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How To Reset GE Refrigerator

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GE refrigerators are one of the most popular and trusted brands. With years of experience manufacturing refrigerators, General Electric (GE) is known to be easily recognizable and reliable.

GE refrigerators come in a variety of models. People love GE refrigerators for their durability, high efficiency, and creative characteristics!

However, like other appliances, refrigerators can also run into problems. This is true for GE refrigerators too.

When your GE refrigerator stops making ice or does not respond to the temperature knob, it surely has trouble. You can reset the unit and get it back to running.

Resetting the unit will clear the appliance and return it to normal functioning. For resetting the GE refrigerator, you must have some basic understanding of the resetting methods.

While resetting, you need to keep in view the owners’ manual and model-specific instructions for excellent results. Performing this task independently will save you the hassle and the expense of calling a professional for repair.


To reset a GE refrigerator, you must power it off, unplug the appliance and let it rest for a while. After 15-20 minutes, plug the appliance into the power outlet and turn it on.

This article will provide a basic guide on resetting and returning a GE refrigerator to work.

Has Your GE Refrigerator Stopped Working?

Generally, when the GE refrigerator has stopped cooling, this may indicate some issues.

Before applying any resetting method, one must know the following most common issues:

1. The Refrigerator Is Not Running, but the Inside Is Still Cold

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If your refrigerator is not running, but you find the inside still cool, check whether the appliance is plugged into the wall outlet and whether that outlet is functional. This might be the cause of the underlying problem.

A blown fuse or a power outage could also be other reasons for the fridge not cooling properly. A blown fuse or power outage cuts the power to the refrigerator, which could affect its system, thus requiring a reset.

2. The Refrigerator Has Got Too Warm

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If your GE refrigerator is not working properly and is too warm, the temperature setting may have changed accidentally.

If you find the temperature at the correct setting and the fridge is still too warm, there may be something wrong with the condenser coil. You will notice the freezer walls caked with frost. Also, the food inside will be partially cool.

These issues indicate either damaged or dirty condenser coils. The evaporator fan motor malfunctioning is another reason the fridge gets too warm and requires a reset.

3. The Refrigerator Feels Warmer Than the Temperature Displayed

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If your GE refrigerator is warmer than its displayed temperature, you can use a refrigerator thermometer to monitor the temperature differences.

Place the thermometer in the freezer, and if you find temperature differences, you can report the issue to the manufacturer for further assistance.

How To Reset a GE Refrigerator

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If your GE refrigerator has stopped working and needs a reset, you must follow a step-by-step guide to performing the resetting:

  • Turn It Off – The first stage in resetting is removing its power. To do this, you can either unplug the power cord or switch the circuit breaker off. No matter which resetting method will apply turns the power off at the start.
  • Reconnect – After a few minutes have passed, reconnect the power to start the refrigerator.
  • Shut Off the Appliance – Open the freezer, locate the shut-off switch, and turn it off.
  • Shut Off the Ice Maker Switch – Find the ice maker shut off (located at the top of the ice maker) and push it up and down.
  • Repeat the Process – Repeat three times, and your GE refrigerator is reset.

1. Resetting the Temperature

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To reset the temperature, you will need to follow the given steps:

  • Perform Self Diagnostic – Locate the temperature button on the control panel and press it. This will allow the refrigerator to get into the self-diagnostic mode.
  • Reset the Temperature – Once refrigerator and freezer temperatures are displayed, set them to 5.
  • Press and Hold – Once the temperature is reset, hold all four temperature adjustment buttons for a few seconds.
  • Wait for the Flash – As soon as you notice the ‘0’ flash on the display screen, press 1 and 5. The temperature of your GE refrigerator has been reset.

2. Resetting the Compressor

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Follow the given steps to reset the compressor of your GE refrigerator:

  • Turn Off the Appliance – You first need to locate the fridge power. Unplug it or switch the circuit breaker off.
  • Reconnect – Wait for 15 to 20 minutes, then reconnect the power.
  • Reset – Your compressor will automatically reset with this simple technique.

