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9 Roomba Tips and Tricks (& Other Robot Vacuums)

Irobot Roomba Cleaning The Floor Of The Room. Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Household Cleaning Concept. New Technologies.

Do you own a Roomba vacuum? Are you interested to learn some crazy tricks to do your Roomba or other robot vacuum work at its best?

Let us help you around. We will take you around the best tricks for iRobot Roomba and all other robot vacuum machines.

Robot vacuums are making life easy for millions of people around the world. You might be the one! It is lovely how you can get a clean, dust-free home without having to do the exhausting work of vacuuming your home yourself every morning.

There are no fewer reasons that make robot vacuums one of the best investments of your life. They are contemporary, easy, time and energy-saving efficient machines.

They are a perfect solution for people with dust allergies who can get their homes clean without lifting a finger. The recent robot vacuums have also introduced modern features such as laser navigation sensors, phone control, and voice control for seamless working.

However, since nothing is perfect on this earth, you might encounter problems with your machine. You might get angry, “Not again!” when your robot vacuum is stuck under your furniture and is not quitting hitting objects until you come to the rescue.

That’s where you might think of some contingency plans to avoid these teeny-tiny problems and be completely tension free when it comes to cleaning your house.


To maintain and improve the efficiency of your robot vacuum cleaner, you can follow the tips and tricks explained below:

  • Clean rooms one by one.
  • Extend battery timing.
  • Keep lights on.
  • Create virtual walls.
  • Keep brushes and extractors clean.
  • Arrange the furniture.
  • Clean the sensors.
  • Remove the bulky objects.
  • Maintain the charging base clean.

These tips will help you reap the most benefits of your Roomba and save time and energy.

This article will provide you with 9 amazing tips and tricks to work with your robot vacuums happily and reap the most from these efficient machines.

9 Tips and Tricks That Work for Roomba and Other Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums soon become your best-trusted partners at your home. They quietly sweep around your home and, unlike a maid, do not keep an eye on your personal life.

To make your life easier when working with Roomba or any other robot vacuum, we have put forward 9 of the simplest yet best tips and tricks. So, let’s begin with it!

1. Clean Rooms One by One

Irobot Roomba Cleaning The Floor Of The Room. Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Household Cleaning Concept. New Technologies.

Among the best features of the Roomba is its ability to keep track of the places it has cleaned and take the next round to the unclean surfaces.

The same feature allows it to move back to the charging station once the work is done or the battery needs a recharge.

However, a con of this feature is also there. Your robot vacuum might move onto other rooms and places without completing one. This not only wastes so much time but also consumes more battery of the Roomba.

The trick is to clean each room one by one. Once set on cleaning, close the doors of the room. This will allow the Roomba to clean the one allotted room and avoid roaming cluelessly on the whole floor.

Set the robot vacuum cleaner in the other room once completed. Clean all the rooms and tight spaces first and leave the Roomba in the hallways at the end.

Doing this will be an energy-saving method and result in better and more efficient cleaning.

2. Extend the Battery Timing

New Irobot Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Displayed For Editorial Purposes.

If you want your robot vacuum to have good battery timing, these tips can help you. For better understanding, it is important to notice the battery type installed in your Roomba.

It can be either a Lithium-ion battery or a Nickel-metal hydride battery. To milk it for all its worth, you can consider the following instructions:

Lithium-Ion Battery

To save and extend the battery life of a Li-Ion battery in your robot vacuum cleaner, make sure you charge and keep the battery in a cool, moisture-free space away from direct sunlight.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery

If your Roomba has a NiMH battery, you will need to remove the battery from the machine once the charging is complete. Moreover, ensure you are not overcharging the battery or leaving the switch on once the charging is complete.

This can decrease the lifespan of the battery and can cause major issues in the future.

Pro Tip!

If you want your robot vacuum cleaner’s battery to be in its best condition, make sure you use it regularly. Using it often will not degrade its value but instead increase its efficiency by multiple folds.

Leaving the battery unused for long periods will automatically make it wear out, decreasing its energy-holding capacity.

3. Keep the Lights On

New Irobot Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Displayed For Editorial Purposes

Many robot vacuum cleaners, including iRobot Roomba, require everything to be visible and bright for optimal functioning.

Since a robot vacuum uses sensors to control its movement and prevent getting bumped into furniture and walls, it ceases to work in the dark.

Ensure you light up the cleaning space when putting your vacuum cleaner at work. This will result in efficient performance and cleaner spaces than ever before.

4. Create Virtual Walls

Vacuum Cleaner Robot From Irobot In Action. This Is The Model Roomba 980.

Many of the advanced robot vacuums come with a feature of virtual walls. This feature is very useful.

You can prevent your robot vacuum from going into places you want to avoid, such as washrooms or laundry areas. However, a problem can arise if this feature is absent.

