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What Is the Cool Mode in Your AC (& When To Use It)

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A cool bedroom or sitting room is always a priority in many hot regions. Having functional air conditioning is essential not only for regulating a room’s temperature but also for improving air quality.

So, what is the work of the cool mode on your aircon system? Understanding this mode can give you a better handle on using the aircon system and save up a few bucks.


The cool mode in your air conditioning unit is designed to cool a room and maintain this temperature. The mode is ideal for cooling any hot room rapidly while also getting rid of any moisture in the air.

However, the major setback of the cool mode is power consumption and overworking the aircon.

Let us look at how to use the cool mode, its advantages, and its drawback.

What Is the Aircon Cool Mode?

Many air conditioning units have the cool mode as the default mode. The mode is designed to keep specific rooms or areas in the house or office as cool as possible.

In most aircon units, the cool mode is symbolized by a snowflake.

How Does It Work?

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When you turn on the AC, you set the required temperature for the room. Air is then sucked into the vents, cooled down, and released back into the room until the desired temperature is met.

The cool mode uses both the compressor and the fan in your aircon. Once the room chills to the set temperature, the compressor turns off, and the fan continues running to maintain this room climate.

However, the mode’s power efficiency depends on the temperature settings, the room size, and the room’s starting temperature.

When Should You Use the Cool Mode?

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Cool mode is the best option to cool down any hot room in the office or home and keep it constant. It takes a few minutes before you can feel a change in the room’s temperature, so it is ideal to turn it on and leave it for a few minutes.

In addition, this aircon mode is also ideal for taking out any humid air in the room while still keeping the room chilly.

Since the fan is always running, the cool mode is also the most power-consuming mode compared to all other modes in the aircon unit.

To avoid paying high utility bills and overworking your AC system, turning it off once the room chills to your desired temperature is advisable.

In addition, to get better power efficiency, you should turn on the fan mode first to cool down the room before switching to cool mode.

Benefits of Using Cool Mode on Your AC

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If you are considering using the cool mode, here are some of its benefits:

1. Maintains Your Room at a Cool Temperature

The mode allows you to maintain a constant room climate if you need to escape the hot summer nights while sleeping.

2. Cools Spaces More Quickly

The cool mode is also excellent if you need to cool the room rapidly. Reducing the temperature settings and increasing the fan speed will cool the room faster.

3. Lowers the Room’s Humidity

Warm or hot air holds a lot of moisture in it. Excessive moisture is removed by cooling the air in the room, lowering the humidity.


The AC’s cool mode is perfect if you need to cool down and maintain the temperature of your room. However, leaving this mode on for too long can cause significant strain on your unit. So only turn it on when need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which AC Mode Is the Best for Cooling?

The cool mode makes any room chilly as fast as possible. In addition, it also maintains the temperature at a constant cool level.

Should You Leave the AC in Cool Mode?

The cool mode is more power-consuming than other aircon system modes. Therefore, leaving this mode will overwork the unit and increase the power bill.

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