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Why Is My Roomba Going in Circles?

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Outsourcing the cleaning chores to robots can be really fun until they start roaming around the entire house, bumping into stuff. Many people complain that their Roomba starts to go in circles and doesn’t work properly after some time.

The main problems are threefold: hardware problems, including the wheels; software problems, including the sensors; mechanical issues, including the functioning of the bumper.


When your Roomba starts to go into circles, you can easily detect and solve the main three mainstream issues. Here are some possible reasons that could be making this happen:

  • The Wheels are the Problem
  • The Bumper is Stuck
  • There’s a Problem With the Sensors

In this blog, I’ll take you through all three main reasons why your Roomba is going in circles and the solution to this problem that will solve this issue once and for all.

3 Main Reasons Your Roomba Is Going in Circles

Hardware, software, and mechanical malfunctioning are the leading causes that can make your Roomba go rogue. Many people often overlook their automated cleaners’ user manual and maintenance requirements and blame it all on the companies.

Make sure you abide by all the general guidelines for maintaining these cleaners if you want them to last long without any bugs and malfunctions.

Let’s dive into three of the main reasons why your Roomba starts to go in circles all of a sudden:

1. The Wheels Are the Problem

Under Robot Vacuum Cleaner Spinning Brush How It Work For Clean

The wheels are the first thing you want to check in case your Roomba goes in circles. Make your automated cleaner stop and check the wheels of the device.

If there is something stuck in the wheels, it could be a reason that it is going in circles. Moreover, there could be something impeding the smooth functioning of the wheels. If the wheels are jammed, your Roomba will probably start to go in circles.

Therefore, start your inspection by checking the wheels of your device, and after getting a green signal, move to the second inspection.

2. The Bumper Is Stuck

Vacuum Cleaner Robot

The bumper can also contribute to the haphazard movements of your Roomba. It is the most common cause of vacuums going in circles.

When the bumper gets blocked due to the presence of excess dirt and clutter, it can hinder the normal functioning and movement of the vacuum, resulting in abnormal function and movements.

Open the exterior of the vacuum and look for any possible accumulation of debris or dirt near the bumper. You can check it by yourself and identify the reason for the irregular movement of your vacuum.

3. There’s a Problem With the Sensors

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Robots Powerful Cleaning System With Intelligent Sensors To Clean Pet Hair, Crumbs, Dirt, And Daily Dust

Lastly, we have a software issue that could make your vacuum cleaner go in circles. The problem with the sensors of the wheels or the overall sensors of the device can also make this happen.


In order to confirm the software issue of your Roomba, take it to an open place or outside your house and let it go in circles for 2 minutes straight. After 2 minutes, it will show the type of error in the vacuum software. Solve the target error to make it functional again.

How To Fix This?

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You can quickly solve these issues by taking great care of the cleanliness of your device. Make sure that no dirt or debris is accumulated in your vacuum’s interior.

Clean the dirt bag or bin regularly and get rid of any hair or fibers stuck in the wheels of your vacuum cleaner. In case of physical damage, consult the right technicians to fix it for you professionally.


If your Roomba starts to go in circles, start the inspection by identifying the issue. Check the wheels, the bumper, the sensors, and then solve the target problem.

Solve the issue with the wheels or the bumper by unclogging them and making them free of dirt or debris. After solving the target issue, restart the vacuum, and it will be back to normal functioning again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Roomba Light Spinning?

It could be due to the software update. It can also be an indicator of low or insufficient charging.

Why Is My Roomba Moving Backward?

The Roomba moving backward can also signify that debris is stuck in either the vacuum’s wheels or around its axis. Cleaning it will get it back to normal functioning.

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