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4 Reasons for Hisense Fridge Freezer Ice Maker Not Working

Refrigerator Is Making Fresh Clean Ice Cubes

A built-in ice maker in your Hisense fridge makes enjoying cold drinks effortlessly at any time of the day.

But just like any other fixture, your ice maker might stop working, halting ice production entirely. What might cause a Hisense fridge’s ice maker to malfunction, and what can you do?

Here are some possible explanations:

  • A Hisense ice maker can stop producing ice if the control arm is unintentionally moved to the off position.
  • Minor errors concerning the ice maker can be resolved with a power cycle or reset.
  • Blockages in the water line or filter can prevent water from entering the ice molds, thus halting ice production.
  • In more serious cases, damage to various internal components can prevent the ice maker from performing its role.

Your Hisense fridge’s ice maker uses a variety of components and parts to produce and dispense ice at the press of a button. Any problems occurring in the system can prevent the fixture from working properly. Fortunately, most of the reasons that would stop your ice maker from making ice can be resolved without the help of a professional.

4 Reasons Why Your Hisense Fridge Ice Maker Has Stopped Working

1. Control Arm in off Position

Young Woman Operating Touch Pad On Web Enabled Refrigerator With Model Release

Inside the freezer is a bin storing ice until you dispose of some. Affixed to this bin is a control arm.

The arm detects if the bin is full, and it stops your fridge from producing any more ice if it senses that there’s no room in the bin to accommodate extra ice.

If you were moving things around in your freezer, it’s possible to accidentally nudge the control arm into the off position. Turning it downwards can restore function and get your ice maker to work again.

2. Minor Bugs

Male Right Hand Filling Glass With Water Splashing Out Of Dispenser Of Home Fridge

Your Hisense refrigerator uses a program to perform all its various functions — not just making ice.

Sometimes, the appliance can get ‘confused’, so to speak, causing the refrigerator to encounter errors and malfunctions.

Most of the time, resetting your refrigerator when this happens can undo and resolve minor program bugs, so your unit starts working hitch-free all over again.

To reset the fridge, unplug it from the power source and wait one minute before restoring power.

This reboots the system, clears the program, and resolves minor bugs and issues the fridge might encounter, including ice-making problems.

3. Blockage or Obstruction

Inside A Freezer Automatic Ice Maker With Pile Of Cubes

Your ice maker uses its water line. The fridge takes water from this dedicated line, feeds it into ice molds, and then freezes it to produce ice.

Sometimes, the water line may become clogged with debris, especially if connected to a hard water source. Sometimes, the water line can freeze closest to the ice maker unit.

If the water line isn’t the problem, the water filter could be covered in debris, causing a blockage. Check your water line and filter to see if either needs replacing.

Because of their constant exposure to moisture, these parts often require frequent replacement to maintain the proper functioning of your ice maker.

4. Damage to Internal Parts

Erviceman Repairing Refrigerator With Toolbox In Kitchen

There may be mechanical or electrical damage to the internal parts related to the ice maker. Assess your whole fridge — are any other features and functions impaired or malfunctioning?

If you suspect, there might be damage to your unit’s internal parts; you will have to hire a specialist. If your unit is still under warranty, you can have it serviced for free.


You can’t beat the convenience of having an automatic ice maker in your Hisense fridge. So if the fixture stops working properly, you should do what you can to resolve the malfunction.

Most often, the reasons for malfunctioning a Hisense fridge ice maker can be fixed at home. But in case of more serious damage, don’t hesitate to have your Hisense fridge serviced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fix a Frozen Ice Maker Water Line?

If the water line is frozen, frost and ice forming in the duct can prevent water from passing through, stopping the ice maker from performing its role.

To defrost the line, take a turkey baster filled with warm water and pour it over the frozen segment. You can also use a blow dryer to warm the line until the ice and frost are melted.

Can I Reset the Ice Maker?

Some Hisense refrigerator models incorporate a dedicated reset button just for the ice maker. This button is typically located on top or at the bottom of the tray.

Press and hold the button until it makes a beeping noise to indicate that the reset was successful. This can resolve minor malfunctions and errors your ice maker might encounter.

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