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How Long Does a Washing Machine Take To Wash Clothes?

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Wondering how much time, on average, a washing machine takes to complete one wash cycle? The right information can improve efficiency and help you manage your laundry schedule accordingly.

On average, a washing machine takes 45 minutes to one hour to wash clothes in one wash cycle. The time may fluctuate depending on the clothes’ load, the washer’s model, and the wash cycle type.


On average, it takes a washing machine around 45 to 60 minutes to complete one wash cycle. However, the time can vary by the depending factors, including:

  1. Model of the Washing Machine
  2. The Load of Clothes
  3. Settings of the Wash Cycle

Stay tuned if you want to make your laundry more time and cost-effective. We’ll briefly touch on each factor on which the washing cycle depends and how to cater to them to get your work done quickly yet efficiently. 

3 Main Factors Affecting the Washing Time

Many factors come into play when deciding the time taken by a particular washer to complete one wash cycle. The three most important factors are discussed in detail regarding how they affect the washing time.

1. Design of the Washing Machine

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The two most common models or designs of these machines are available in the market. The first is the Top Load Washer, and the second is the Front Load Washer.

Both can differ a little when it boils down to the wash cycle.

Time a Top Load Washer Takes To Wash Clothes

The Top Load Washer has a door at the top of the body. You will load and unload this machine from the top. The time taken by this type of machine averages around 60 to 80 minutes.

It can increase or decrease depending on the brand and model. the models with powerful motors will take less time than those with old-built cores.

Time a Front Load Washer Takes To Wash Clothes

In a Front Load Washer, you load and unload from the front side where its door is located. Most laundry service providers use this design as they can be piled one over the other and save space.

This washer design takes around 70 to 110 minutes for each wash cycle. Their average time is slightly longer than that o the top load washers because these are relatively more energy efficient and hence, take longer for each cycle to complete.

If a load of clothes and distribution changes, the time will also change. Let’s have a look at how the load affects the wash time.

2. The Load of Clothes

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Load refers to the weight you put into the washer in the form of clothes during each cycle. Different fabrics carry different weights, and therefore, they will affect the wash cycle differently.

How Higher Loads Affect the Wash Cycle

Some clothing items, like blankets, quilt covers, bed sheets, etc., are heavy and cause a large load on the washer.

If you fill the washer to its full with large loads, it will hinder the regular spin, and the wash cycle will be lengthened.

It will take you more than an hour to thoroughly wash these clothes. Moreover, it may also affect the quality of the wash as higher loads will also cause slower spin leading to a lower quality of the wash.

3. Settings of Wash Cycle

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Nowadays, many automatic washing machines allow us to use different washing methods. Each type of this washing style takes different times. Let’s dig deeper.

Quick Wash Cycle

This setting is advised for small loads that require an intense wash. This wash cycle takes around 15 to 40 minutes, given the status of the clothes being washed.

This is the intense clean cycle for smaller loads.

Delicate Wash Cycle

This setting is used when you wash soft and delicate fabrics like lingerie, undergarments, socks, etc. This wash cycle takes 45 minutes to 80 minutes.

Again, it will also depend on the load, type of fabric, and condition of the clothes where exactly the wash cycle will sit in the given time bracket.

Sanitize Wash Cycle

Many modern and latest models of washing machines offer sanitized wash settings. This type of cycle will take 90 minutes to 120 minutes to complete one wash cycle as the clothes will not be washed but will also be sanitized.


The latest washing machines offer to sanitize mode that will wash away 99.99% of bacteria in your clothes. After this wash cycle, your clothes will be dirt, germ, and bacteria-free.

15 Second Summary

The average wash cycle of a washing machine takes 45 minutes to 60 minutes. If the load is large, this time can increase, and if the load is small, the time will decrease.

When you use the delicate mode, the wash cycle will take 45 to 80 minutes, the quick mode will take the least from 15 minutes to 40 minutes, while the sanitize mode will take the most, ranging from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

According to the making of the washer, the front load machines are relatively new and take more time because of their energy efficiency feature.

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