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How To Soundproof a Window Air Conditioner

Window Ac

Is your window AC giving you trouble sleeping? Running the air conditioner on a hot summer night is an excellent way to cool off. However, window units can be very loud, especially if they are located in rooms like the bedroom or sitting room. In addition, if the units are not well mounted, they also invite loud city noises into the house.

Investing in a new AC system can be expensive, and trading in your unit for another can still come with other risks. However, there are a few ways to soundproof the window AC and get back that lovely sleep.

This article will share a few useful tips that can help reduce any rattling or clanging from your noisy aircon.


There are various ways to soundproof your window air conditioning unit. Here are a few solutions that can help:

  • Custom-made inserts
  • Two window inserts
  • Soundproof compressor blanket
  • Acoustic sound barrier
  • Relocation of the window AC

In addition to looking at ways to soundproof your window air conditioner, we will also discuss some of the reasons that can cause noise in your system.

Five Ways To Soundproof a Window Air Conditioner

Let us have a look at some of the solutions that can help soundproof your window AC. If you have any trouble, you can always ask for professional help.

1. Custom-Made Inserts

Aircon With Custom-Made Inserts

If you are renting an apartment, many restrictions can limit the permanent installation, removal, or modification of your home, including the window and its frames.

These regulations can be problematic, especially if the window aircon unit needs a suitable framing material to help reduce noise. Likewise, the more space between the window and AC, the louder the rattling will be.

The best solution is to use custom-made inserts for the window that will fit the exact measurement of the air conditioning unit. The inserts absorb most of the noise from the system while reducing outside noise that leaks into the house.

Acrylic inserts will also work better than glass inserts because they provide better sound cushioning. Acrylic is also easy to customize and cut.

Furthermore, it is always a good idea to seal off the edges using tubing. Tubes are ideal for absorbing any vibrations caused by the AC system pressing against the window frame. In addition, it also prevents cold or hot air from coming into your apartment.

2. Two Window Inserts

Weather Strips

Secondly, creating two window inserts to fit your window frame can ensure the aircon does not get on your nerves.

An advantage of using these inserts is that they both fit any standard window frame, so you do not have to make any modifications. The inserts are separated by a mullion that acts as an excellent acoustic barrier.

Taking off the lowest insert will allow the window air conditioning system in during installation. Weather strips can fill the gaps between the upper window insert and the unit. Ensure that the air conditioner lies snug and tight against the foam inserts. Be careful not to damage them during installation.

Placing insulation tubes will help insulate either side of the aircon unit. L brackets can keep the upper inserts in place and reduce vibrations from the air conditioner.

If you are worried about how the inserts look, adding little decorations can help. However, ensure that you do not use solvents that might dissolve the seals or insulation.

3. Compressor Soundproof Blanket

Woman Who Can't Sleep Because Of The Aircon Noise

Compressor performance is the primary reason why your window AC might be keeping you up at night. A soundproof compressor blanket is a sure way to reduce any significant vibrations coming from the unit.

The blanket is mainly made of rubber. For better contact, the bracket sits on the compressor, absorbing the noise.

Installing the soundproof blanket is straightforward. Most blankets are universal for every type of window AC unit.

In addition, the blanket will not overheat your air conditioner. The unit regulates its temperature, cooling itself when it is turned on.

Take Note

Soundproof blankets should only reduce vibrations or rattling from your aircon unit. If you notice other noises like hissing or clanging, it might be a severe issue that needs immediate attention.

4. Acoustic Sound Barrier


Another solution is using sound barriers behind your AC to help dampen sound before it gets to your house. They control noise coming from the window unit and the outside.

The idea is to set up a booth around the air conditioning system that absorbs noise and rattles. The barriers are made from curtains, clothes, or dividers that dampen sound.

Investing in an acoustic sound barrier should not be an issue. They are pretty inexpensive and are also easy to install. However, leave a little room between the aircon and the barrier to ensure proper airflow.

5. Relocate the Window AC

Relocating Ac

Finally, the last solution might require relocating the AC. The unit’s location might make it louder, as sound travels easier in small rooms. In addition, vibrations also get reflected around easily, creating more echo.

Consider moving the AC to a different window with a bigger indoor space. The farther away the AC is, the less noise you will hear.

Other Reasons for a Noisy Window AC

Dirty Ac

On the other hand, a loose window frame might not be the only reason your AC is making noises. Sounds coming for your conditioner might indicate other problems that need fixing.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your air conditioning unit might be making noise:

Faulty compressor: Defective compressor can cause significant mechanical issues. The compressor is responsible for pressurizing refrigerant in the AC unit. A compressor leak can cause a hissing or whistling sound due to pressure escaping.

Loose parts: Another problem that might be causing the rattling in your window AC are loose parts. When parts get dislodged within the unit, they can move around, making noises. The best solution is to call a professional to work on the repairs.

Old age: Old air conditioners tend to make noise over time. This is because they undergo a lot of stress, which can affect their durability. In addition, old units are also less efficient, which can put a strain on your energy bills.

Dirty AC: A dirty aircon is prone to debris and dust getting stuck in the fan, which can be a problem. As the dirt continues to gather in the unit, it can start making weird noises.


Window ACs are a vital part of your home’s accessories, but the noises can be unsettling. Finding the noise source should be the first step in soundproofing your unit.

The good news is that most of the problems related to rattling and vibrations are easy to fix. If you are unsure about the aircon noises, call a professional to inspect it.

Remember that regular maintenance can help reduce any noises coming from the window AC and improve its performance and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Window ACs Always Loud?

Window AC units should make a little noise. However, if they are not firmly and tightly fitted into the window, vibrations can travel through the frames, causing loud noises.

What Is a Sound Blanket for Air Conditioners?

Sound blankets are rubber blankets placed on the compressor to reduce noise and vibrations from the unit.

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