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How To Hang Curtains Around a Window Air Conditioner

How To Hang Curtains Around A Window Air Conditioner

Do you have a window air conditioner in your home? Have you ever wondered how to hang curtains around a window air conditioner?

It’s not often discussed, as it’s a fairly standard construction process, but some improvements can make a noticeable difference.


Most people don’t understand how to hang curtains around a window AC until they try it themselves.

When you learn how to properly hang curtains around a window AC, you’ll be amazed at how much better the room will look when it’s done.

There are several ways to hang curtains around a window air conditioner. Here is a simple guide:

  • You can go ahead and use curtain clips.
  • Pick out fabric that matches your existing windows.
  • Line a frame with drapery material.
  • Measure the window and lay out the curtain material.
  • Set the curtain material inside the frame and screw the curtain clips into place on your studs.

Follow these quick and easy steps to hang curtains around your window air conditioner to have uninterrupted cool air whenever you need it.

This article is for you if you need to hang curtains around your window air conditioner. Read on.

How To Hang Curtains Around a Window Air Conditioner

Hanging curtains around your window air conditioner are not rocket science. It’s pretty easy to do at home. There are several ways to do it.

Here is how to hang curtains around a window air conditioner:

1. Suspend the Curtain Rod on a Chain and Rings

Suspend The Curtain Rod On A Chain And Ring

Suspending the curtain rod on a chain and rings will prevent it from falling over or banging into the window air conditioner. If you cannot find a sturdy chain, use an extension cord instead.

To suspend the curtain rod on a chain and rings, you’ll need an ”O Ring”. Make sure that the ”O Ring” is small enough to fit around the inside of your window and will still allow you to pull the curtain rod through.

Next, place the chain and rings on the curtain rod so they are under tension.

Then, tie a knot in one end of your chain so that it will stay in place when you’re finished hanging your curtains.

Once you’ve secured your curtain rod, hang them by following these steps:

  • Lower one side of the first curtain over the top edge of your window.
  • Pull that same side up until it reaches the top edge of your window. Then, repeat with each side until all four sides hang down evenly.

This method allows you to adjust the curtains as needed. This is especially helpful if you have a window air conditioner mounted on the wall.

You can easily change the position of the curtain rod when necessary.

2. Drape the Curtains Over a Track System

Drape The Curtains Over A Track System

The easiest method for hanging curtains over a window air conditioner is to drape them over the track system. Of course, you can use a curtain rod, but it’s probably easier to purchase a track system and install it yourself.

If you decide to install a track system, measure your window before buying or installing any hardware. You can use drapery rods with finials if you want an attractive look.

The finials help add some style to your window treatment.

To hang curtains over your window air conditioner with a track system:

  • First, measure the length of your window and ensure the curtain will hang at least two inches below the top of your window.
  • Measure from the bottom of your window to the top of your track system. This measurement is called “drop” and determines how far down you can hang a curtain without it spilling over onto the floor or ceiling above it.
  • If you’re hanging curtains from a track system, measure the distance between each track on both sides of your window. Then add those numbers to get an estimated drop for hanging curtains between those tracks.
  • Decide where you want to install your track system: on either side of your window or simultaneously; this is called double-track.
  • Install one or more tracks in each corner of your room first so that they meet up at right angles at the corners with two other tracks already in place elsewhere in the room; these are called “corner tracks.”
  • Attach each corner track with screws through its pre-drilled holes into pre-drilled holes in existing wall studs or drywall where needed to secure them firmly into place.

3. Use Curtain Clips

Use Curtain Clip

The easiest way to hang curtains around a window AC unit is with curtain clips.

The clips are designed to hold the drapery and pull it back and forth as you please. The clips are available in a variety of different materials and sizes.

Remove the top rail from the window to install curtain clips by sliding it out of its track. Next, remove the lower rail from its channel.

The upper and lower rails will slide apart, allowing you to pull them away from each other.

Attach one end of a clip to one side of each rail, then use them to secure your curtains on both sides of your AC unit.

4. Vertical Rods

Vertical Rods

If you want to hang curtains around your window air conditioner, you may want to consider vertical rods.

Vertical rods are most commonly used for curtain rods but can also be used to hang curtains.

