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How To Reset a Galanz Fridge

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Are you experiencing some unexpected issues with your Galanz fridge? Are you considering resetting it but don’t know how to?

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

Many homeowners become anxious when their refrigerator suddenly stops working correctly, often opting to buy a new one without exploring other options. But before you make that costly decision, let us show you how to troubleshoot and reset your Galanz fridge without needing to call a professional.

In this guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you resolve the problems with your Galanz fridge. If these methods do not work, it may be best to seek assistance from a professional.

Don’t let a malfunctioning fridge stress you out; let us help you fix it!


To reset the Galanz refrigerator, resetting its compressor is a crucial step. To perform the function right, you will need to follow the steps enlisted below:

  • First, unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet.
  • Turn off the thermostat.
  • Switch the fridge back to power.
  • Finally, reset the refrigerator to your desired temperature.
  • Wait at least a day to see the results.

If resetting is not solving the performance issue, knowing the other reasons behind it can also help diagnose the problem.

This article will outline how to reset a Galanz fridge. You will also discover the reasons behind the malfunctioning of your unit.

5 Steps To Reset a Galanz Fridge

Resetting a refrigerator is a no-brainer task. Usually, resetting the compressor is the only crucial step. However, when trying to fix your Galanz refrigerator, you might find it a lot tricky. Since the Galanz fridge does not have a dedicated reset button, you might need guidance to perform this function without doing anything wrong.

You will need to follow these few steps to reset your Galanz refrigerator. The steps are easy and straightforward, but the waiting time often makes the procedure seem too long.

1. Unplug the Unit

Cropped View Of Man Holding Unplugged Power Cord Of Fridge Isolated On White

Before starting the procedure, you will need to turn off the appliance. Besides turning the button off, ensure you have removed the plug from the wall socket to ensure the procedure is safe.


Whenever unplugging the fridge unit, take a deep look into your refrigerator first. Since the fridge is not working, it will stop cooling the items placed inside, and they will start defrosting automatically. If you have any food items that might turn bad at higher temperatures, remove and store them somewhere else beforehand.

2. Turn Off the Thermostat

Hand Rotating The Temperature Adjuster Of Refrigerator To Turn It Off

Once the refrigerator is unplugged, let it rest for at least 5 minutes. After that, trace the temperature control of the refrigerator. It is usually located in the front panel of the fridge, marked by numbers 0 to 7. To turn off the thermostat, point its knob at “0”. If the number 0 is not mentioned, you can put the thermostat settings at “Off.”

3. Reconnect the Fridge

Woman Hand Opens Refrigerator Door

After switching off the thermostat, you only need to turn the refrigerator on. Safely push the plug back to the power outlet. Ensure the thermostat is still set “off” or “0”.

It is usually recommended to leave the refrigerator at rest for 45 minutes after this step. This is the optimal time for the thermostat to settle down and bring its temperature back to normal. In addition, this helps the compressor to take a good start as you plug the refrigerator back into power.

4. Reset the Temperature

White Dual Thermostat For Freezer And Refrigerator

You can set the thermostat’s desired temperature as the refrigerator is plugged in. This will put your refrigerator back in working condition. It is recommended to set the temperature at “4” for a good start.

5. Make Adjustments

Woman Checkin The Red Refrigerator In Modern Bright Apartments.

Leave your refrigerator on for the rest of the day or at least 24 hours to analyze its performance.

Usually, resetting your Galanz fridge can help resolve minimal issues related to its poor performance. However, if you still find the issue unresolved, you can look for the reasons behind its underperformance. Professional help can also be sought to locate and resolve the issue.

7 Common Practices Leading to Poor Performance of Galanz Fridge

Are you still facing issues with your Galanz fridge unit after resetting it? For example, is the appliance not cooling correctly? Do you have any other concerns regarding its proper functioning?

Well, several challenges require your attention.

Below, we have enlisted a set of the most common mistakes and ill practices that can lead to the poor performance of your Galanz fridge.

1. Placing Your Unit at the Wrong Location

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Check the location of your refrigerator in your kitchen. Is it too close to the cooking unit? Does it have to face direct sunlight in the daytime? Is there enough air crossing for the fridge to regulate its temperature?

Some basic mistakes that can lower your AC unit’s performance include placing it in direct sunlight, near a heat source, or in a closed area with no air ventilation. This will result in poor cooling in the unit and incur high energy costs as more electricity will be consumed to keep the unit functioning.

2. Dividing the Power Source

Written Text Out Of Order Message On Paper Over The Closed Refrigerator In Kitchen

A refrigerator is a heavy appliance that consumes high energy to function correctly. Thus, weakening the electricity source can directly impact its performance.

