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What Does “PF” Mean on Washing Machine?

What Does Pf Mean On Washing Machine

While operating your washing machine, it can stop and display a PF error code. The code signals unstable voltage in the network. This error code can appear in any washing machine mode.

The PF error code can appear due to various reasons, and you need to troubleshoot it before you disassemble it because there are simpler methods that can reset the error.

The breakdown of other components inside the washing machine can cause the PF code to appear on your appliance.


As a habit, you can start operating your washing machine, but after a few minutes, it displays a PF error code. Of course, you do not need to do anything if the code appears just once.

However, if it happens regularly, you need to troubleshoot your appliance to find the root cause of the error code.

The PF error code means a power failure in your washing machine.

There are three reasons why your washing machine keeps displaying this error code:

  • One-time power outage.
  • A powerful device is operating while using the washing machine.
  • The sharp voltage drops when it reaches 10% and rises to 5%.

Reasons for PF Error Code on Your Washing Machine

  1. A one-time power outage.
  2. Powerful device operating while using your washing machine and the appliance causes voltage jump on the line.
  3. Acute voltage dropping when it gets to 10 percent and rises to 5 percent.

If the PF appears up once, you do not have to worry, but if it happens regularly, it is a clear indication you need to repair it because the error can cause a short circuit of electric wiring in your washing machine.

5 Steps for Checking PR Error Code

5 Steps For Checking Pr Error Code

The PF error code can display when your washing machine is in any mode.

The following are the step to check it:

  1. Unplug your washing machine from the outlet to turn it off.
  2. Unscrew the top panel bolts and take the panel aside.
  3. Find the filter under the rear wall near the power cord end.
  4. Check if connection joints are well fixed.
  5. Use a multimeter to test the wiring.

If everything is okay, check the heater because it may be the root cause of the PF error code. Two factors signal a problem with the heating elements. That is:

  1. The PF error lights are on display.
  2. The automatic box blows out.

You should open the back panel of the appliance, and the heater is on the bottom left in most washing machines. Next, disconnect the temperature sensor and heater connections.

Disconnect the ground terminal by removing the screws from the nuts in the central screw and removing the heater. Replace the heater in reverse order, and your washing machine will stop displaying the PF error code.

Troubleshooting PF Error Code

Troubleshooting Pf Error Code

Try any of the following methods before you disassemble your washing machine:

  1. Click the enable or disable button in case a temporary power outage occurs. The program should run when you turn on the washing machine.
  2. If you have connected your washing machine via an adapter, it can lead to a PF error code. You can remove the adapter, and the error will reset. You can connect it via a stabilizer, and the PF error code will disappear.
  3. Check the power cord and plug of your appliance. If there is wire damage or insulation breakage, you can change the cord or localize the damaged area.
  4. Wiring damage between the electronic controller and interference filter. Assess this area and replace any damaged wire to resolve the PF error.
  5. Your mains voltage could be inadequate to power the washing machine. In this case, you must look for an electrician to examine and provide the solution.

Other Causes of PF Error Code on Washing Machine

Other Causes Of Pf Error Code On Washing Machine

The breakdown of your washing machine can lead to the display of a PF error code. Failure of the control unit of your washing machine can lead to the stopping of the washing, spinning, and rinsing programs and the PF error code appears.

You can reset the error by installing a new module, but cleaning elements and contacts can be difficult. The following steps will help you install the new module and reset the error:

  1. Disconnect the washing machine from the network, and unscrew the bolts in the upper rear panel to remove the panel.
  2. Losen the hose pipe that supplies water from the clamps.
  3. Unscrew the partition, and clean it.
  4. Remove the hose and the pressure switch.
  5. Remove the clamps that hold the control unit.
  6. Get rid of the screws and remove the module.
  7. Remove the clips and lift the lid.

Ensure you master the joints’ position to connect them correctly afterward. Then, you can go ahead and replace the joints, fasten the cover, and install it in reverse order.


PF code indicates power failure on the control board while your washing machine operates. In most cases, you can sort this problem by sorting power issues at your home.

A power surge or power outage in the network leads to a PF error code. You do not have to pay attention if this error code appears once and does not reoccur because you could have switched off the lights by mistake. Instead, you must turn it on and continue operating the washing machine.

If the PF error code appears more regularly, you have to look for the root cause of the problem because it suggests something is wrong, and electric wires in your machine can lead to a short circuit if you do not act quickly.

If you are unsure, find an electrician to resolve this problem.

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