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How To Clean a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

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The summer is here, and you’re all pumped up for the exciting activities. But at the same time, your body needs to remain cool to save you from exhaustion.

So, if you want your air conditioner to work well, you need to keep up with its maintenance.

Cleaning your wall-mounted air conditioner regularly reduces the risk of breakdowns and maximizes efficiency.

However you might assume that it’s a daunting task, but believe us; it’s not!


To keep your house cool, air conditioners are necessary. So, if you have a wall-mounted air conditioner, how well it works depends on how it is put together.

Therefore, cleaning the air filters, outdoor unit, and condenser is your best bet.

To begin, you can take out the filter and wash it with soapy water. Also, if you clean your air conditioner after a long period, ensure you’re not overlooking coils.

Since coils are important to make your room cool, you can not neglect cleaning them. However, you can do so with a brush or fin comb.

After you’ve equipped yourself with the tools, it’s time for showtime. Follow the below-mentioned steps to extend the life of your wall-mounted air conditioner and keep it in top condition. Also, if you want to learn how to maintain your air conditioner, read on since we’ll unfold some insider tips about it.

5 Steps To Clean Your Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

Here are five quick steps to clean your air conditioner without assistance:


Before beginning, ensure you must have the following things in hand:

  • A screwdriver.
  • Newspaper to put under the air conditioner.
  • A bucket filled with soapy water.
  • A soft brush or a comb.
  • Gloves to shield your hand.
  • A fin comb.

1. Cover Up Your Valuables

Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

The first step toward cleaning your air conditioner is to cover your valuables. Even though it’s not always essential, you might want to consider putting anything over your air conditioner.

However, cleaning a wall-mounted air conditioner only makes a little mess. Fluids and dust often get on nearby things or the floor.

In that case, a plastic dust sheet would work best if you still need an air conditioning-specific cleaning bag.

2. Take the Filters Out and Clean Them

Changing The Filter Of The Air Conditioner

The next step is to clean your air filters. To do this, remove the casing’s front panel. Now, take off your conditioner’s front panel.

You should use a standard screwdriver kit to remove the housing from some AC units.

When you have removed the filters, it’s time to clean them. You can use dish soap and warm water to clean it.

Other than this, try using a soft-bristled brush to clean the filter’s mesh, then rinse it thoroughly before allowing it to air dry.

Once the dust is eliminated, place the filters against the wall until you finish cleaning.


Before cleaning your wall-mounted air conditioner, cut off the power to save yourself from potential electrical damage.

3. Clean the Coil

Technician Man Hand Holding And Using Water Pressure Washer For Cleaning Air Conditioner At Home

Now, in the third step, we’re going to focus on the coil. It is perhaps the most crucial component of your wall-mounted air conditioner.

After all, it is part of the system where all the cooling magic occurs. To remove the dust from the coil, attach the brush attachment to the vacuum and check the unit.

To use the vacuum, turn it on and brush the coil gently from top to bottom, then across the coil and back down.

Repeat the process until you have covered the entire coil’s surface from end to end.

After this, apply your spray bottle to the coil from top to bottom as systematically as you did when you cleaned the filters.

However, if the coil cleaner maker advises you to rinse it out with water, do so after letting it sit for the recommended time.

4. Clean the Outdoor Unit of Your AC

Unidentified Worker To Cleaning Coil Cooler Of Air Conditioner

Now when you’re done with the internal cleaning, consider taking a check at the outdoor unit. There should not be any leaves, grass, or trash in the vicinity of the unit.

To clean it, all you need to do is:

  1. Take a moist towel to clean the exterior cabinet. Use a cleaning solution, like soapy water, to remove debris and dust.
  2. Open up the device once you have located the fan blades. With a moist cloth, carefully wipe the blades.
  3. Set the blades aside after drying.
  4. You can also use a fin comb to straighten your bent fin. Because of its delicate bristles, the brush makes it possible to clean the fins accurately.
  5. Then, to get rid of any dust or filth that has amassed in your appliance, it would be ideal if you carefully vacuumed the remaining portions of its interior.
  6. Last but not least, after disassembling the machine, carefully reassemble it.

5. Time To Wrap Up the Process

Power Plug Of Air Conditioner Connected To Electrical Outlet

In the last step, you must safely isolate or unplug the device from its power.

Cleaning might cause your fingers to come in contact with the fan, and if they do, you don’t want them to accidentally switch the unit on, which could harm both you and the appliance.

Once you’ve finished wiping down the internals, you can turn your attention to the external casing, which will be visible to you and anybody else in the room.

Remove the cleaning cloths from the bucket, wipe out the excess water, and set them to work on the casing.

Dust primarily accumulates at the unit’s rear, around the revolving veins, and at its top, above the freshly cleaned coil, where the ac sucks in air.

However, you must remember the top; if you don’t, your recent work will go all in vain! After this, put the unit together and pat yourself on the back cause you’ve done it right.

Insider Tips for Your Wall-Mounted AC Maintenance

Here’s what you need to do to keep your AC running perfectly well throughout the season:

  • To avoid electrical shock, turn off your circuit breaker if you can’t unplug the device before cleaning it.
  • Try using professional coil cleaners to avoid eroding your cooling fins, condenser coils, or other air conditioner parts.
  • Always maintain a dry environment within your air conditioner to prevent mold and germs from growing.
  • Once each month, give your AC system a thorough cleaning.
  • A healthy air flow should be present around your interior and outdoor units. By doing so, your device will remain safe from overheating.


If you use your air conditioner often, it’s important to clean the air filters often so that it works at their best all the time. Additionally, you can vacuum clean the coils if you have the time.

One approach to extending the life of the equipment and reducing your household’s overall energy consumption is to clean and maintain your air conditioner.

Therefore, gather your tools, and get up to clean your wall-mounted air conditioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean AC’s Coil?

Your coils should be cleaned once a year, and a seasonal tune-up should suffice for most systems.

But it is best to think about where your unit is. However, can get the coils cleaned twice a year if you live in a large city with high levels of air pollution.

How Can I Know if My Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning?

If your wall-mounted air conditioner has any of these, you should know that your ac needs a thorough cleaning:

  • Your system has little to no airflow.
  • When the system is on, there is a musty or moldy odor.
  • There is insufficient coolness in the air.

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