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Why Does My Roomba Always Say “Canceled”?

Witney, Oxfordshire, Uk 04 20 2010 A Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that has revolutionized how people clean their homes. These autonomous devices are designed to clean floors, carpets, and other surfaces without human intervention.

With features like obstacle detection, adjustable suction, and mapping technology, Roomba vacuums can easily navigate around furniture, under sofas, and along the edges of walls.

However, sometimes, these devices encounter errors and display messages like “Cancelled” or show error messages.

This article will help you understand why your Roomba says “canceled” and what you need to do to fix it.


Roomba is a vacuum-cleaning robot that vacuums your floor efficiently but can sometimes show error messages like ‘canceled’.

There are several reasons for that to happen. Here are the most common reasons for Roomba to display ‘canceled’.

  • If the robot has been commanded to stop cleaning.
  • If the battery is not sufficient.
  • If it encounters an obstacle, it can not overcome it.
  • If it detects a cliff.
  • Software malfunction.

You can resolve all these issues with easy fixes. If you have tried all the possible fixes and your Roomba still does not clean, you must contact the manufacturer immediately.

This article highlights why your vacuum-cleaning robot Roomba displays the error message ‘canceled’ and how to fix it. You will also find helpful resolves to other common errors.

5 Reasons Why Your Roomba Says ‘Canceled’

Roomba displaying a ‘canceled’ message is a common complaint from people who use Roomba. Roomba has many models, some with more advanced features.

Therefore, it is advised to go through the manual that comes with the robot to find fixes for any error messages. A few common reasons and fixes for the error message have been discussed below:

1. The Cleaning Cycle Has Been Stopped

Activation Of The Irobot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba From The Application. Smart Life Concept, Smart City, Smart Home.

One of the apparent reasons why the Roomba says ‘canceled’ is when a cleaning cycle is interrupted. This message is typically displayed when the user manually stops the cleaning cycle by pressing a button on the device or using the Roomba app.

It is a way for Roomba to communicate that the cleaning cycle has been stopped and will not resume until the user starts a new cycle.

If you accidentally or purposefully command Roomba to stop cleaning, it displays ‘canceled’.

To make that go away, you can turn on Roomba again and instruct it to start cleaning. You can do it from the Roomba app.

2. If the Battery Is Too Low

Irobot Roomba Cleaning The Floor Of The Room. Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Household Cleaning Concept. New Technologies.

One of the most common reasons a Roomba cleaning cycle may be canceled is battery issues. If the battery is low, the Roomba robot will stop cleaning and display the message ‘canceled’.

To resolve this, place the Roomba on its charging dock and allow it to charge until the battery is full. Once the Roomba has been sufficiently charged, you may resume the cleaning.

3. If the Roomba Encounters an Obstruction

New Irobot Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Displayed For Editorial Purposes

Another common reason for a Roomba cleaning cycle to be canceled is an obstruction in its path. Roomba cleaning robots are designed to detect and avoid obstacles.

However, if the robot encounters an obstacle it can not navigate, it will stop cleaning and display the message “canceled”.

For instance, if Roomba encounters a piece of furniture that blocks its path, it will show the message ‘canceled’ to indicate that it can not continue cleaning.

Now to fix this error, move the obstacle or adjust the Roomba’s settings to ensure it can continue cleaning. You can also pick the Roomba up, put it in a different spot, and it will resume cleaning.

4. If a Software Glitch Happens

Irobot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba Cleaning A Gray Carpet. Home Cleaning Concept.

Software issues can sometimes cause the Roomba cleaning cycle to be canceled. This could happen due to a software glitch or if a problem has been detected with Roomba’s firmware.

Software glitches are primarily caused by a mismatch between the software version of the Roomba bot and the mobile app you use to control it.

This mismatch can cause compatibility issues and lead to unexpected behavior of the robot.

Network connectivity can also cause software glitches, as the robot may not be able to communicate with the app or that home network, leading to the ‘canceled’ message.

Try resetting the Roomba or updating its firmware as a countermeasure.

5. If the Roomba Detects a Cliff

Irobot Roomba Cleaning The Floor Of The Room. Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Household Cleaning Concept. New Technologies.

Roomba cleaning robots are equipped with cliff detection sensors that help prevent the robot from falling down the stairs. If the cliff detection sensors detect a drop, the Roomba will stop cleaning and display the message canceled.

Finally, for this issue, move the Roomba to a flat surface, and it will resume the cleaning cycle.

Troubleshooting Other Roomba Errors

Vacuum Cleaner Robot From Irobot In Action. This Is The Model Roomba 980.
  1. If the Roomba brushes are not spinning, it is probably because a thick string, hair strand, or thread has been wrapped around it. You must remove the hair, thread, or string from the brush and restart.
  2. Another reason for the brushes not spinning is the dirt box being full. In such a case, you must empty the dirt box and restart the Roomba.
  3. If your Roomba bot stops after a few minutes, it indicates that it is running out of charge. Charge the Roomba to resume the cleaning.
  4. If the Roomba bot has stopped holding a charge, it could result from a dirty or corroded battery. You may need to change batteries in such a case. But, before you do that, try cleaning the filters and restarting or checking if you accidentally turned on the battery saver mode.
  5. If the Roomba stops cleaning, it may be because the collection box is full. Empty the dirt collection box and restart.
  6. If the Roomba dock light is blinking, it indicates a low battery. You will need to charge your Roomba if that happens.


Roomba cleaning robots are convenient and efficient cleaning devices, but they may encounter errors from time to time.

If your Roomba cleaning robot displays the message ‘canceled’, it could be due to battery issues, obstructions, software malfunction, or cliff detection.

In most cases, these issues can be resolved by either charging the Roomba or moving it to another spot.

Contact the manufacturer or company if your Roomba does not resume cleaning after practicing the resolves mentioned in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Roomba Actually Clean?

Roomba is effective for regular cleaning routines. It is not as powerful as a heavy-duty vacuum with high suction, but it removes dust and crumbs from your floor.

It may not be effective for deep cleaning, but it has other useful features that make it prevalent. The low-profile design helps it reach under the furniture to clean any dirt or debris.

You can control it from an app, which means you can schedule clean-ups even if you are not home. A few advanced models can mop your floor too.

Can Roomba Clean All Types of Floors?

Roomba is effective for cleaning hardwood and tiled flooring. A few advanced models come with spinning brushes that can also clean carpets and other textured floors.

Most Roomba robots can not clean up spills or bigger water bodies, but a few models can also clean up spills.

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