You can be creative when building virtual walls with your robot vacuum cleaner. You can use shoes or any stuffed toy to create a little wall.

This will create a boundary for the Roomba to not bump into undesired spaces for cleaning purposes.

5. Keep the Brushes and Extractors Clean

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner On Laminate Wood Floor Smart Cleaning Technology

Many modern robot vacuum cleaners also contain dust extractors on the base. These are best fitted to clean carpeted surfaces while offering deep cleaning and preventing bad odors.

Although extractors are an innovative feature of a robot vacuum cleaner, they also need regular maintenance for proper functioning. While cleaning carpets, they can take the hair and other solid particles off their surface.

Moreover, the brushes help clean the corners of the room despite the round shape of the Roomba. This can make the edges stuffed with dirt and debris.

For its better working, make sure you keep the extractors and brushes of your robot vacuum cleaner tidy and remove any object halting its way to better cleaning.

6. Arrange the Furniture

Household, Home Improvement And Interior Concept - Happy Smiling Young Woman Placing Coffee Table Next To Sofa

If you have been using a robot vacuum cleaner for a while, you might know the struggle of rescuing it again and again from beneath the furniture.

Especially for the dinner table and chairs, it can be difficult for the robot vacuum cleaner to get under the chair and find an escape as it is now trapped in prison, blocked in all four directions.

To avoid such problems, make sure you are arranging the furniture in a way to avoid getting the cleaner stuck under it:

  • Place the small tables over each other to prevent them from taking up more space over the ground.
  •  Set the chairs next to the wall. Turn the chairs over the table upside down to make it even better.
  •  Use furniture risers to lift your furniture for better cleaning underneath. Since robot vacuum cleaners are 3-4 inches tall, you must consider this when purchasing furniture risers. The ceiling should be at least half an inch higher than the Roomba you use.

7. Clean the Sensors

New Irobot Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Displayed For Editorial Purposes.

Do your robot vacuum cleaner often starts going around in a circle? The problem can be lying with its sensors. As soon as the sensor detects something solid in front of it, it prevents it from moving in the forward direction and rotates back.

Similarly, any dust or debris covering the sensor can hinder the robot’s movement in the right direction and rotate it away.

Make sure the sensors are clean and dust free to enhance the mobility of your robot vacuum cleaner.

8. Remove the Bulky Objects

Games Floor For Preschoolers Kindergarten. Interior Children's Room

It mostly happens in the kid’s rooms that their toys and other random objects are all scattered on the floor. When the Roomba detects an object, it changes its direction, resulting in improper cleaning.

Moreover, the robot vacuum cleaner will have to go further around the corners to clean around the toy, wasting its energy and consuming more battery.

It is for that reason that it is recommended to collect all the clutter in the center or the corner of the room. This will make it easy to be cleaned in less time with maximum efficiency.

9. Maintain the Charging Base

Recent Summer Monsoon Dust Storms Have Brought Dusty Conditions To Home.

Therefore, collecting all the clutter in the center or the corner of the room is recommended. This will make it easy to be cleaned in less time with maximum efficiency.

You can visibly notice the deteriorating ability of your robot vacuum cleaner to get fully charged because of a dirty plug.

As the charging base contains metal plugs, it can make the ability to charge deteriorate over time due to issues such as rusting or dusting.

Make sure the charging base is nice and clean and does not contain any specks of dust or debris. Also, use only a dry cloth to clean to prevent moisture and initiate any rust from seeping in.


Your robot vacuum cleaners are your big asset and greatest helper in keeping your home clean. To maximize their benefits, these tips can be of great help.

You can start by cleaning one room at a time while keeping the room’s lights on for efficient cleaning. To expand the battery timing of your Roomba, you can store it in a clean, dry place.

To prevent the robot cleaner from bumping and sticking, you can create virtual boundaries, remove bulky objects from the floor and arrange the furniture in a better-adapted way.

To maintain the robot vacuum cleaner, you can keep its brushes, extractors, sensors, and charging base clean and dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Clean Carpets Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

To clean the carpeted areas at your home, you can use your robot vacuum cleaner’s extractor and brush feature. This helps in better sweeping and cleaning any dust, debris, or hair sticking to the surface of carpets.

Make sure to remove the hair from the ends of the brushes once the cleaning is done to keep your machine in the best working condition.

How Can I Prevent My Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Damaging My Furniture?

A robot vacuum cleaner can often create scratches and dents on your furniture by bumping into it repeatedly.

To prevent it, you can use furniture risers to prevent further accidents. You can find one-inch or two-inch risers easily in the store.

Below is the procedure how to chose the one that works best for you:

  • Measure the height of your robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Measure the space under your furniture.
  • By keeping a minimum of half-inch space between the head of the cleaner and the base of the furniture, analyze the suitable height of the risers.
  • Install the risers under each of the four legs or each furniture corner.

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