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How To Use a Commercial Dishwasher

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to use one of those commercial dishwashers? If you own a restaurant, cute little café, bar, or food canteen at school or healthcare facilities, you must be aware of the importance of having a commercial dishwasher.

They come in handy for easy maintenance and cleanliness, eventually leading to customer satisfaction.

We know how running a commercial kitchen is no easy task. And to perform and provide the best to your customer, you must manage things on time and efficiently.

The best part is that it only takes some detergent solution to fully sanitize all the utensils and serving tools. That, too, is in a much shorter period as compared to domestic dishwashers.


Ware washers and ware washing machines are some of the common names used for commercial dishwashers. The machine allows you to wash multiple pots, pans, and other utensils simultaneously.

A commercial dishwasher uses a water churning machine which is why it never leaves any dirty spots on glasses and other utensils.

Every commercial dishwasher follows the same cycle during the cleaning process:

  • Filling the dishwasher
  • Placing the items in the dishwasher
  • Draining process
  • Cleaning process

We’ll look into the detail of each step.

So, coming back to its usage, let’s dig into a couple of instructions regarding how to use a commercial dishwasher.

We will begin our guide with a brief introduction to a commercial dishwasher, followed by several steps explaining how to use the machine. Lastly, we shall conclude our guide and answer some of your FAQs at the end of our blog.

Steps of Dishwasher Cleaning Process

All commercial dishwashers repeat four key steps during the cleaning process. Let’s dig deeper into each step and see how a commercial dishwasher works!

1. Filling the Dishwasher

Womans Finger Pressing Start Button

Before you begin putting the items in a dishwasher, it is important to make sure that you close the drain. After closing the drain, press the fill button and wait for the dishwasher to get filled.

Make sure that fill the water approximately 3 inches from the bottom of the pan. Once the water is filled, the next would be to check the temperature of the water.

Remember, the optimal temperature for water is about 140 to 155 degrees. After that, you may add detergent, additives, and sanitizer.

2. Placing Items in the Dishwasher

Young Woman Load Dishwater Dirty

The first step was to prepare the dishwasher for washing and cleaning. In this step, you will have to sort out the pots, dishes, glasses, cups, pans, and plates.

For the plates, you must stack them from small to large. We know how the plates can have very strong food crusts if kept untouched for a long.

Since the commercial dishwasher cannot scrape off every hardy food crust, you can pre-rinse the dishes to ease the process of cleaning.

Once you have placed the dishes in the dishwasher, close the door and press the start button for about two seconds.

After the plates are washed, you can load cups and glasses in the dishwasher for washing. Feel free to repeat the process if required.

3. Draining and Cleaning Process

Hand Taking Out Dirty Drain

Once the washing process ends, turn off the power of the dishwasher. Then, lift the drain ball assembly and remove the pump screen. Finally, wash and clean the pump screen.

After the pump screen cleans up, place it back in the dishwasher. Don’t forget to repeat the same removal and cleaning process for the accumulator tray.

As for the last step, make sure to check the washing arms of the dishwasher. If the washing arms require cleaning, you can rinse them thoroughly before starting the next round.

A little pro tip is to operate the commercial dishwasher at a full load. It is because when the dishwasher works, it uses a lot of power and water. So you will successfully save water and power from waste by running the dishwasher at full load.

Fixing Your Commercial Dishwasher

Young Modern Serviceman Worker Suit

We know how every machine can present us with a problem if used for prolonged periods. Problems associated with water leakage or other technical problems are bound to occur.

To ensure that your commercial dishwasher works efficiently, you may need to get it serviced frequently to avoid any long-term damage.


Installing a commercial dishwasher means increasing the efficiency of your commercial kitchen overall.

However, if you want to maintain the efficiency and ensure the longevity of your dishwasher, you must learn how to use and operate a commercial dishwasher.

Knowing how to use a dishwasher and taking proper care of its maintenance means you automatically increase your commercial dishwasher’s life span. You can even train your staff on properly using a commercial dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is a Commercial Dishwasher Different From a Domestic Dishwasher?

While a domestic dishwasher takes around 1-2 hours to wash, the commercial dishwasher saves you time by finishing the whole process in nearly 2-3 minutes.

Also, the water is heated before use in the commercial dishwasher instead of domestic dishwashers that warm the water during use.

What Kinds of Items Shouldn’t Be Put in a Commercial Dishwasher?

A commercial dishwasher cannot work with Sticky items, such as those that have been kept out for too long and have dried-up food on them.

Can Commercial Dishwashers Dry the Items?

No, the commercial dishwashers do not dry their items.

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