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Why Is My Whirlpool Front Load Washer Leaking Water?

Woman Finding Out The Reason Of Her Damaged Washing Machine

Whirlpool has one of the finest front-load washing machines on the market. They are durable, sturdy, and much more efficient. But sometimes a leak can occur in the appliance causing a huge mess.

Some reasons for leaking are minor and can be solved at home, while others require professional help.

The best thing is to know the basics of your machine and the possible reasons for the leakage to get a better idea about the problem.


The most common reason your Whirlpool washing machine can leak is the faulty gasket, a seal that provides watertight closure when the door is shut.

If the water leaks from the front side, it indicates that the seal is either damaged or broken and fails to close the door tightly.

Here are some other reasons why your machine might be leaking:

  • Damaged water pump.
  • Loose water hoses.
  • Clogged drain filters.

If you are sick and tired of cleaning the puddles of water, read further as we uncover seven reasons why your Whirlpool machine might leak.

7 Reasons for Whirlpool Front Load Machine Leakage (+ Fixes)

Water leaking is a troublesome thing. It makes the laundry day a living hell, as you must clean plenty of water after every cycle.

Here are a few reasons to eliminate this issue and make things normal again.

1. Damaged Door Seal

Checking The Gasket And Door Seal

As mentioned earlier, the front load washing machines have a rubber seal within their front door that tightly shuts the door and keep it watertight.

A sharp object from your clothes can damage the door seal or wear out after prolonged use.

If you notice your machine is leaking water, the first thing is to check the gasket, as it is the most common culprit.


  1. Thoroughly check the door seal for any cuts or signs of wearing out.
  2. The door seal requires technical skills for replacement. It is good to call a professional to do the job accurately.

2. Leaked Water Pump

Washing Machine's Drain Pump Filter

A water pump is like the heart of a washing machine. It pumps water during the cycle to keep it working efficiently. If you notice a puddle of water at the bottom of your device, the damaged water pump is the one to blame.


  1. Locate the drain pump in your Whirlpool washing machine by referring to the manual. Most commonly, it is on the lower front side of the device.
  2. Remove the front panel at the bottom housing the water pump.
  3. Carefully examine for leaks or damages. If you find one, it is advisable to repair it.
  4. Reach inside the pump to clear out any debris or dirt making it clogged.
  5. Examine the impeller inside the pump and move it a few times to unstuck it.
  6. Now place everything back and recheck the machine. If the water is still leaking, it is better to get professional help.

3. Faulty Tub-To-Pump Pipe

Washing Machine Pump Clogged

Once your washing machine stops a cycle, it transfers the water to the drain pump via a flexible tub-to-pump pipe. If it is leaked or cracked, you will experience leakage.


  • Locate the tub-to-pump hose.
  • Thoroughly check it for any wear and tear.
  • If you find the damage, instantly replace the pipe to get things working correctly.

4. Off-Balance Washing Machine

Child Sitting On The Floor Infront Of Balanced Washing Machine

Washing machines must be set in a leveled and stable place to avoid leakage. If your appliance is tilted or off balance, it can also cause leakage from the front door.


Manually adjust the pedestal or the bottom legs of the washing machine until it is balanced and stable.

5. Broken Drain Hose

Broken Flexible Drain Hose Washing Machine.

The drain hose is used to expel the water after the cycle finishes. The pipe can get damaged if the water is pushed too hard against the wall causing a leakage.


Locate the drain hose and check for any tears. It is good to replace it and get a new one for proper working.

6. Loose Water Inlet Hose

Professional Connection Of A Hose Pipe

A water inlet helps get water into the washing machine from your home’s water supply. If the hose is loose or the valve connected on the other side is joined incorrectly, it can cause leakage.


Thoroughly check the connections of the water inlet hose and valve. If they are loose, tighten them.

It is essential to get them replaced as soon as possible if you suspect a crack or damage.


The water inlet hose can get damaged or rust with time. It is good to replace it within 3-5 years to get things working correctly.

7. Clogged Drain Filter

Dirty And Clogged Washing Machine Pump Filte

The drain filter at the bottom of your Whirlpool washing machine can also get clogged with time, resulting in water leakage. The drain filter clears the water from the drum before sending it to the pump.

With time dirt, lint, and other debris clog it, resulting in water leakage.


Opting for regular washing machine maintenance to avoid clogged filters is essential. You can check and clean it yourself or ask a professional to do the job.


All Set For Laundry

Laundry day is always a long day, but what makes it easy is having an efficient washing machine.

If you suspect a leakage from your Whirlpool front load machine, it is better to diagnose it timely and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Always get the small equipment like drain pumps, hoses, and pipes replaced instead of repairing them, as it can become a costly option in the long run.

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