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How To Reset Hamilton Beach Microwave

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If you’ve got a Hamilton Beach microwave that won’t work as it should, you probably don’t need to bring it in for servicing immediately.

Most of the time, resetting your microwave is all it needs to resolve minor bugs and errors.

The only question is, how do you reset a Hamilton Beach microwave? Here’s what you can try.

  • Microwaves don’t come with a dedicated reset feature or button.
  • You can perform a soft reset by pressing the CLEAR button or turning the microwave off and then on again.
  • A power cycle can reboot the system by cutting power to the microwave for over a minute.

Your Hamilton Beach may run into malfunctions and errors during use. Some of these problems can be resolved by simply resetting the appliance. Unfortunately, much like other microwave brands, Hamilton Beach doesn’t overtly explain how to perform a reset on their units. These generic steps might work to reboot your microwave and restore proper function.

How To Reset a Hamilton Beach Microwave

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Interestingly, microwaves are not designed to have a dedicated reset function. This follows the trend of every other kitchen appliance.

So if you happen to run into any errors or malfunctions, you’ll have to perform a manual reset to reboot your microwave’s system.

Here are some methods you can try:

1. Soft Reset

Woman's Hands Closing The Microwave Oven Door And Preparing Food In Microwave

You can perform a soft reset if you only need to clear the settings after pressing the wrong buttons. This removes any information you input, such as heat settings, time, and other variables that your microwave lets you set.

To do this, you can press the CLEAR button, which most microwaves display on the front panel.

If your Hamilton Beach microwave doesn’t have a dedicated button to clear previous settings, you can turn it off and then on again with the POWER button. This will let you restart the process of choosing your settings.

2. Power Cycle

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Most electronics reset after a power cycle. When you cut the power source to your microwave, it reboots the system and ‘washes away’ information that the appliance might have recorded during use.

This includes information like time settings, which microwaves usually have.

To perform a power cycle:

  • Unplug your unit.
  • Turn off the power through the main circuit breaker if you can’t reach the outlet.
  • You keep the power off for at least a minute before restoring it.

Most appliances are designed with an auto restart feature. Manufacturers incorporate this function so that the electronic resumes operating with its previous settings after a power interruption.

Waiting a minute or longer prevents the auto restart feature from enabling.


Before you bring your microwave to the repair center, make sure you try a reset first. A simple soft reset or power cycle can resolve many errors and bugs microwaves often experience.

You can resolve minor issues in just a few minutes by resetting your Hamilton Beach microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Microwaves Have Reset Buttons?

No, they don’t. Like most other kitchen appliances, microwaves don’t have a reset button. This means that to perform a hard reset, you must perform a power cycle.

How Do I Reset the Time on My Hamilton Beach Microwave?

If your Hamilton Beach microwave is displaying the wrong time, here’s how to change it:

  • Press the CLOCK BUTTON.
  • Choose either 12-hour military time format.
  • Punch in the time by pressing the number buttons.
  • Press START.
  • Press CLOCK.

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