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6 Ways To Keep Your Washing Machine From Shaking

Laundry In Washing Machine And Basket Indoors

Are you worried about your shaky vibrating washing machine? Are you nearly done and looking for the right solution to stop it from being messy and irritating? Here we got you!

The vibration of a washing machine is common, especially when it has some load on it. However, if it is too shaky and disturbing you continuously, you cannot simply ignore it.

This behavior can be an indication of a serious problem and might be needing your attention. However, it is not a big problem at the same time.

Most of the time, it only needs a small fixation and can return to normal.


Does your washing machine shake every time you turn it on? The six amazing ways to stop your washing machine from shaking and make the washing process smooth and mess-free:

  • Level the washing machine on the ground.
  • Balance the load on the washtub.
  • Tighten up the loose stacking kits.
  • Use anti-vibrating pads under the feet of your machine.
  • Remove the transit bolts.
  • Change the shock absorbers.

By taking the measures mentioned above and maintaining your washing machine, you can also prevent any future problems.

In this article, we will discover 6 easy ways to stop your washing machine from trembling and shaking whenever it is washing your clothes.

6 Ways To Keep Your Washing Machine From Shaking

We all know how irritating it becomes when your washing machine starts shaking around and making weird noises. To keep your washing machine from shaking, you can try out these 6 tips to fix the problem:

1. Level the Machine

Interior Of Modern Home Laundry Room

The machine and floor need to be leveled up in the right way. Any gap between one of your washing machine’s legs and the floor can be the biggest reason your washing machine might be shaking.

First, make sure you place the washing machine on perfectly leveled ground. Check for any pits and bumps and fill them up on time.

Next, observe the feet of the washing machine closely. Is any of the feet a little extra small or larger than the other? Fix it by trimming the extra long feet or leveling it with any support material.

Once done, you will see a considerable amount of reduction in the shaking of your washing machine. If this is not the issue, you can move on to other reasons.

2. Balance the Loads

Woman Loading Dirty Clothes In Washing Machine For Washing In Utility Room

You see, balance is important for all machines. Whether it be a fan on the ceiling or a nut into a bolt, if it is not balanced and fixed, you will keep encountering problems.

Keeping the load in your washing machine balanced is a simple act of art that can result in a nice stable washing cycle with no shaky vibrations.

For that purpose, do not put all the heavy load in the washing machine on one side. Balance the heavy load inside the washing tub, such as bedsheets and draperies.

If it is on one side already, balance out the weight by adding a similar load of laundry on the opposite side.

Side Note

The load will not be an issue if you have a front-loader washing machine. The front loaders usually spin at such a high speed that they automatically adjust the weight of the sheets all over the washing tub.

3. Tighten Up the Stacking Kits

Washing Machines And Colorful Fabrics The Washing Machine Is Running Set In The House.

Many washing machines come with a stacked washer and dryer unit inside the washing machine. Do you have the same type? If yes, then this point needs your attention.

Any loosening of the stacking units inside the washing machine can be a complicated thing. As soon as the device is turned on, the loose stacking parts will start bumping their heads into the walls of the machine causing huge tremors.

Securing the loose connections properly can help overcome this issue. You can either follow the manufacturer’s guide or call professional help for a better result.


If your stacking units are loose, you should get them fixed early. Leaving your washing machine working with its loose parts can eventually cause more damage than expected.

4. Use Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti Vibration Pads For Washing Machines And Refrigerators

Washing machines might slide off or produce more vibrations on a smooth surface. A very simple and economical way to stop your washing machine from vibration is to use vibration pads.

These are simply rubber mats that are placed under the washing machine before starting it.

These rubber pads can be found in larger sizes to rest the whole washing machine on one mat. Otherwise, you can also buy small individual pads for each foot of the machine.

The bottom of the pad contains a lining that holds up to the floor below. The upper surface keeps the feet of the machine anchored. This prevents the machine from slipping off, and it stays firm in its place.

5. Remove Transit Bolts

Washer Shipping Bolt Replacement. Transit Bolts For Washing Machine

Transit bolts are typically installed in mechanical appliances when transferring them from one place to another. These are pre-installed into the washing machine when bought from the store.

The purpose is to save the machine from mechanical injury during shipping and transport. Moreover, it keeps it safer whenever the machine is not in use.

Once the machine is installed and working, you will need to remove the bolts for a smooth workflow.

One cause behind a shaking washing machine can be forgotten transit bolts. You can check for the bolts if they are still intact and remove them by following the manufacturer’s instructions. The identification and removal can be made in two ways.

The first way is to check for intact bolts. Extend your arm into the washer and push the inside surface of the washing drum to one side. If you find it jiggling a little, it is free and can easily spin during wash cycles.

However, if you find it firm, the bolts are still intact with the drum. This way, they will make the whole washer go around rather than just allowing the drum, resulting in a shaking machine.

Another way to check for transit bolts is to flip the washer on one side. You can identify the bolts as brightly colored plastic flaps. You can easily open the bottom and detach the bolts.

You will immediately analyze how your washing machine would decrease shaking violently as the bolts are removed.

6. Change the Shock Absorbers

Washing Machine Shock Absorber

If you have checked all the above signs and find no problem anywhere, then the problem must lie with the shock absorbers. Any damage to the shock absorbers can cause the machine to suffer from excessive shaking and tremors.

Like in vehicles, washing machines also contain four shock absorbers. The purpose of a shock absorber is to prevent the inner components of the washing machine from shaking and getting damaged due to mobility.

These keep your washing machine from changing its position when the inner washing tub is continuously spinning.

Replacement of shock absorbers is not a simple do-it-yourself task. It needs proper practice to be placed right in the position needed.

You can replace your shock absorbers with a professional technician for the best results.


There can be several reasons why your washing machine shakes every time you turn it on. To stop your washing machine from shaking, you can place your washing machine on a leveled ground. It would help to balance the washing load when adding it to the washtub.

Tightening up the loose stacking kits, as well as using anti-vibrating pads under the feet of your machine, can also help. If the transit bolts are still intact, you can remove them for better results.

Sometimes the shock absorbers in your machine might malfunction. You can also replace them to make the washing process smooth and mess-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Check if My Washing Machine Is Properly Leveled?

To check whether your washing machine is properly leveled, you can put more load on one side of the machine. It is not properly leveled if it shakes or slumps to the side.

You can use rubber pads of a certain thickness under the shorter leg. This will balance your washing machine and stop it from shaking every time you turn it on.

How Can I Balance the Load Inside the Washtub?

To balance the load inside the wash tub, you must distribute it equally in all directions. Do not load heavy bedsheets or cloth pieces on one side and leave the other empty. Always add equal weight to all the sides to balance the wash tub.

You can balance the weight of heavy sheets by spreading them in all corners. Moreover, you can spread them all over the wash tub in opposite directions for small clothes.

This way, you can balance your washing machine and stop it from moving on one side, causing shaking and vibration.

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