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How Do Robot Vacuums Clean Corners

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Performs Automatic Cleaning Of The Apartment At A Certain Time. Smart Home.

Robot Vacuums are an increasingly popular choice for busy households. But do they have what it takes to get into the corners and crevices of your home?

The answer is yes! Robot vacuums are designed to do more than pick up surface dust. They can get into those hard-to-reach places and make sure your home is clean.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into how robot vacuums can clean corners and crevices, giving you peace of mind that your home is spick and span.


Here’s a quick recap of the points you should keep in mind when choosing a robot vacuum for corner cleaning:

  • When shopping for a robot vacuum, look for one with various brushes, rubbery bristles, and powerful suction that can tackle the dirt and debris in the corners.
  • Robot vacuums with cameras, sensors, and mapping capabilities are the best for navigating tight spots.
  • The shape of a robot vacuum can also make a difference when it comes to corner cleaning. Look for vacuums with specialized tools for corner cleaning, such as D-shaped models or models with rubbery bristles.
  • Robot vacuums may struggle with particularly deep or intricate corners. Consider a traditional vacuum for these spots if your home has these.

By taking these points into account, you can find a robot vacuum that effectively cleans your home corners. The right model lets you keep your home tidier and enjoy cleaner, dust-free corners.

Whether you’re a current vacuum robot owner or considering purchasing one, this article will give you a better understanding of how these machines work and how to make the most of their corner-cleaning capabilities. Let’s get started!

How Do Robot Vacuum Clean Corners?

Robot Vacuums use various features to thoroughly clean those hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Most models use a combination of suction and spinning side brushes to help get dust and debris out.

The suction helps pick up larger pieces, while the spinning brushes help reach those tight spots.

Many robot vacuums also use sensors and cameras to detect obstacles and furniture edges to adjust their cleaning pattern accordingly.

Robot vacuums are typically designed to clean an entire room from edge to edge, including corners. They have special edges and nozzles to reach these areas, so you can trust that your home is spotless.

However, it’s important to note that robot vacuums may struggle with particularly deep or intricate corners. If your home has any of these, you may consider using a more traditional vacuum for these spots.

Types of Robot Vacuums and Their Cleaning Capabilities

Robot vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find the right one for your needs.

Here’s a quick overview of the different types and how they can help keep your home looking spotless:

1. D-Shaped Robot Vacuums

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner On Laminate Wood Floor Smart Cleaning Technology

Neato Produces vacuums in a unique D-shape, which gives them an advantage in cleaning corners.

The front of the vacuum has specialized bristles that dislodge dirt from corners and sweep it directly into the suction.

Many people find this a much more efficient way of cleaning, as it reaches further into corners than traditional robot vacuums.

2. Circle-Shaped Robot Vacuums

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner On Laminate Wood Floor Smart Cleaning Technology

Most robot vacuums on the market are traditional circle-shaped models. While they may not be as efficient as D-shaped vacuums, they still have features specifically designed to help clean corners.

These models typically use side brushes to sweep dirt and debris into the suction. They also use sensors to detect furniture edges and adjust their cleaning pattern accordingly.

3. Cube-Shaped Robot Vacuums

Fluff On Wooden Floor In Corner Of Room

Cube-shaped robot vacuums are also becoming increasingly popular. They have a unique design that allows them to easily clean corners and crevices.

They have multiple side brushes that help them reach the tightest spots, giving you a thorough clean every time.

No matter which type of robot vacuum you opt for, make sure it has a reliable navigation system, i.e., a variety of sensors and cameras to help them navigate around a room.

This will help the vacuum avoid obstacles, furniture edges, and other potential hazards. Some models even have mapping capabilities, so they remember the layout of a room and can clean it more efficiently.


Always turn off your robot vacuum before changing its battery, cleaning the dustbin, or performing other maintenance. It will help to prevent accidental damage.

Does the Design of the Robot Vacuum Affect Its Corner Cleaning Capabilities?

Irobot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba Cleaning A Gray Carpet. Home Cleaning Concept.

The design of a robot vacuum can have a huge impact on its corner cleaning capabilities. The shape, size, type of brush, and suction power are all important factors.

For example, a vacuum with a flat profile or multiple side brushes may get into tight spots more easily than one with a round profile.

Additionally, motors with a higher suction power can remove more dirt and debris from corners.

It is also important to consider the brush rollers used in robot vacuums.

Soft rubbery bristles can be better at cleaning corners than stiffer brushes, as they can reach into the cracks and crevices that other vacuum styles miss.

Finally, look for a vacuum with sensors and cameras designed to detect corners and clean them properly.

Robot Vacuum Cleaning Tips

Now that you have a better understanding of how robot vacuums clean corners, here are some tips to help you get the most out of them:

  • Place Furniture away from corners, making it easier for your robot vacuum to get into those tight spots.
  • Be aware of any obstacles in the room, such as rugs or cords. These can get caught up in your robot vacuum and prevent it from reaching certain areas.
  • Clean your vacuum brushes regularly to pick up dirt and debris from corners more efficiently.
  • Empty the dustbin often to ensure that your robot vacuum can suck up dirt and debris without getting clogged up.


Robot Vacuums can be a great addition to any home, as they give you the power to easily clean hard-to-reach corners.

Different vacuum designs offer different corner-cleaning capabilities, so choose the one that best suits your needs. With these tips, you can guarantee that your robot vacuum will provide a thorough cleaning, leaving your house spotless.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us; we’ll be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Roomba Clean Corners?

Roomba robot vacuums are designed to clean corners and other hard-to-reach places.

They have special corner-cleaning brushes and sensors that help them navigate the room and reach tight spots.

How Can I Make Sure My Robot Vacuum-Cleans Corners?

You can optimize your robot vacuum cleaner’s performance by ensuring a good seal around its brushes. This will help it to pick up more dirt and dust in the corners of your room.

You can also use the app to adjust the settings so, it cleans more thoroughly around walls and corners.

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