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How To Keep a Refrigerator Outside

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Are you considering placing a refrigerator outside and wondering how to do it safely?

Nothing is better than having a cold beer, a fresh hot barbeque steak, and a group of friends chilling on the patio. But is it even possible?

Refrigerators are sensitive to the outside temperatures, and keeping them in a hot sunny place can affect their performance or result in permanent damage.


If you have a spare refrigerator you want to keep outside, here are a few helpful ways to make it happen:

  • Insulate the fridge
  • Please keep it on a sturdy base
  • Allow adequate airflow

Before you plan to drop this fantastic idea of keeping the refrigerator outside, hold on and read further as we explain some foolproof ways to make it possible.

5 Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Outside

If you plan to place a refrigerator outside, it is better to get an outdoor fridge as it is more suitable for harsh weather and made with stainless steel that doesn’t rust easily.

But if you want to keep an indoor fridge outside, follow the tips discussed below:

1. Protect It From the Weather

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The purpose of your refrigerator is to keep things cool inside. If you place it outside in direct sunlight, it has to fight the ambient temperature making it harder to maintain indoor coolness.

Secondly, UV sunlight can make the seals grow brittle, and dirt and moisture can degrade the mechanical parts and cause corrosion.

You can choose a cooler part of your yard or construct a shed for the fridge to protect it from the sun, rain, and strong wind.

2. Keep It on a Solid Foundation

An Electric Fridge For A Car On The Grass, Next To An Electric Car On A Camping Place

If you live in a colder region and want to keep the refrigerator outside, place it on a solid foundation. Make sure there is no standing water under the fridge, as it can cause condensation that can lead to rusting.

Keeping it on a sturdy base will also ensure appropriate airflow and good performance.

3. Insulate the Refrigerator

Blue Cooler Bag On White Background

Insulating your refrigerator is another excellent way to keep your fridge working well outdoors. You can use any radiant barrier like foam board, insulation roll, or reflective house wrap to do the job.

The insulation will help the refrigerator work properly without being affected by the outdoor temperature.

4. Put a Padlock for Protection

Close-Up Of Refrigerator Locked With Chain And Padlock

It would help if you placed your fridge outdoors with a padlock to prevent theft.

It is better to keep it chained with a lock at the door to keep your drinks and snacks from being stolen.

5. Allow Adequate Airflow

Empty Open Refrigerator With Shelves, Fridge And Multi Airflow System

Refrigerators require ample airflow to work efficiently. If the vents are blocked from any side, the appliance will struggle to maintain the cold temperature resulting in overheating and more energy consumption.

Always place the device away from the wall and furniture. Use a solid foundation below the fridge to keep things airy.


Keeping a refrigerator outside is not a bad idea. After all, we all want to enjoy cold drinks while having an outdoor party.

However, keeping it insulated and protecting it from harsh weather is essential to enhance its performance. You can also use a padlock to keep it protected from theft.

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