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6 Reasons Why Most Robot Vacuum Cleaners Are Round

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner On Laminate Wood Floor Smart Cleaning Technology

Have you recently visited a vacuum cleaning e-commerce site and wondered why most top-selling robot vacuums were round? Your curiosity led you to this article.

This article will disclose why most robot vacuum cleaners are round and will also enlighten the facts which make a round vacuum better than a square or D-shaped one.

Cleaning or vacuuming your house can be a hectic task, especially if you are a full-time office worker or a stay-at-home mom.

In this digital world, many distractions will make you lazy enough and unable to do cleaning every day. However, the technology of today is vast and adaptable.

You can find many robot vacuum cleaners that take the bar of cleaning off your shoulders. They do not get distracted and can clean your home for you anytime.

Moreover, they are available in various shapes to match your taste. However, round robot vacuums are more common than any other. Let’s study why this is so.


Round robot vacuums are more common than any other shape. The reason lies in the benefit a round shape can offer you.

Round-shaped vacuum cleaners:

  • Offer easy navigation.
  • They are more visually appealing.
  • Perform better sweeping.
  • Have better efficiency.
  • Are less likely to get stuck
  • And can be easily manufactured.

These benefits make them more abundant to be found.

This article will highlight why round vacuum robots are more common and what benefits they offer.

6 Reasons Why Most Robot Vacuum Cleaners Are Round

You might be wondering why you find most robot vacuum cleaners in round shape. Here are the reasons that describe this:

1. Easy Navigation

Irobot Roomba I7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner On A Wooden Floor, Illustrative Editorial.

The round shape of a robot vacuum makes it very easy to move around whenever cleaning. It covers the most ground and navigates to all areas collecting the dust from the ground.

The beauty of the circular shape is that it allows the round robot vacuum easy to go into tight spaces and corners. Even if it rotates 180 degrees around, it can come out of any space in the same shape that it went in.

2. Visual Appeal

New Irobot Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Displayed For Editorial Purposes

The human brain likes things with symmetry. This aspect of a circular-shaped vacuum cleaner makes it appear more aesthetically pleasing to us than any other shape.

Having a round shape, this robot vacuum has all the attributes that attract human psychology; it is safe, graceful, and evokes satisfaction.

Looking at a square or D-shaped vacuum, we find it unfit for the surrounding environment. That’s why the human mind prefers a round-shaped object over any other shape. The same goes for this round robot vacuum cleaner.

3. Better Sweeping

Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Mop Cleaning Living Room Floor Closeup. Modern Smart Device For Everyday Housekeeping.

The round shape of a robot vacuum makes it very easy to sweep the most difficult spaces. The rotating brush under the vacuum that pushes the dirt and grime moves in circular motions.

The round shape facilitates the movement of rotating brushes and ensures that all the areas are cleaned nicely and not left dirty.

4. Increased Efficiency

Irobot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba Cleaning Under A Bed.irobot Roomba Cleaning The Floor Of The Room. Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Household Cleaning Concept. New Technologies.

Having a geometric shape with corners, a square or D-shaped vacuum cleaner can operate much slower than a round one. Having corners also makes it more prone to lurching or frozen in a tight space.

With their increased sensibility to move and fit into diverse spaces, the round-shaped robot vacuum cleaners can help them serve you better.

Moreover, they are more efficient and maneuverable in sweeping and collecting dust because of the arrangement of their brushes.

5. Less Likely To Get Stuck

Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Household Cleaning Concept. New Technologies.

In square or D-shaped vacuums, the corners make it difficult for the robot to cross past some tight areas. The corner might get stuck with an item, and you might have to rush to rescue them. However, this is not the case with a round robot vacuum.

The round shape of the robot vacuum allows it to move easily and take more ground. It keeps the robot from getting stuck as it has no sharp corners or edges.

6. Easy Manufacturing

New Irobot Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Displayed For Editorial Purposes

Looking at its geographical shape, a round vacuum cleaner is easy and inexpensive to manufacture compared to all other shapes.

This is one of the main reasons why we find more robot vacuums round than any other shape.


Many reasons explain why so many robot vacuums are round. Firstly, they offer easy navigation and do not get stuck too often. They are better at sweeping floors and are efficient at cleaning.

Moreover, they are also visually appealing. Round robot vacuums are easy to manufacture and are more inexpensive than other robot vacuums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gets Stuck?

If your robot vacuum cleaner is new, it often gets stuck. The reason is that your home and its spaces are new to the robot. Since it is still learning your home, it will improve its performance over time.

The AI system in the robots can slowly learn and improve functioning as time passes.

Secondly, if your robot vacuum cleaner has started getting stuck, there can be a problem with its bumper sensors. You can get it checked by an appliance master or claim your warranty to get the problem resolved.

Why Is My Robot Vacuum Cleaner Moving in Constant Circles?

If your robot vacuum cleaner gets stuck anytime and starts moving in circles, its sensors might have a problem. You can check the vacuum wheels for any accumulated debris or unappealing item.

Wipe off the surface of the vacuum to check what is disturbing the machine’s sensors.

Does a Square-Shaped Vacuum Clean Better Than a Round Robot Vacuum?

No, a square-shaped vacuum cleaner does not clean better than a round-shaped robot vacuum cleaner.

Square-shaped robot vacuum cleaners are uncommon for a reason. Having sharp corners, they often get stuck a lot more than usual. Moreover, this shape makes their cleaning efficiency lower than that of a round vacuum cleaner.

A big issue with a square robot vacuum cleaner is its poorly functioning cliff sensors. This can often cause them to fall off the stairs or upper surfaces whenever moving around.

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