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How To Keep Your Roomba Wheels Clean

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Are your Roomba’s wheels getting dusty? Are you not sure how to clean them properly without damaging the device?

Don’t worry – this article will take you through all the steps of Roomba maintenance so that your vacuum can stay looking and functioning like new.

We’ll cover the basics of how to keep your Roomba’s wheels clean and running smoothly.

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of your Roomba’s wheels will help keep it in good condition.
  • Do not attempt to open or repair the device on your own if you are unsure how to do so safely and correctly. Doing so may cause further damage to the Roomba or void its warranty.
  • Never attempt to use any harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions on your Roomba wheels. Doing so may cause damage and reduce the Roomba’s lifespan.
  • When in doubt, reach out to qualified repair technicians for assistance.
  • Remember to always keep safety in mind when carrying out any repairs or maintenance on your Roomba.

The steps in this guide are easy to follow and help keep your robot vacuum in good working order. With Regular maintenance, Your Roomba can last for years!

Whether new to robot vacuuming or a seasoned pro, this article will help you get the most out of your Roomba. Read on to learn all about keeping your device in peak condition.

Why Should You Clean Your Roomba Wheels?

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First, it’s important to understand why cleaning your Roomba wheels is so important. Your device’s wheels are responsible for driving it around your home so you can keep floors clean.

Without regular maintenance, the wheels can get clogged with dust and dirt. This causes the Roomba’s wheels to spin inefficiently, which decreases its performance.

Additionally, clogged wheels can strain the motor and other components, leading to an eventual breakdown.

Regularly cleaning the wheels will ensure your Roomba is in perfect working condition and can perform optimally.

Tools You Need To Clean Your Roomba Wheels

The Screwdriver Lies On A Wooden Background. Screwdriver With Five Edges

To properly clean the wheels of your Roomba, you’ll need a few simple tools.

To open the wheel compartment, you’ll need a small screwdriver. This will allow you access to the inside of the wheel so you can properly clean it.

Next, you need a soft cloth or microfiber towel to gently remove dust and dirt from the wheels. For the best results, use a damp cloth free of harsh chemicals.

Finally, rubber gloves are optional but recommended to help keep your hands clean and to avoid any contact with dirt and dust.

How To Clean Roomba Wheels: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have the necessary tools, it’s time to start. Follow these steps for a thorough clean that will keep your Roomba in tip-top shape.

Step 1: Remove the Bottom Lid

Robot Vacuum Cleaner On Laminate Wood Floor

The first step is to remove the bottom lid of your Roomba. Use a small screwdriver to unscrew all the screws that connect the bottom lid to the body of the Roomba.

Tip: Store these screws in a small box, as you will need them later to reassemble the machine.

Step 2: Remove the Wheel Modules

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Once all the screws are removed, take out the wheel modules. This can be done by simply lifting the wheel compartment up and out of the Roomba body.

Note: On some models, you can remove the front wheels without taking out the entire wheel module. If your Roomba’s navigation is still functioning properly, you can consider this option to save time.

Step 3: Clean the Wheels

Cleaning Roomba Wheel
Cleaning Roomba Wheel Source: phooky

Now that the wheel modules are out, use a soft cloth to wipe away any dirt and dust from the wheels. You can also use compressed air to blow away any hard-to-reach dust. Be sure to check the wheel compartment for any buildup or debris.

Tip: Lubricate the wheel axles with a small amount of silicone-based lubricant if they feel stiff or sluggish.

Step 4: Reassemble the Roomba

Assembed Roomba
Assembled Roomba Source: 0xF2

Once all the wheels are clean, it’s time to reassemble the Roomba. Start by lining up the wheel modules back into the body of your machine. Make sure they are properly aligned before screwing them back into place.

Once everything is in place, use the small screwdriver to tighten all the screws. Make sure the screws are tight but don’t over-tighten them.

Step 5: Test It Out

Man Hand Activating The Roomba Irobot Vacuum Cleaner From The Application

And you’re done! Test it on a clean floor to ensure your Roomba is ready to go. If all the wheels are spinning properly and your Roomba moves around the room efficiently, you know you did a good job.

Point To Be Noted

Cleaning Roomba wheels can be challenging for people unfamiliar with the device and its components. If you are unsure how to proceed, it’s best to contact a qualified repair technician for help.

They can properly diagnose and repair your Roomba so it’s in perfect working order.


Cleaning your Roomba’s wheels is important to keep your device in peak condition. With the help of this guide, you can easily clean and maintain your Roomba wheels on your own.

Generally, these robot vacuums last for a long time if properly cared for. So, keep up the good work! Your Roomba will thank you for it.

Contact our qualified repair technicians for assistance if you have any questions or concerns about cleaning your Roomba wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Roomba Wheels Are Not Cleaning Properly?

If your Roomba wheels are not spinning properly, it could be due to several issues. The most common cause is buildup or debris on the wheel axles, which can prevent the wheels from spinning freely.

To fix this, you must remove the wheel modules and thoroughly clean them.

How Frequently Do I Need To Clean My Roomba?

It depends on how often you are using your Roomba. Generally, it’s a good idea to clean the wheels every few weeks to keep them in good condition.

If you are using your Roomba daily, then it’s best to clean the wheels every week.

Is It Possible To Clean Roomba Wheels Without Taking Out the Wheel Modules?

Yes, cleaning your Roomba’s wheels is possible without removing the wheel modules on some models. You can remove the front wheels instead of taking out the entire wheel module.

However, you should only do this if the navigation of your Roomba is still functioning properly.

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