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5 Easy Ways To Clean Oven Racks

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Ovens are one of those kitchen appliances that make life easier. They offer various cooking options like roasting, baking, or grilling. However, cleaning greasy oven racks can be hectic and tiresome.

Did you know that oven racks should be cleaned every time after using the unit? If the racks are left dirty for too long, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and mold.

Additionally, the longer it takes to wash the racks, the harder it is to remove all the dirt and oil.

So, if you are looking for an easier way to clean the oven racks, stick around. This post will look at easy ways to clean your oven racks and ensure they last longer without rusting or wearing out.


Here are a few cleaning procedures to help you quickly get grease and gunk off your oven racks:

  • Using a dishwashing detergent bath
  • Using ammonia and a trash bag
  • Using Easy-Off cleaner
  • Using baking soda and vinegar
  • Using dishwashing liquid and dryer sheets

Are you looking for easy ways to clean your oven racks? We will look at simple procedures for you to keep them sparkling clean.

5 Best Ways To Clean Oven Racks

Cleaning grease spots and charred food bits off your oven racks can be a hassle. Unfortunately, avoiding these small spills when using the unit is hard, no matter how much you try.

Though most newer oven models have a self-cleaning cycle, most manufacturers do not recommend using the feature while the racks are still inside the unit.

This is because the extreme temperatures during the cleaning cycle can damage the rack, leading to wear. The racks can also move around during the cleaning cycle and damage the oven.

Cleaning the racks is the best way to remove all dirt while preserving them. Let us look at some easy ways to clean your oven racks.

1. Using a Dishwashing Detergent Bath

Green Bottle Of Dishwashing Detergent And Sponges On Pink Background.

The first cleaning method is using a dishwashing detergent bath. Soaking the racks in detergent helps dislodge grease, oils, and food particles that stick to them.

Here is a simple guide to follow when cleaning the racks:

  • Lay an old towel at the bottom of a large tub that can fit the racks.
  • Place the oven racks inside the tub.
  • Add hot water until it covers the tops of all the oven racks.
  • Add a dishwashing detergent into the tub, stir it and leave it to sit overnight.
  • In the morning, brush and scrub all the gunk left on the rack.
  • Once all the dirt is removed, rinse the racks thoroughly before letting them dry for a few minutes.
Helpful Tip

Use an old toothbrush to get the dirt out of those hard-to-reach areas.

2. Using Ammonia and a Trash Bag

Ammonia. Ammonia Hazardous Chemical In Laboratory Packaging

The second option is to use ammonia while cleaning the oven racks. Due to its alkaline nature, ammonia saponifies oils and grease, turning them into soap.

However, if you are thinking of using ammonia to clean your oven rack, there are a couple of safety procedures that you have to follow.

First, wear safety gloves, glasses, and a gas mask. Secondly, always use diluted ammonia for cleaning.

Caution When Using Ammonia

Ammonia is a toxic chemical and can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems if not handled correctly. Always ensure that you wear protective clothing if you decide to use it.

Let us look at how to clean your oven racks using an ammonia solution:

  • Go outside or find a well-ventilated area.
  • Open the trash bag and put the oven racks inside.
  • Add the diluted ammonia solution into the trash bag, seal it tight, and let it sit overnight.
  • In the morning, find a well-ventilated area to open the trash bag, as the fumes are strong.
  • Wearing your protective gloves, glasses, and mask, gently brush any remaining grease and dirt using a brush.
  • Afterward, thoroughly rinse the racks, and leave them out to dry before putting them back into the oven.

3. Using Easy-Off Cleaner

Retail Store Easy Off Cleaner With Prices

Using commercial oven cleaners like Easy-off can also get the job done. These cleaners are very convenient as cleaning requires almost little to no effort.

Like the ammonia solution, commercial oven cleaners also produce toxic fumes that can harm your health. Always wear protective clothing when handling these products.

