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Why Is My GE Washer Stuck on Sensing?

Ge Washer And Dryer

Washing clothes not only requires you to dedicate some time but also to manage your schedule accordingly.

If your washer refuses to start the wash cycle and gets stuck on sensing, there’s nothing more annoying.

This could indicate the presence of a minor or major issue with your washer. You must look into all possible reasons that could lead to this and fix your problem accordingly.


Short on time? Have a glance at all possible reasons your washer gets stuck on sensing only and never starts its operation.

Below are the reasons:

  • Blockage of drain pipes
  • Faulty main control board
  • Transmission problem
  • Problem with the water inlet valve
  • Damaged door switch

We will not only take you through all the possible reasons your washer is acting up but also tell you some quick fixes for this issue.

5 Reasons Your Washer Is Stuck on Sensing

If you start your laundry and your washer gets stuck on sensing and continues like this for hours, you need to look into some possible reasons that are causing this.

Without further ado, let’s dive into them:

1. Blockage of Drain Pipes

Woman Putting The Clothes Into The Washer

Not checking clothes before putting them into the washer can cost you a lot.

When you skip this step, the sand, minerals, or any small solids left in the pockets of the clothes can get deposited in the drain pipes, leaving them blocked.

The blocked pipes resist the washer’s engine, preventing it from starting. Hence, the washer ends up stuck on sensing.


You can solve this issue by unclogging the drain pipes of your machine. You can use any handheld device to do this.

2. Faulty Main Control Board

Technician Repairing The Washer's Main Control Board

The main control board is the component of the washer that handles the switching of the machine from one phase to another.

It helps the washer go from sensing to the washing phase and then eventually to the drawing phase.

If there is any problem in this board, it will impede the system from transitioning from one system to another.

As a result, your machine will get stuck in one phase only.


Buy a new control board for your GE washer model. Call a technician to install and wire it correctly.

Restart your washer and test if the new one is working properly.

3. Transmission Problem

Technician Repairing A Washing Machine At Home

The component of the GE washer that switches it from one washing cycle to another by controlling the rotation of the drum is the transmitter.

When the washer malfunctions, the drum will not be able to rotate on time. It will also fail to detect when the sensing phase ends.

If your washer starts giving a burning smell after it gets stuck on the sensing, it signals a problem with the transmission.


You must get your washer checked professionally to know the issue because buying a new transmitter can cost you an arm and a leg.

Therefore, take the expert’s opinion. Decide if you want to get a new washer or have your transmitter repaired or replaced.

4. Problem With the Water Inlet Valve

Repairman Checking The Water Inlet Valve

In your GE washer, the water inlet valve allows the release of water in the main drum, and then the wash cycle begins.

But, if there is dirt or debris accumulated in this valve, it is unable to detect the end of sensing and start of the wash cycle. Hence, the washer gets stuck.

Furthermore, the damage to this valve will also have the same effect.


After the checkup of the washer, if your technician tells you that you have a corrosive or rustic water inlet valve, you need to change it with a new one to make it functional again.

5. Damaged Door Switch

Repairman Checking The Door Seal

The damaged switch of the washer’s door could also be the reason why your wash cycle fails to begin.

The models with locking doors have closure of the door interconnected with the start of the wash cycle.

If the lid’s switch is damaged, the wash cycle will not begin.


You will need to buy a new switch and replace the old one.

Moreover, if the washer becomes functional after removing debris and dirt from the switch, you might not need to replace it.

The Bottom Line

When doing laundry, your washer can get stuck on the sensing step for quite some time. This could indicate an underlying issue with the transmission system, faulty control board, or damaged door switch.

However, blockage of the drain pipes tops the list of reasons that leave a washer hanging on sensing. You need to understand and diagnose the cause and fix it by calling a professional technician.

If left unattended, it can affect the performance of your washer permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

My GE Washer Won’t Start the Wash Cycle. What’s the Reason?

There could be several reasons your GE washer cannot start the wash cycle.

Check the transmitter, control board, and lid switch to ensure they work smoothly. If they are working fine, the clogged pipes could be the reason.

How Do I Reset My GE Washer?

First, turn off the power supply of your washer. Then, turn the control knob back to its resting position. Wait for 2 minutes and connect it back to the power supply.

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