Make sure your appliance is connected to a strong source of electricity directly to a wall socket. Avoid the use of weak sockets with poor wiring. You must also avoid plugging it into a large extension cord. This can divide the energy among all the appliances in the queue. Hence, lesser power is provided to the refrigerator, affecting its performance level badly.

3. Giving the Fridge Less Time To Cool

Open Refrigerator Full Of Juice And Fresh Vegetables In Kitchen

If you have purchased a new refrigerator or reset the previous unit, you need to give it ample time for cooling when putting it back to work. Once you have connected it to the power source, give it a minimum of 3 hours or, ideally, 24 hours to cool properly.

Moreover, try not to load it with food items during this time as it increases the load. This can eventually take more time for it to cool down properly.

Secondly, you can reset the fridge at the “7” setting, which is the coolest for the Galanz fridge unit. This can help in its fast cooling, making it easy for you to analyze its performance quickly. Once the unit is cool and you are happy with its performance, put it back to the desired temperature setting.

4. Overloading the Fridge

Freezer Of Modern Frigerator Full With Frozen Food Products

Pushing too many dishes and items in the fridge can automatically increase its load. This can eventually reduce the cooling power of the refrigerator. In addition, the refrigerator’s compressor will get into trouble as it will have to pump more and more refrigerant into the cooling system to maintain a low temperature in the unit.

Moreover, more dishes in the fridge means less space between them. This will make it difficult for the cool air to reach out in every corner and keep each item fresh and cool. Besides that, crowding too many items in your refrigerator will consume way too much energy. Thus, it will also cost you high electricity bills.

Bonus Tip!

Lower the temperature further if you are bound to keep more items in the fridge than usual. Once the excess load is taken off, you can return the unit’s temperature to the previous setting.

5. Putting Dishes in When Too Hot

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If you are loading dishes inside the refrigerator, ensure they are at room temperature. If the dishes are too hot, they will consume most of the cool air inside the fridge, raising the unit’s internal temperature.

6. Leaving the Door of the Fridge Open

Fridge Door Left Open At Night

Often, you might leave the door of the fridge open whenever loading multiple dishes in it or rearranging the items already placed. This practice can allow all the cool air inside the unit to escape, bringing the refrigerator’s temperature to normal.

In this case, your appliance will have to work all over again to produce cooling inside and consume high energy for this additional work. Stressing the compressor for this hectic duty can also reduce its working capacity.

Bonus Tip!

It is recommended to keep the fridge door closed and avoid unnecessary sneak peeks in the fridge to save its cooling. This can ensure all the items in your fridge are fresh and promise you less energy consumption and lower bills.

7. Setting the Wrong Temperature

A Woman Opens An Ice Maker Tray In The Freezer To Take Ice Cubes To Cool Drinks.

If you realize the fridge is not cooling enough to keep the items fresh or if it takes longer to form ice cubes, there might be a problem with the fridge’s temperature setting. When resetting the Galanz refrigerator unit, ensure you keep the temperature at the most optimal.

The right temperature setting for a Galanz fridge is lower than 4 degrees Celsius. This means that on a scale of 0 to 7, you should ideally keep your unit at a 4 or 5 setting.

Check Box

After setting the correct temperature, wait for at least 24 hours to check the performance. If only you see no visible changes, you should refer your appliance to a repair master.


To reset your Galanz fridge unit, unplug the unit from the wall socket. Set the temperature of the fridge to zero or “off” setting. Power on the unit again. Reset the temperature to your desired setting. Then, let it cool for at least one day to analyze its performance.

In case of the unit’s poor performance, you can take proper measures to increase its efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find the Reset Button on My Galanz Fridge?

There is no specific reset button on a Galanz fridge. To reset it, you will need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Unplug the unit.
  • Set the temperature to “0” or “Off.”
  • Reconnect the unit back to power.
  • Adjust the temperature to your desired setting.

Other Reasons Behind the Poor Health of My Galanz Refrigerator?

The following can be reasons behind a poorly cooling fridge:

  • Dirty Condenser Coils. These coils help lower the refrigerator’s temperature by absorbing the excess heat inside the unit. Any layer of dirt or excess material on these coils can affect their capacity to take in heat, resulting in poor appliance cooling.
  • Faulty Condenser Fan Motor. The condenser fan motor keeps the compressor from overheating as it releases the inside heat into the outdoor air. You can check the fan blades by rotating them manually to see if they are flexible and friction-free.
  • Faulty Evaporator Fan Motor. The evaporator fan motor removes the hot air from the evaporator’s coils and helps in the quick cooling of the unit. Any fault in its working can affect the cooling of the refrigeration unit.

To keep the health of your Galanz fridge unit at its best, you can consider the proper safety measures. Keep the parts mentioned above clean and dirt free. You can replace the parts if they are still not functioning properly.

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