fix the issue.

If you cannot figure out the real reason, it is better to call a professional for help and expert advice.

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