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What Is a Combi Steam Oven?

Combi-Steam Oven

Combi steam ovens first hit the market in the 1960s. Advertised at the time as the ultimate kitchen companion, the combi steam oven’s popularity was short-lived.

As newer appliances were introduced into the industry, the combi-steam oven lost steam, and manufacturing almost halted.

But today, home cooks are slowly but surely restoring interest in combi steamers. But what exactly are these interesting appliances, and how are they different from an ordinary oven? Find out here.

  • Combi steam ovens combine fan-forced convection heat and steam.
  • The appliance also lets you use both cooking styles independently.
  • They’re ideal for home cooks who want a versatile appliance that can cook various dishes with unique heating power.

Combi steam ovens seem like an unnecessary addition to your kitchen. But manufacturers assert that these ovens might perform better than the standard convection oven you use at home. 

What Is a Combi Steam Oven?

Combi-Microwave, Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Combi-Steam Oven.

As its name suggests, the combi steam oven is an appliance that combines the functions of a steamer and a convection oven. Combi steamers can cook, bake, and heat food using the typical fan-forced convection heat function. But aside from that, they can also work like steamers.

However, the combi steam oven’s appeal doesn’t end there. The appliance achieves a unique cooking style by simultaneously combining convection heat and steam, thus its name.

This distinct cooking function claims to enhance food quality and shorten cooking time.

Benefits of a Combi Steam Oven

Programmable Combi Steamer Abat Of The Injection Type.

Steam and convection heat isn’t necessarily two things you would think go together. But according to developers of the combi steamer and oven, these two cooking functions – when combined – can enhance the standard recipe. Here’s how:

  • Combi steamers claim that combining convection heat and steam improves moisture retention so that meats are cooked but not dry and tough.
  • According to the manufacturer, combi-steam ovens speed up the cooking process by allowing heat to penetrate more easily through tough meats, vegetables, and other food items.
  • Most of those who own the combi steam oven enjoy the kitchen appliance for its versatility, allowing them to prepare a wide range of recipes with a single device.


Do you need a combi steam oven? This interesting kitchen appliance combines the cooking power of both steam and convection heat, letting you explore your culinary horizons.

So if you’ve always concocted new recipes in your kitchen, a combi steam oven might be a worthy investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Combi Steam Ovens the Same As Steam Ovens?

No. By definition, a steam oven is an appliance that uses steam instead of fan-forced convection heat.

While a combi steamer can work as a steam oven, steam ovens can’t function the same way as combi ovens because they lack the convection heat function.

How Much Do Combi Steam Ovens Cost?

They’re not the cheapest appliance on the market. Some of these models can cost upwards of $100,000, so they’re not something everyone can afford.

Usually, combi-steam ovens are most often found in commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels.

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