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How To Reset Hotpoint Microwave

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Entering the wrong food codes and having your microwave hung up in the middle of the timer setting are some of the most common issues with a microwave.

You can quickly resolve these issues within minutes by resetting your microwave. Two methods that are widely used for resetting them. The hard reset method and the soft reset method.


There are two main methods to reset a Hotpoint microwave.

You can hard reset the Hotpoint microwave by the following method:

  • Unplug the Microwave
  • Wait for Some Time
  • Reconnect to Power Supply

You can do the soft reset of a Hotpoint microwave using this method:

  • Press the Cancel Button
  • Test

When you encounter a small problem, you can use the soft reset method; when you encounter a bigger technical problem, you can follow the hard reset

3-Step Guide to Hard Reset

A hard reset is to be done when you enter the wrong food code or choose the wrong power option, and the cooking is already in progress.

Here’s an exceptionally easy way to get rid of all the small issues with your Hotpoint microwave:


If your microwave has severe issues like motor damage or door lock problems, resetting it won’t fix anything. You will need to hire a technician.

Let’s have a look at each step:

1. Unplug the Microwave

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Firstly, cut off the power supply but do it carefully by having rubber gloves on so you don’t fall into an even bigger problem by facing an electric shock.

Locate the end of the wire of your Hotpoint microwave and plug it out from the socket placed on the wall.

2. Wait for Some Time

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The second step is to wait for some time to make your microwave rest. Wait for at least 5 to 15 minutes before following the next step.

3. Reconnect to Power Supply

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The last step of the hard reset is to connect your Hotpoint microwave back to the power supply and turn it on.

When it turns on, all the instructions you previously entered will be removed, and you can put in the proper instructions this time.

Enter the desired code and time, and start the timer. Test if the oven is following the new instructions.

2-Step Guide to Soft Reset

The soft reset is even easier than the hard one. You will go for the soft reset when you have entered the wrong timer or when the microwave meets a technical glitch in the middle of a recipe.

A soft reset will return the time to zero and remove the food code.


A hard reset is the same as restarting your phone, and a soft reset is like pressing the home button to go to your phone’s home screen, except it’s a microwave.

Let’s see the two-step easy method to do a soft rest within seconds:

1. Press the Cancel Button

Hand Twists Round Temperature Adjustment Button In The Microwave Oven

The process starts with you locating the “cancel” or “delete” button on your Hotpoint microwave. Quickly navigate through the keypad and press this button.

If you get no response after pressing the button, press it for some time and wait for the changes to revert.

2. Test

Young Woman Setting Time On Microwave

Next, you will want to enter your choice’s new code or timing option and test whether the microwave is working properly.

Quick Recap

There are two ways to deal with putting the wrong code and timing options in your Hotpoint microwave. One is to practice the hard reset, and the second is to practice your device’s soft reset.

In hard reset, you cut off the power supply of the microwave and then restart it. However, you do not play with the power supply in the soft reset.

Instead, you press the cancel button on your microwave. You can follow the method that best suits your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Reset Button on a Microwave?

There is no reset or restart button on a Hotpoint microwave. You have to disconnect the power supply to do a reset.

How To Repair a Broken Hotpoint Microwave?

Once damaged, the Hotpoint microwave is challenging to repair, depending on the damaged component.

The price of the individual component may be close to that of a new microwave. Therefore, it might not be worth it.

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