Sometimes, the compressor does not kick in immediately. If so, do not worry; the compressor may have already accumulated enough pressure.

This pressure must dump before the compressor starts to avoid any damage. So it may take some time.

3. Resetting the Door Alarm

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If your GE refrigerator’s door alarm sounds, it may be because the door has not been shut properly. In this case, you must close the door correctly, and the alarm will stop.

If the fridge doors are not operating correctly, you may need professional help before everything inside your fridge gets spoiled, leaving you with food loss!

4. GE Refrigerator Error Codes

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GE fridges usually have self-diagnostic systems. These systems display an error code if they detect a fault. To be able to repair yourself, you must understand what each code signifies.

Select and press the system check button to remove an error code from the refrigerator display. This will clear the error code and help fix your problem.

However, if the code reappears, this implies that there is a problem, and you need to deal with that.

If understanding codes is beyond your level of competence, relying on a technician to diagnose and repair the refrigerator is suggested. Never tamper with anything you do not know about!

Remember that just like human beings, refrigerators have an exhaustion point too. Refrigerators also get tired when they are constantly running.

If that is why the refrigerator’s not working, the solution is quite simple. Allow it to remain unplugged for some time, and then restart it. While the refrigerator is unplugged, keep its doors closed.

If you open the doors, the cold air will escape. This will negatively affect the internal temperature. And will expose the food inside to warm air which will cause spoilage much more quicker. 

Besides unplugging the appliance, you can use several other reset methods to fix your issue. These methods include resetting the temperature, compressor, door alarm, and error codes on GE refrigerators.

All these ways help your GE refrigerator return to its normal super cooling condition.


GE refrigerators are among the widely used household appliances. Being reliable, the GE refrigerator allows you to get the maximum out of it.

There may be times, however, when there is a problem. And you have to reset the refrigerator.

The simplest way you can accomplish this is by unplugging the appliance. When you leave the refrigerator unplugged and undisturbed for some time, the system within it will get restarted.

And there is a high chance that your refrigerator will return to running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do GE Refrigerators Have a Reset Button?

Resetting any refrigerator would be quite easy-peasy if there was a reset button on these refrigerators.

So, whenever any issue arises, you need to press the button, and your problem will be resolved immediately. This sounds great. But unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Some refrigerators do have the reset button; however, others do not have it.

GE refrigerators are one of those appliances which do not have a separate dedicated reset button for the purpose.

However, GE refrigerators provide you with several ways you can use to reset the fridge quickly and easily. One simple reset method is to unplug the refrigerator for a few minutes.

And then plug it back. This method is likely to reset your GE refrigerator in no time.

Can a GE Refrigerator Be Reset by Simply Unplugging It?

Yes, it can be done!

Among many resetting methods, resetting by unplugging is one of the most common. This method is most likely successful if your appliance has been with power for too long and needs a power break.

In case of GE refrigerator is not cooling properly, unplug the appliance. And leave it without power for some time. This method, in most cases, solves the problem.

However, if resetting by unplugging does not work, you may need to follow another method. Even after you cannot resolve your issue, contacting a professional makes the most sense.

This is especially true if the issue is sort of electrical related.

How Long Can a GE Refrigerator Be Left Unplugged?

If your GE refrigerator has some issues, you are attempting to reset it by unplugging it. You need to unplug it for at least 45 minutes.

  • Remove the power and allow the appliance to get rest.
  • After optimal time has passed, reconnect the appliance with power, and your problem will most likely be fixed.
  • The optimal time to unplug the fridge depends on how long your appliance has run. If it has been running for a long without any power break, unplugging time should be larger too, and vice-versa.

However, if you plan to leave your GE refrigerator unused for less than a month, the appliance manufacturer suggests removing all perishable foods.

It is best to clean the appliance, turn the water supply and ice maker off, and leave it plugged into the wall outlet.

However, if you must leave the fridge unplugged for over a month, empty the refrigerator thoroughly. Shut off the ice maker, water supply, and circuit breaker for added safety.

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