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What Does “Ultra-Ice” Mean on a Kenmore Refrigerator

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Boosting ice production in a refrigerator can be hectic, especially on hot summer days or when guests come over.

For many homeowners, the safest bet is stacking up ice cubes for a few days before the meet-up and leaving them in the freezer’s ice tray for future use.

However, the ultra-ice feature in the Kenmore refrigerators eliminates all that hassle.

So, what exactly is the ultra ice feature on the Kenmore refrigerators, and what does it do?

We have gathered information about the feature and how to adequately use it to maximize the efficiency of your unit while also saving on electricity bills.


The ultra ice feature on the Kenmore refrigerators is used to speed up ice production in the appliance.

After turning the feature on, the unit drops the freezer’s temperature and blows more cold air into the compartments, quickly freezing water.

Do you want to learn more about some of the features of your Kenmore refrigerator? Stick around and get acquainted with the ultra-ice feature in your device.

What Is the Ultra Ice Feature on the Kenmore Fridge?

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Ultra-Ice is a feature on the Kenmore refrigerator used to boost ice formation in the unit. When turned on, it maximizes ice production within a shorter time than other regular modes.

The Ultra-Ice button can activate the feature on the unit’s control panel.

How the Ultra Ice Feature Works

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When you turn on the feature, the refrigerator drops the temperature within the freezer compartment, blowing in more cold air than usual.

As the temperature drops, water inside the compartment rapidly starts cooling, enabling the ice maker to produce more ice.

The feature is convenient during the high demand for a steady ice supply. Additionally, the feature increases ice production in the ice maker and enhances the freezer’s capability.

Using the Ultra Ice Feature

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As previously stated, the ultra-ice feature is activated on the refrigerator’s control panel.

Once you press the button, the display panel will show “Processing Ultra Ice” to inform you that the feature has been activated and that your ice maker is ramping up ice production.

Pressing the Ultra Ice button again will cancel the feature, returning ice cube production to normal.

However, the feature will automatically turn off after 24 hours. After this period, the refrigerator resets to its normal mode, and the ice maker resumes its usual production.

You will have to activate the feature again if you want continuous ice production after this time.

Ultra Ice Feature and Energy Consumption

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One thing you should know about the ultra-ice feature is that it can affect energy consumption.

Because of the high-capacity cooling required to increase ice cube production, the refrigeration unit will use more energy than other modes.

Helpful Tip

If you use too much ice over the summer, it is always better to prepare it beforehand and store it in the freezer.

To ensure your energy bill is not through the roof, we recommend using the feature only during high demand for ice.

Turning Demo Mode Off Using the Ultra Ice Button

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If your Kenmore refrigerator is new or you recently had a power surge, you might notice that the device is on, but the compartments are still cold.

You might also notice “OFF” on the appliances display panel. That means that your refrigerator is still in Demo Mode.

Demo Mode is a setting used to display refrigerator units in the store. When the mode is on, the device is still on, but the cooling features are turned off.

The Demo Mode can be deactivated using the Ultra Ice button in Kenmore refrigerators.

To turn it off, you need to press and hold the Ultra Ice and Refrigerator Temp buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Your unit’s display should return to normal, showing the temperature settings.

Turning off Demo Mode

Some refrigerators can have different procedures to disable the Demo Mode. If you are having trouble deactivating the mode, you should consult your user manual or contact customer support for help.


The ultra-ice feature is used to boost ice production on Kenmore refrigerators. When the feature is turned on, the fridge blows more cold air into the freezer, quickly freezing water.

However, the feature runs on a 24-hour cycle and then deactivates. Additionally, the feature consumes a lot of electricity when running due to high-capacity cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Ultra Ice Button in My Refrigerator For?

The button activates the ultra-ice feature in the unit, which speeds up ice production.

How Do You Reset the Ice Maker in Your Refrigerator?

If the ice maker in your fridge is acting up, here are a few things to try out:

  • If the unit has a reset button, try pressing it for a few seconds.
  • Try switching the refrigerator off, then turn it on after about 5 minutes.
  • Lastly, you can also unplug the fridge from the outlet and wait 5 minutes before plugging it back.

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