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Who Installs Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

Who Installs Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathrooms hardly ever have windows, and they can become stuffy and humid after use. The lack of ventilation can also cause foul odors to stick around even hours after the source is flushed away.

So for these reasons, bathroom exhaust fans have become a standard.

If you want to install a bathroom exhaust fan, you might wonder who you should call to do the job.

  • The work of bathroom exhaust fan installation overlaps three different professions.
  • Depending on the specifics, electricians, HVAC specialists, and roofers contribute to the job.
  • Assessing your needs can help you identify whether you need the expertise of all three of these professionals.

Bathroom exhaust fan installation can be handled by several professionals depending on your situation’s specifics.

Sometimes, you might need more than one professional to install it.

Who Can Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

1. Electrician


Bathroom exhaust fans can have a switch, or they can turn on when you flick on the lights. Of course, that ultimately depends on how they’re electrically wired.

Of course, because bathroom exhaust fans need electricity to function, you’ll have to call an electrician to install them.

Some electricians can perform the whole process, from finding a place for your exhaust fan, making a hole in the wall or ceiling where necessary, and wiring the fixture to work when you turn it on.

In certain cases, however, electricians might be limited to just the wiring part of the installation job.

2. HVAC Professional

Hvac Professional

HVAC stands for heat, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Suppose your bathroom exhaust fan leads into the ventilation ducts inside your home instead of just outdoors. In that case, you’ll have to hire an HVAC specialist to properly integrate the new fan into your ventilation system.

These professionals guarantee that any air and moisture collected from your bathroom through the vent will be delivered to the right place.

Of course, you’ll only need an HVAC professional if the fan you’re installing requires changes to your ductwork.

3. Roofing Specialist

Roofing Specialist

Some exhaust fans have ducts that lead up and out through the roof. If installing or replacing a bathroom exhaust fan with ductwork that exits upwards, you may have to call in a roofing specialist.

These professionals are most familiar with any codes and regulations necessary to properly and safely install an exhaust fan that leads through the roof.

Have Your Needs Assessed

Sometimes, you’ll need a combination of these specialists to install your bathroom exhaust fan properly.

So before you hire a professional for the job, you can consider calling one over to assess your needs.

Specialists will not encroach on each other’s territory and will more than likely recommend other professionals if they feel there’s an aspect of the project that they can’t handle.


A bathroom exhaust fan might seem like a simple addition to your humble space, but it requires a lot of expertise to install properly.

Consider the specifics of your project to find out which professionals you should call. Even better, ask an expert to assess your bathroom and exhaust fan to determine which professionals to call to pitch in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan on My Own?

Yes, you can do it yourself, whether it’s a ceiling or wall bathroom exhaust fan. There are loads of guides online that teach you the step-by-step process.

But if you have little experience with electrical wiring, if there’s no existing provision for installing a bathroom exhaust fan, or if you’re not familiar with the tools required, it would be wise to call a professional instead.

Do Bathroom Exhaust Fans Need To Be Vented Outdoors?

Yes. The whole purpose of having a bathroom exhaust fan is to facilitate the exit of humidity and foul odors.

Coursing the vent to exit anywhere else in your home would cause unnecessary moisture build-up and unsavory smells to pool in an area of your house.

That’s why ensuring your bathroom exhaust vent is properly coursed out of your home is important.

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