Let us look at the oven rack cleaning procedure when using Easy-Off cleaners:

  • Go outside, or find a well-ventilated room in the house.
  • Cover the working area with a plastic sheet, and lay the racks on top.
  • Wearing rubber gloves and a gas mask, spray the Easy-Off evenly on the racks, ensuring it gets into those hard-to-reach spots.
  • Leave the racks for about 30 minutes to let the solution soak in and dislodge the gunk.
  • Use a brush or sponge to scrub off any dirt left behind on the racks.
  • Thoroughly rinse the racks and then dry them before putting them back in the oven.

4. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda With White Vinegar

You can also use baking soda and vinegar to clean your oven racks. Like ammonia, baking soda is a base compound that can dissolve grease and oils stuck on the racks. Vinegar breaks down and dissolves minerals in the dirt during cleaning.

A baking soda and vinegar mixture is a non-abrasive cleaning solution ideal for cleaning out metal surfaces. It cuts through grease and oil without damaging the oven racks.

Let us look at cleaning oven racks using baking soda and vinegar:

  • Find a tub that can fit all the oven racks and place an old towel inside.
  • Place the racks inside the tub, and fill it with hot water until all racks are submerged.
  • Add 1-3 cups of baking soda into the tub and stir the water.
  • Afterward, add raw vinegar to the tub until the water stops fizzing.
  • Let the racks soak in the baking soda and vinegar solution overnight.
  • In the morning, take a brush or cloth to remove any gunk stuck on the oven racks.
  • Rinse the racks thoroughly and then dry them off.
Helpful Titbit

Adding an essential oil like peppermint oil to the baking soda and vinegar solution helps kill bacteria and leaves the racks smelling fresh.

5. Using Dishwashing Liquid and Dryer Sheets

Dishwashing Liquid Bottle On Kitchen Sink And Clean Plates Background

Lastly, dishwashing liquid and some dryer sheets are another way to clean your oven racks. Like dishwasher detergent, liquid soap dissolves grease and oils left behind after cooking.

To clean your oven racks, you have to:

  • Place an old towel into a tub that can fit all the racks.
  • Put the racks into the tub, and fill it with hot water until all the racks are submerged.
  • Add a little dishwashing liquid and stir the water until it starts foaming.
  • Place the dryer sheets and swirl them inside the tub, then leave them overnight.
  • Drain the tub, and use the soaked dryer sheets to wipe on any grease and oils that remain on the racks.
  • Rinse the oven racks thoroughly before drying them off.


Ovens are convenient when it comes to cooking options. However, cleaning up the racks can be a hassle, especially if you leave them dirty for too long.

Cleaning the oven racks after using the appliance is the best way to prevent bacteria growth and rusting.

If you are looking for an easy way to get your racks shiny again, you can dip the racks in a dishwashing detergent bath, use an ammonia solution, or use a commercial oven cleaner.

Additionally, baking soda and vinegar solution or dishwashing liquid with dryer sheets can get all the gunk out of your oven racks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Baking Soda Clean Oven Racks?

Yes! Baking soda is an easy and affordable way to get your racks sparkling again. It dissolves grease and oils stuck on the rack, leaving them looking good as new.

To improve the cleaning efficiency, adding vinegar to the solution also helps break down any minerals that might be hard to remove.

How Do You Clean Oven Racks Without Soaking Them?

You do not need to soak the oven racks when you clean. However, soaking increases your chances of getting all the dirt out quickly.

The best way to clean the racks without soaking is by sprinkling baking soda, then adding some vinegar. Leave the racks for a few minutes, then scrub them down using a brush or an old towel.

Secondly, you can also use an ammonia solution or Easy-Off to clean the racks. Because the fumes from both products are highly toxic, find a well-ventilated area and a plastic trash bag before cleaning.

Put the oven racks inside the trash bag, add the ammonia or cleaning agent, and wait a few minutes before brushing the remaining dirt off the racks.

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