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How To Adjust LG Dishwasher Door Latch

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A dishwasher is an essential kitchen appliance that makes our daily chores easier. However, like any other appliance, it may require occasional adjustments to function optimally. One such common issue with LG dishwashers is the door latch. If you are facing problems with your LG dishwasher door latch, this comprehensive guide will take you through the process of adjusting it.


To adjust an LG dishwasher door latch, first inspect the interior of the dishwasher for any obstructions. Adjust the leveling feet if necessary, and shake the door side to side to check for distortion. Inspect the latch and strike plate for obstructions or damage, and clean them out if needed. If the door still doesn’t close properly, you may need to replace the door latch. Always remember to disconnect power before starting any repairs.

Understanding the Function of the Door Latch

The door latch in an LG dishwasher plays a crucial role in securing the door during operation, ensuring that it remains closed throughout the washing cycle. When the door is fully closed, a switch inside the latch allows the control to send voltage to an inlet valve solenoid, which opens the valve and allows the proper amount of water into the tub to start the wash cycle. A defective door latch may prevent the dishwasher from running even with the door fully closed.

Signs That Indicate a Need for Adjustment

There are a few common signs that indicate a need to adjust the LG dishwasher door latch:

  1. Dishwasher not starting: This could be due to the dishwasher not recognizing that the door is closed, preventing it from starting.
  2. Door not closing properly: Obstructions in the latch or strike plate on the chassis can prevent the door from closing.
  3. Misaligned or damaged door seal: This can cause the door to have trouble latching.
  4. Door latch not engaging: If the door is not closed correctly with the door latch engaged, the dishwasher’s safety feature will prevent it from operating.

Tools Required for Adjustment

To adjust the LG dishwasher door latch, you will need a Phillips screwdriver and possibly pliers to help disconnect wires from the latch.

Steps to Adjust the LG Dishwasher Door Latch

Follow these steps to correctly adjust the door latch:

  1. Inspect the dishwasher interior: Check for any obstructions that may prevent the door from closing properly.
  2. Level the dishwasher: Adjust the leveling feet as necessary.
  3. Check for door distortion: Adjust the door by shaking it from side to side.
  4. Inspect the latch and strike plate: Check for any obstructions or damage.
  5. Remove obstructions: Clean them out and attempt to close the door again.

Remember to disconnect power to your dishwasher before attempting any repairs. If the door still does not close properly after following these steps, it is recommended to have your dishwasher diagnosed by a professional repair technician.

Replacing the LG Dishwasher Door Latch

Sometimes, you might need to replace the door latch. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Disconnect power: Unplug the dishwasher or turn off the circuit breaker to ensure safety.
  2. Remove outer door panel: Remove the screws securing the outer door panel and pull it off.
  3. Remove control panel: Remove the screws to release the control panel.
  4. Remove old door latch: Pull out the old door latch and disconnect the wires from it.
  5. Install new door latch: Connect the wires to the new door latch and place it in position.
  6. Reassemble control panel and outer door panel: Secure them with screws.
  7. Restore power: Plug the dishwasher back in or turn on the circuit breaker.

Safety Precautions

Ensure to follow safety precautions like disconnecting power before starting any repair, using appropriate tools, following manufacturer guidelines, and seeking professional help if needed.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Common problems that might occur while adjusting the LG dishwasher door latch include a misaligned or damaged door seal, obstructions in the racks, damaged door hinges, and a misaligned door catch. These can be resolved by following the appropriate steps mentioned above.

Maintaining Optimal Performance

There is no specific recommendation on how often the LG dishwasher door latch should be checked or adjusted for optimal performance. However, it is essential to perform periodic maintenance on your dishwasher to keep it functioning at its best.

In conclusion, while adjusting the LG dishwasher door latch might seem like a daunting task, it is certainly doable with some patience and the right tools. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt, it’s always best to call in a professional to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find any obstructions in the latch or strike plate, but the door still doesn’t close properly?

If you can’t find any visible obstructions or damage, the issue may lie with the door hinges or the door itself might be warped. If this is the case, you might need to replace the hinges or the door. It’s best to consult with a professional repair technician in this scenario.

How do I know if the door latch is defective and needs replacement?

If you’ve tried adjusting the door latch and the dishwasher door still doesn’t close properly or the dishwasher doesn’t start, it’s likely that the door latch is defective. You can confirm this by checking if the switch inside the latch is sending voltage to the inlet valve solenoid when the door is closed. If it isn’t, the door latch needs to be replaced.

What should I do if the door seal is damaged?

A damaged door seal can prevent the door from latching properly. If the door seal is damaged, it needs to be replaced. You can usually do this yourself, but if you’re unsure, it’s best to call in a professional.

What if the door latch doesn’t engage even after adjustment?

If the door latch still doesn’t engage even after adjustment, it might be due to a faulty latch assembly, which includes the latch and the strike plate. In this case, the entire latch assembly might need to be replaced.

How often should I clean my dishwasher to maintain its performance?

It’s recommended to clean your dishwasher once a month to remove any food debris and buildup that can affect its performance. Regular cleaning can also help prevent issues with the door latch.

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