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Maytag Bravos Washing Machine Error Codes & Diagnostics

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Most modern washing machines have a diagnostic mode that allows you to figure out what is wrong with your unit. However, if you just bought the Maytag Bravos washer, the error codes can be a bit confusing to figure out.

Knowing your washer’s error code is vital if you need to troubleshoot the device. This article comprehensively guides the Maytag Bravos diagnostics tool and error codes.


From lock mechanism faults, temperature sensor issues, control panel problems, and motor drive issues.

We will look at common error codes and what they mean in your Maytag Bravos washing machine.

If you are having trouble figuring out the codes in your washing machine, you can consult the manual or call customer support for help.

Maytag Bravos Washer Error Codes and How To Fix Them

Modern Diagnostics Of The Washing Machine

The Maytag Bravos diagnostics test is used to identify any issues the washer might be experiencing. During the test, the washer will run through multiple wash cycles to assess how the appliance performs and records the data as error codes.

However, the error codes can also be displayed when you do laundry. Are you having a problem decoding the errors on your washing unit? Let us look at what some common Maytag Bravos error codes mean and how to fix the issue.

Helpful Tip

This list may not include all the error codes for your particular Maytag Bravos model. The user manuals should help you determine what might be wrong with your unit.

1. Error Code F0 E0

If you see this code displayed on the washer, it means that no fault codes were detected during the diagnostic test. The washing unit should normally run without any issues.

2. Error Code F0 E2

This error code is displayed when the unit detects over-siding. Sud buildup can prevent the drum from spinning to the appropriate speed.

To clear the error, we recommend the following:

  • Changing to a HE detergent.
  • Do not put too much detergent when doing laundry.
  • Check if the pressure hose is connected correctly or if the pipe is leaking.
  • Check if the drum is smoothly moving in the drive mechanism.

3. Error Code F0 E3

This error comes on when you overload your Bravos washer. The unit has a sensor that detects if the laundry weight capacity is exceeded.

The error can be cleared by removing excess laundry and restarting the wash cycle.

4. Error Code F0 E4

The error is displayed when your washer detects a water temperature of 105° or higher during a wash cycle.

To fix the issue:

  • Check if the hot water inlet hose is connected correctly.
  • Check if the Bravos’ thermostat is stuck in a low resistance range.

5. Error Code F0 E5 or “Ofb”

This error indicates that the washer’s drum is off balance. This can be caused by a weak or broken suspension rod or springs. Replacing the springs or rods should fix the issue.

Additionally, uneven load distribution can also cause errors. Try redistributing the laundry load and restarting the cycle.

6. Error Code F1 E1

The F1 E1 error shows up if the main control board is faulty.

If you find this error, you should call a repair technician to test the board’s wiring. If the wiring connections are okay, you might need to replace the electrical panel.

7. Error Code F1 E2

This error indicates a problem with the motor control section in the main control.

It would be best to let a repair technician handle the issue like a faulty main control board.

8. Error Code F2 E1

If one or more keys on the user interface panel are stuck or are pressed for more than 15 seconds, an F2 E1 error will come up.

To fix the issue, try to free the stuck key. You will need to replace the user interface panel if it cannot be released.

9. Error Code F2 E3

The error indicates that the washer’s main control and user interface control do not match the expected values. The error often occurs after the control panel is replaced.

To clear the error, check the replacement model number and try to reorder the electrical connections correctly.

10. Error Code F3 E1

This error is displayed if there is an issue with the water level pressure sensor. If you are fixing the issue, you should check the air hose connection that runs from the bottom of the tub to the main control panel.

If you find any cuts or leaks, the hose should be replaced. However, if the connection is fine, it might indicate an issue with the main control panel.

11. Error Code F3 E2

The F3 E2 error indicates a malfunction with the water inlet thermostat.

A repair technician can fix the error. They will measure the thermostat’s resistance and determine if it is defective. In case of a problem, the thermostat will need replacing.

12. Error Code F5 E1

This error code means that the lid switch is faulty. The main control panel might have difficulty detecting if the lid switch is appropriately opening or closing.

Pressing the “Start” button with the lid open should clear the error. However, if the error still appears, you should contact a repair professional to look at your Maytag washer.

