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Dry Mode in an Air-Conditioner

Dry Mode In An Air-Conditioner

AC remotes, especially their dry mode feature, are perfect for making millennials puzzled in just a few seconds. Fret not. It will become a piece of cake for you to understand this article.

Let your AC get on the front when the weather becomes too hot or too cold for you to handle.

Dry mode is perfect for such weather conditions because it works best to adjust the moisture in the air in addition to conditioning the air.


The moisture level becomes higher than normal during the rainy season or extremely humid weather. You would want to turn your air conditioner’s dry mode on in such a situation.

It lowers the moisture in the air around you and keeps you from getting allergies and seasonal flu.

Need more reasons to buy an AC with this mode? Here they are:

  • Improved Efficiency of Your System.
  • Best For Your Health.
  • Provides Perfection Protection.

We’ll also discuss how this mode lowers the air’s moisture levels. Stay glued.

Before diving into all the good reasons, you should opt for dry mode in your AC.

Let’s have a deeper look at the thing that goes behind the scene to make it happen.

How the Dry Mode Works

How The Dry Mode Works

Different seasons come and go, but extremely hot and summer seasons leave us with “unwanted sweat and humidity,” which sticks around.

As long as you have your AC, there’s nothing to worry about.

When you opt for the cooling mode, the system will condition the air inside your room to the same temperature as the outside air. As your set temperature is reached, the compressor shuts down.

When you turn this magical feature on, it manages the room temperature to an optimum level and regulates the temperature of its cooling coil. In the process, it sucks the moisture from the air.

The compressor and fans keep running to ensure temperature and humidity are in check.

Inside Information

If you want to remove 100% humidity in the air, it is better to use a dehumidifier as they are specially designed for this purpose, unlike AC systems that will do the job but will still leave you with a lot of moisture to deal with.

Use a dehumidifier for the best results for 60% to 70% relative humidity levels. Any higher than that can also be controlled using the dry mode.

Why Turn the Dry Mode On?

There are various reasons why you should opt for this mode instead of simply selecting the “cool” button, as always.

Here are three reasons listed down below to help you make a better decision:

1. Improved Efficiency of Your System

Improved Efficiency Of Your System

Turning your cooling mode on amidst scorching summer heat can be a bad financial decision.

When your system’s compressor keeps running during a hot summer day, it will constantly keep running without catering to the humidity levels until you intercede.

This will decrease the system’s energy efficiency, and in addition to contributing to higher energy bills, it will also decrease the lifespan of your AC.

2. Best for Your Health

Best For Your Health

It’s not the temperature that gives you seasonal flu, but the humidity levels.

Humidity plays a huge part in catching flu, allergies, and cough in extremely hot or cold seasons. Keeping the humidity under check will control your asthma and respiratory issues.

3. Provides Perfection Protection

Provides Perfection Protection

A comfortable and well-protected home is all we crave when we’re out under the hot sun.

You wouldn’t want your home to welcome you with an unpleasant odor and molds all around, would you? But, unfortunately, no humidity control will invite all those issues into your home.


The best decision you could make this summer is to press that “dry mode” button on your AC remote. You will be surprised at how it will effortlessly keep you from catching seasonal flu and allergy attacks.

It helps you in keeping your house not only hygienic and clean but also very comfortable at the same time. This could be the missing puzzle piece you have been searching for when entering a “cold but uncomfortable room” in summer.

It also is an energy-efficient option, especially when using your AC for several hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Temperature for Dry Mode in My AC?

Any temperature from 25 to 30 degrees is suitable for settling for when using the dry mode.

For How Long Should I Use the Dry Mode?

Keep your AC operating on Dry Mode for 1 to 2 hours for best results. If you go longer, it can suck too much moisture, leaving the air too dry to a point where it gets uncomfortable.

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