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How To Reset Arctic King Air Conditioner

Window Ac Unit Attached To A Brick Walled House

Air conditioners have become a must-have in many households. Especially during the summer season, AC can keep your house cold despite the hot weather outside.

Having an AC can ensure no more drenched sheets or pit stains, just sweet relief from the summer heat.

Arctic King is a great option if you own a small room with an area of less than 250 sq ft. To fix an Arctic King AC, you need to have an open window in your room.

It can be the best choice for small apartments and offer a big relief in the summer.

These air conditioners offer three cool features: air conditioning, dehumidifying, and a running fan.

Besides that, it also comes with a remote control feature that allows you to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner anywhere across the room.

Moreover, the King Arctics ACs has a fixed-in auto restart feature, allowing it to resume its cooling function after a power outage event.

Sometimes, you might find a few issues with your AC unit. To resolve the issue, you might consider resetting the AC. You must follow a few steps to turn it back on for proper functioning.


To reset your Arctic King air conditioner, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Find the reset button. This button is commonly located near the power cord.
  • Hold the reset button for about 3-5 seconds, then release it.
  • Let the AC rest for approximately 10 minutes
  • Turn the AC on to see if it is working properly.

This article will cover the basic steps involved in turning on an Arctic King Air Conditioner. Moreover, it will also highlight a few issues that resetting alone can not resolve.

4 Basic Steps To Reset Your Arctic King Air Conditioner

Owning an air conditioner can ease your life, particularly in summer. However, as with any other appliance, your AC might encounter any issues. Most of the issues can be resolved by simply resetting the unit.

Here are the steps to follow when resetting the Arctic King air conditioner to get it back to functioning properly:

1. Locate the Reset Button

A Professional Electrician Is Cleaning A Window Air Conditioner Is Dirty And Preparing For Cleaning Kept On The Roof Top Of A House

The first step to reset your Arctic King AC is to identify the reset button. Most commonly, the button is present near the power cord.

The button has either “Reset” labeled on it or contains a double arrow symbol drawn over it.

In case you are unable to locate the button, you can check the manufacturer’s guide to find the exact position.

2. Press and Hold the Button

The Reset Button On The Aluminum Panel

Once the button is identified, you will need to press and hold the button for around 3 to 5 seconds. Now, release the button and let your Arctic King air conditioner restart.

3. Let the AC Rest for 10 Minutes

Vintage Analog Kitchen Countdown Timer With Classical Clock Face And Red Remaining Time Display, 10 Minutes Left

The next step is to leave the Arctic King air conditioner spare for at least 10 minutes. During this period, you should not disturb the air conditioner.

Do not press any button or change the temperature using the remote control. Also, ensure an active voltage connection to the AC and power is not turned off.

Remember that any such disturbance can interrupt the restart procedure and will fail to resolve your issue.

4. Turn On the AC

Turning On The Button

After 10 minutes, the Arctic King air conditioner will have completed the reset function properly on its own. Now, you can turn the AC on and recheck its functions to see if it is working properly.

You can check if the cooling system works by feeling the air on your arm. Moreover, you can change the temperature of the AC to see if it is doing its work.


It is necessary to follow there manufacturer’s guidelines whenever working with an appliance when the electric power is running through it.

Be extra careful, and do not touch any bare wires without caution.

What if the AC Is Not Working Properly After the Reset?

Although resetting the Arctic King air conditioner can resolve many issues with it. However, it is not a permanent solution to all the underlying issues.

Sometimes, you have to take a step further to troubleshoot and resolve the issue by taking suitable measures.

The main issues your air conditioner might be facing are listed below:

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty An Air Filter Of A Window Ac Unit

A dirty or clogged air filter can restrict the airflow in the air conditioner. Thus, it can result in many other issues.

You might experience the AC cooling, but the room is still warm. Sometimes, you might also come across ice formation on the cooling coil of the AC. Moreover, your Arctic King air conditioner might turn off right after you turn it on.

These can be a prime indication of a dirty air filter.

You can check the manufacturer’s guide to find the appropriate way of cleaning the air filters. Usually, you will need a soft brush and a damp towel to remove any dust or debris clogging the openings of the filter.

You will see a visible difference in the efficiency of your AC as soon as you do so.

Low Refrigerant Level

Pressure Gauges And Air Refill Kits

The Refrigerant is responsible for assisting your AC in performing its cooling function. If the Refrigerant is low or is leaking, it can hinder the ability of your Arctic King AC to cool the air properly before dispensing it.

Thus, you will receive warmer air than your set temperature on the AC unit.

To check the level of the Refrigerant, you can use a pressure gauge. Low pressure indicates leakage of the Refrigerant from any part. You can fix this by rechecking the pipelines and getting a refill afterward.

Faulty Thermostat

Energy Saving Amana Wall Themostat For Under The Window Hvac System In A Hotel.

If your AC does not make the air cool, the issue might lie with a faulty thermostat. A thermostat controls the temperature of the air inside the air conditioner.

If your thermostat is fixed too high, it might prevent the air conditioner from turning on. However, if it is in a lower setting, it will keep the AC unit from turning off.

You can replace the thermostat to cure the following problems on time.


To reset your Arctic King air conditioner, you need to find the reset button, which is commonly located near the power cord. Hold the reset button for about 3-5 seconds and then release it to restart your air conditioner.

After you’ve reset your AC, it will take approximately 10 minutes for the process to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Keep the AC Switched On When Resetting It?

Yes. It is important to keep your Arctic King air conditioner on whenever resetting it. The reset will only work when the AC unit receives the right amount of voltage.

When Should I Contact a Professional for AC Rechecking?

If your AC is not functioning properly, it is recommended to check the following before calling a professional:

  • If the air filter is clogged, clean it first to see if the problem is resolved.
  • Check the refrigerant pressure using a pressure gauge to see whether it gives the right result.
  • Check the thermostat to see if it is functioning properly. Replace it if any problem is identified.

If you still find problems with your Arctic King air conditioner, you can seek the help of a professional to identify the issue and make the unit function properly.

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