13. Error Code F5 E2

If the unit experiences a lid lock malfunction, an F5 E2 error will be displayed. The malfunction occurs when the Lid Lock refuses to move into the locked position.

Here are a few things you can try to clear the error:

  • Check if the lid closes completely without any interference.
  • Check the door liner for any dirt buildup that can prevent the lock mechanism from engaging.

If there is no interference preventing the lock switch from sliding, you should have an expert look at it.

14. Error Code F5 E3

Likewise, this error will be displayed if your Lid Lock has an issue moving to the unlocked position.

To fix the issue, follow these simple steps:

  • Lift the top panel of your Maytag washing machine to access the lid lock assembly.
  • Gently try to manually unlock the lid without breaking the lock mechanism.

15. Error Code F5 E4

The F5 E4 error occurs when the Bravos washer has a problem opening the lid between cycles. This often happens if you press the “Start” button consecutively between the wash cycles without opening the lid.

The error should clear after opening the lid and restarting the cycle. However, If opening the lid does not clear the error, you should have a repair expert look at the unit.

16. Error Code F7 E1

Your basket speed sensor is faulty when the F7 E1 code is displayed. The main control does not read the drum’s speed, or the tub’s speed changes too quickly.

To check if the basket sensor is defective, try to rotate the drum and see if it moves freely. If the drum moves freely, a repair technician should inspect the sensor.

17. Error Code F7 E5

This error occurs if Maytag’s shifter assembly has malfunctioned. The main control has a problem determining the position of the shifter.

You should call an expert to look at the shifter assembly and its wiring harness connection to the main control panel.

18. Error Code F7 E6

An F7 E6 error occurs if the washer’s motor is defective. The drum will have an issue turning clockwise or counterclockwise.

A repair professional will assess the drive motor and its connections to determine if the system has an issue.

19. Error Code F7 E7

The error is displayed if the motor has an issue reaching the target RPM. This happens due to mechanical friction limiting the tub’s spin, a weak motor or capacitor, loose connections, or an uneven load balance. Distributing the laundry evenly should solve the issue if the pile is off balance.

However, if this is not the case, you should call a repair tech to assess the motor drivers.

20. Error Code F8 E1 or “Lf”

If the washer is not filling with water or takes too long, the F8 E1 or “LF” error will be displayed. It can be caused by the washer failing to detect water entering the unit.

Here are a few tips that can help solve the problem:

  • Check if the water supply faucet behind the washer is fully open.
  • Check if the water supply pipe and the inlet valve are clogged or if there is a leak.
  • Check if the inlet valve connection is secure.

If water enters the washer without issues, you might have a problem with the main control board. You should call a technician to look at the system.

21. Error Code F8 E3

This error shows up if the unit senses the washer is overflowing. It might be a sign that your inlet water valve is faulty. The main control panel might be defective if water has not exceeded the drum’s capacity.

Either way, your best option is to have a technician fix the issue.

22. Error Code F8 E5

If the hot and cold hoses are reversed, your unit will display an F8 E5 error code.

Fixing the issue is pretty straightforward. Check the Bravos’ filling hoses and connect them properly to their inlet valve.

23. Error Code F9 E1, “Drn” or “Dr.”

The error code appears if your washer takes a long time to drain. You will get this alert if the drain pump runs for more than 10 minutes.

To fix the drainage problem, you should check if the drain tube has any restrictions or blockage. Cleaning the hose should clear the error.


Man With Clipboard Near Washing Machine

If you think your Maytag Bravos is not running efficiently, putting the washer into diagnostic mode can help identify some of the errors with your unit. The user manual should help determine what the error codes mean.

In some cases, if errors occur in your washer, it might prompt the appliance to stop mid-cycle. Troubleshooting the unit and restarting the cycle should help clear the error. However, if the problem continues, you should call a repair expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes My Maytag Washing Machine To Overflow?

Several reasons can cause your washer to overflow. They include:

  • A faulty inlet valve.
  • Low water pressure.
  • A defective pressure switch.

How Do I Clear Error Codes on My Maytag Washer?

Before clearing an error code, it is essential to know what issue the washer faces.

There are various procedures to troubleshoot different errors on the unit. We recommend checking your user manual or calling customer support for help on how to solve the issue.

If there is a malfunction in your Maytag’s components, you should call a repair professional for assistance.

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