Vertical rods come in various sizes and lengths, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

The most common size for vertical rods is 24 inches long. This size is perfect for hanging drapes or panels of fabric on either side of an air conditioner.

You can also use this size for hanging curtains or other water treatments requiring a lot of space between them and the window frame.

When choosing vertical rod length, remember that it must be at least as long as the width of your window frame plus a few inches on each side.

This allows enough room so that the curtain or panel can hang properly without touching any part of the frame or wires on top of it.

5. Drape With Grommets and Rings

Drape With Grommets And Rings

Grommets and rings are used to hang curtains on a window air conditioner.

Grommets are small holes that fit on top of a curtain rod. Rings are decorative pieces that hold the curtain rod and grommet together.

Grommets and rings can be purchased at any home improvement store. The grommet should be placed on top of the curtain rod, while the ring should be placed around the base of it.

These items can also be found online in many different sizes and colors.

Here’s how to hang curtains with grommets and rings:

  • Use a curtain rod with a curved top and bottom, not straight, so it will fit around your window’s frame. If you don’t have one, use one you already have or borrow one from a neighbor.
  • Ensure the curtain rod is at least 1/2 inch in diameter and extends at least 12 inches above the window frame.
  • Measure each end of your curtains, adding 2 inches to each side. Next, mark the center of each curtain using a pencil.
  • Use grommets or rings to fasten each end of your curtains together. You can also make decorative loops at either end of your curtains by tying knots in the fabric to pass through holes cut out in the grommets or rings.

6. You Can Use Bobbles and Lacing

Bobbles And Lacing

This is another great way to hang curtains around a window air conditioner. You need to use a bobble and lace about the same size as the air conditioner’s cord.

Then, you will need to run the cord through your curtain’s eyelets and loop it around the air conditioner.

This allows you to hang your curtains around your window air conditioner without using hardware or screws.

It also allows you to change your curtains whenever you want without removing them from their hanger or the blinds.

7. Tapes and Straps

Tapes And Straps

This method is easy, but the curtains may not be secure and sag over time.

  • Measure the actual length of the curtain rod and cut a piece of the curtain rod to overlap by 1 inch on each side. Use masking tape to secure the cover at one end of your window so that it extends out from behind it by 1 inch.
  • Place two pieces of duct tape on either side of the curtain rod cover and affix them to the window frame with screws or nails.
  • Repeat step 2 for each curtain rod attachment point.
  • Install your curtains.

8. Drape the Curtains Over a Sheer Curtain Panel

Drape The Curtains Over A Sheer Curtain Panel

Hanging curtains over an air conditioner is a simple way to block its view and keep it looking clean. But you can also create a more sophisticated look by hanging sheer panels over the window.

When hanging sheer curtains, make sure they aren’t too heavy. Of course, you want them to hold up well in the wind, but not too much weight will cause them to droop or become unwieldy.

If you want your air conditioner to be visible from inside your home, you’ll need some curtain rods or brackets that are strong enough to support the weight of the sheer curtains.

The best way to hang sheer curtains is with hooks that slide into cutouts on the top of your window frame; this requires drilling holes through the walls for screws to be inserted into them for stability.


Hanging curtains around your window air conditioning is a quick, inexpensive way to keep your home from sliding into the sweltering summer heat.

Adding these curtains helps reflect the sun’s rays and cool your home. Another bonus is the privacy they provide once you have an entire room covered in soft white fabrics.

Remember to use tape and straps, vertical rods, or curtain clips to easily hang your curtains around a window air conditioner.

Hopefully, this great article has given you all the information and tips to hang curtains around a window air conditioner correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Put Around a Window Air Conditioner?

To hang curtains around your window air conditioner, you’ll need to measure the window and make sure you have enough space for the curtains.

You can use clip-on rods or brackets to hold up your curtains. If you use brackets, make sure they are strong enough to support the weight of the curtains and keep them from sliding off the brackets.

Can I Put Curtains Over the Window AC Unit?

Yes, you can hang curtains over your window air conditioner, which is a great way to add privacy and style to any room or space. In addition, you can use curtains to cover the window air conditioner when it’s not in use.

If you have a long-lasting room air conditioner, you can use curtains to keep it from getting hot during summer.

But be careful. You should only hang curtains over an air conditioner when it’s not in use because otherwise, it could get too hot or damaged.

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