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How To Stop Your Washing Machine Mid-Cycle

How To Stop Your Washing Machine Mid-Cycle

Are you having trouble with your washing machine? Sometimes, stopping your washer might be necessary if you see the unit’s panel malfunction or find a leak while doing your laundry.

Most people might think that stopping their machines mid-cycle can do a lot of damage to them. However, it is completely safe to stop the washer if done properly. If you do not know how to stop the unit, you can be confused, pulling the wrong hose or causing more damage.

It is not common to decide to cancel the washer midway. We are here to guide you on the safest ways to stop the machine if you notice any leftover laundry or a malfunction.


If you are thinking of stopping your washing machine mid-cycle, here are your best options:

  • Start/Pause
  • Stop
  • Turning the dial off
  • Unplug the washing machine

In addition, the article will also look at why you might need to stop your washer mid-cycle while doing your laundry.

Reasons Why You Would Need To Stop Your Washing Machine Mid-Cycle

Malfunctions On The Washer

There are several reasons why you would need to stop your washer in between a laundry load.

Malfunctions on the washer: If your washing machine starts acting up in between a spin cycle, the best option is to stop the washer from further damage. Unit malfunctions include leaks, weird vibrations or loud noises, and unresponsive buttons or panels.

Power fluctuations: In addition, heavy power fluctuations might fry some of the electrical components in your machine. Canceling the washing cycle and turning the machine off can help prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Foreign objects in the washer: If you forget your phone, wallet, or some coins when doing laundry, it is safer to stop the washing and take them out. Foreign and sharp objects can damage the drum and lead to more washer problems.

Incorrect washing settings: You might input the wrong programming for the selected load. Canceling the cycle can help prevent your clothes from stretching or tearing.

Missing or wrong load type: It is easy to forget to add or put the wrong laundry load into the washer. In such a case, stopping mid-cycle can help preserve your clothes and improve your wash efficiency.

Wrong detergent: Lastly, if you add the wrong detergent to the washer, you can stop the wash cycle midway to avoid damaging your clothes.

Four Ways To Stop Your Washer Mid-Cycle

Though washing machines come in various varieties, the procedure for an emergency stop is relatively the same. However, if you are having a problem canceling mid-cycle, you should consult the user manual will help.

Let us look at ways to stop a washing machine mid-cycle.

1. Start/Pause


Most washers come with a “Start/Pause” button at the front of the machine. Pressing the button will cancel the cycle, and the drum will halt.

For front-load washing machines, after pressing the button, the water must drain before the door unlocks, and then you can open it. However, for top-load washers, the door unlocks when the drum comes to a stop.

Once you are done removing or adding clothes, close the door and press the button again will resume the cycle.

2. Stop


Some machines can have a “Stop” button that automatically cancels any running programs and processes. Once you press the button, the washer should stop the drum midway through the cycle.

Front-load washers will drain water before unlocking the door. However, pressing the button on top-load washers will unlock the door once the drum stops spinning.

Pressing “Start” will restart the whole cycle instead of resuming it.

3. Turn the Dial Off

Turn The Dial Off

In addition, some washers also have a dial that lets you adjust the fabric washing settings. Turning the dial to the “Off” position will stop the machine and halt the drum.

Some front-load washers do not drain the water once the dial is turned, and trying to open the door might lead to water spilling out of the machine and flooding the house.

4. Unplug the Washing Machine

Unplug The Washing Machine

The last option is unplugging the machine and disconnecting its power supply. Unplugging the washer will immediately stop the washing cycle midway.

Since the washing machine has no power, it cannot drain the water from the drum. Likewise, the door might remain locked, making it impossible to open.

Do Not Unplug Your Machine Unless It Is Necessary

Unplugging your machine puts strain on its moving components. It should only be your last option if you notice your unit malfunctioning and panel commands do not work.

What Happens When You Stop a Washing Machine Mid-Cycle?

What Happens When You Stop A Washing Machine Mid-Cycle?

Washing machines have a built-in safety feature that prevents damage to the unit and prevents harm to users. Properly stopping the machine should not affect it in any way.


If you notice anything wrong with your washing machine, it only makes sense to stop it before it does more damage.

The most effective way to stop a washing cycle midway is by pressing the “Start/Pause” and “Stop” button or turning the unit’s dial off. You can also disconnect your washer from the power; however, this should always be the last option.

Finally, frequently stopping a washing machine mid-cycle should be avoided as it may lead to excessive power and water usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would a Washer Automatically Stop Mid-Cycle?

There are several reasons why washing machines stop in the middle of a washing cycle. The most common reasons are a load weight distribution correction, overloading, a clogged drain, a faulty motor, or power fluctuations.

If your washer regularly stops mid-cycle, you should have a technician look at it.

Can You Pause Washing While Spinning?

Yes, it is completely safe to pause or stop your washer when it is spinning.

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