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How To Fix a Garbage Disposal That Shakes

Garbage Disposal Under The Modern Sink

Is your garbage disposal shaking so loudly that you are afraid it will vibrate the sink out of the countertop?

If yes, then you are not alone.

Shaking of the garbage disposal is a common problem that can occur due to several reasons. In fact, your food disposal will vibrate if it has food inside. However, if it shakes the moment you turn it on without any food inside, that can be a problem.


Before you dig into the easy, quick fix for your vibrating garbage disposal, it is essential to know the reasons why it is shaking. It will help you to quickly pinpoint the problem and fix it without trial and error.

However, here are a few common ways to fix your shaking garbage disposal.

  • Check if it is loose from the attachment point.
  • Unstuck the jammed impellers.
  • Replace the corroded impellers.
  • Loosen up the mounting bolts.

Read further as we uncover why your garbage disposal might be shaking and ways to fix it.

Why Does the Garbage Disposal Shake? (+ Fixes)

Garbage disposal is a handy appliance that makes our dishwashing much more manageable. Forget clearing your plates before dishwashing because garbage disposal can do your job.

However, clearing out sharp and hard objects from your plate is advisable to prevent your device from breaking.

Here are a few common reasons why your garbage disposal might be shaking and its easy fixes.

1. Loose From the Attachment Point

Plumber Using A Wrench To Tighten A Fitting Beneath Sink

Before you dig into much more complex reasons for your garbage disposal shaking, it is advisable to examine the attachment point.

Often your appliance gets loose or displaced from the spot it is attached to the sink, resulting in vigorous shaking and vibrating.


You are lucky if your garbage disposal is shaking due to being loose from the attachment point, as fixing it is a no-brainer.

You need to tighten the attachment to your sink to ensure it doesn’t get displaced.

2. Jammed Impellers

Garbage Disposal Under The Modern Sink

The impellers are one of the most critical parts of your garbage disposal as they help grind the food into small pieces. If your garbage disposal is shaking, it can be due to jammed impellers.

With time grease and sticky food get stuck under the impellers, making it impossible to move. Once your garbage disposal tries to grind food, it has to work more vigorously, resulting in vibration.


The best and most convenient tip is to fill your garbage disposal with ice. It will help clear out anything stuck under the impellers and helps them freely move.

However, if the ice trick doesn’t work, you can use an Allen wrench to unclog the impellers and make them move freely.

  • You can find a port at the bottom of your device.
  • Place the Allen wrench in the port and move it clockwise and counter-clockwise for a while.
  • Once you notice your wrench moving freely, it indicates that the blades are unstuck.

Never try to place your hand inside the garbage disposal to unstuck the jammed impellers.

The sharp blades can injure your hand and result in disastrous consequences.

3. Corroded Impellers

Installing A Household Waste Shredder

Another reason for your garbage disposal shaking can be corroded impellers. With time and due to immense exposure to water, your impellers tend to rust and disrupt the flywheel balance.

If that is the case, your flywheel won’t spin efficiently, resulting in the device’s vibration.


Remove the splashguard and use a torch to examine the impellers’ condition. If they look corroded or damaged, it is better to replace them as soon as possible.

4. Tight Mounting Bolts

Tight Mounting Bolts Of Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal has a vibrating absorbent rubber pad between the upper mounting ring and the sink. If the mounting bolts are too tight, the rubber pad won’t be able to absorb much of a garbage disposal’s vibration resulting in shaking.


Remove the garbage disposal from the sink and loosen the mounting bolts to ensure the rubber pads have ample space to absorb the vibration easily.


Garbage disposal’s regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to make things work properly. It is an excellent practice to place ice cubes in the disposal every once in a while to keep things moving.

If you notice a vibration or shaking in your garbage disposal, take immediate action before it’s too late.

You do not need a professional to fix the vibration issue; however, if the given solutions don’t work, there is no harm in calling an expert for help.

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