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How To Tell If Washing Machine Springs Are Wearing Out

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Washing machines are one of those devices that are loved for their convenience. However, they are an expensive investment, and hearing weird noises from the unit can be a bit worrying.

Suspension springs are one of the most common internal components to malfunction in a washer.

The springs provide support and stability to the drum during a washing cycle. However, these springs often start wearing out after prolonged use.

Do you suspect that the springs in your washing unit are worn out? This post will look at a few ways to help you identify the issue.


Are you worried that your washing machine’s suspension springs are worn out?

Here are some signs of damaged springs:

  • Washer vibrates excessively
  • Load noises and rattling from the unit
  • The drum is off-balance during a washing cycle.

Likewise, we will also look at how to replace worn-out springs to ensure your washer is running effectively.

3 Signs of Worn-Out Springs in a Washing Machine

Damaged springs can wreak havoc on your washer. Additionally, the unit runs less efficiently, affecting its ability to clean laundry. Let us look at signs of worn-out suspension springs.

1. Washer Vibrating Excessively

3D Background, Washing Machine Drum.

The first symptom of damaged suspension springs is excessive vibrations in the unit. Vibrations are pretty normal during a wash cycle.

However, if the springs are faulty, you will notice the excessive movement of the drum.

They support and stabilize the drum by absorbing and distributing any weight inside. This prevents the tub from moving uncontrollably in the washer. However, damaged springs cannot stabilize the drum, causing it to vibrate excessively.

2. Load or Rattling Noises

Preparing The Wash Cycle. Washing Machine, Hands And Clothes.

Loud noises and rattling can also indicate the washer’s springs are worn out. Excessive vibrations can cause loud noises as the tub bangs on the appliance’s walls.

Additionally, as the drum moves, it can knock off some internal components in the washing machine, causing the rattling.

3. Drum Is Off-Balance

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You might also notice that the drum is off balance while doing laundry. As we mentioned, the springs are responsible for redistributing the tub and clothes’ weight.

When the springs are damaged, they do not provide the necessary tension to support the drum, leading to an uneven load.

What To Do if a Washer Has Worn Out Suspension Springs

It is important to replace worn-out suspension springs as fast as possible. Waiting too long might lead to more damage to your washing unit, which can be expensive. Furthermore, it is also a huge hazard to have around the house.

Here is an easy guide to help replace damaged suspension springs in your washing machine.

Helpful Tip

Call a qualified expert for help if you have trouble replacing the suspension spring.

1. Unplug the Washer

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Before starting the DIY project, the first thing you must do is unplug the unit. You might find yourself handling some wires when replacing the springs. If power is still running in the unit, there is a risk of electrocution.

2. Turn Off the Unit’s Water Supply

The Master In Protective Gloves, Installs The Washing Machine, Connects It To The Water Supply And Drainage Systems

Secondly, you must turn off the washing machine’s water supply. If the drum caused damage to the water inlet valve, you do not want any water leaking into the machine or the floor during the repair.

3. Remove the Front or Top Panel

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You need to remove the front panel for front-load washers, while top-load units will have their front panel removed. Find a Phillips-head screwdriver and gently unscrew off the panel.

The next step is to separate the panel from the washing machine. Do not pull or tug on the panel, as it can easily break or be damaged.

4. Remove the Worn Out Suspension Rod

Washing Machine Repair

When the panel comes off, you can see the suspension rods. Examine all the robs and take note of any that are broken or damaged.

With one hand, lift the internal tub to relieve the tension on the suspension rods. On the other hand, reach for the bottom of the rod assembly and detach its U-shaped connection point.

Gently detach the rod from the cup at the top, and remove it.

5. Attach the New Suspension Rod

Washing Machine Repair

Now that the old suspension rod is out, it is time to replace it with a new one. Lift the internal drum and insert the new rod into the cup. As you slowly let go of the drum, the U-shaped connection should firmly hold onto the tub.

As an extra precaution, double-check to ensure the rod is secured to the Washing unit.

Replacing The Suspension Springs

To ensure your washing machine works efficiently, you should always replace the springs with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

6. Return the Front Panel

Young Handyman Fixing Washing Machine At Home. Laundry Day

The last step is securing the front panel. Gently place it back onto the unit, and screw in the panel.


It is common for suspension springs in your washing unit to get worn out after prolonged use. Some easy ways to identify the issue are if the unit is vibrating more than usual, if you hear loud or rattling noises, or if the drum constantly gets off-balance.

To replace the springs, you must unplug the washer and turn off its water supply.

Remove the front or top panel, then remove the damaged suspension rod. Lastly, install the new rod, and screw back the panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My Suspension Spring Is Bad on My Washer?

One of the most common ways to figure out if the suspension spring in a washer is bad is if it vibrates more than usual.

The vibrations can also cause loud noises or rattling as the tub moves around. Lastly, you might notice that clothes are unevenly distributed during a wash cycle.

How Long Do Suspension Springs in a Washing Machine Last

With proper unit maintenance, suspension springs can last up to 4 years.

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