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How To Move Roomba From Room to Room

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Roomba is a dream come true for people who hate vacuuming and cleaning. Honestly, who doesn’t want a clean room without lifting a finger?

If you have a small home with no obstructions, your Roomba can work efficiently and quickly clean each part of the room. All you have to do is to press the clean button, and your smart device can take care of the rest.

However, moving your Roomba from room to room can be quite a chore if you have an older model.

Your smart machine can mix up the room maps or only start cleaning specific spots resulting in uneven cleaning. So what to do about it?


If you want to move your Roomba from room to room, there are a few things that can be helpful like:

  • Getting a new and advanced model for the job.
  • Using Virtual wall and lighthouse technology.
  • Creating different room plans using the Roomba smart app.

Are you struggling with your device? Read further as we uncover practical ways to move your Roomba from room to room skillfully.

6 Ways To Move Roomba From Room to Room

Roomba is an intelligent device that is getting better with every newer version. Exploring its features and learning about cleaning possibilities is advisable if you want to make the most of your device.

Moving your Roomba from room to room can be tedious sometimes, but here are a few helpful tips to help you do that.

1. Get the Right Model

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If you have a larger home, getting an advanced model of Roomba can do the job perfectly. The main difference between the older and newer versions isn’t their packaging or pricing; it is their ability to map your home, navigate accurately and schedule cleaning as per the instructions.

We know a newer version comes with a heftier price tag but remember, nothing is more precious than your comfort.

A Roomba with Simultaneous Location and Mapping has laser sensors and cameras that map out the area and choose the most efficient path for cleaning.

Similarly, newer versions have better battery life, making them ideal for cleaning larger areas.

An older version, like Roomba 960, has a battery life of 75 minutes, while the newer version Roomba 980, gives 120 minutes of cleaning, making it a finer choice for larger places.

2. Keep the Charging Dock at a Central Location

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The main problem with cleaning several rooms is Roomba’s low battery life. Once the battery drains out, your device must return to the charging station and recharge.

The longer your Roomba will take to go back and forth, the lesser time it will take to clean the rooms.

The best thing is to keep your charging dock at a central location, a place that is easily accessible to the device for charging and going back to work.

Think about the center of your living area or any room in the middle of the house; it can be the ideal spot for your charging dock.

3. Using Lighthouse and Virtual Walls Technology

Vacuum Cleaner Robot From Irobot In Action

A virtual wall is a handy accessory that can help your Roomba clean from room to room. It creates virtual barriers preventing your device from going to places it shouldn’t.

The advanced models come with lighthouse technology that keeps your device in a specific room until it is cleaned thoroughly.

You can flip between the technologies using a switch, but the only drawback is the lack of compatibility.

Virtual walls and lighthouse technology devices are only compatible with specific models like the 500 series,880,790, and 780.


Never lift your Roomba to let it clean from room to room. Doing that can confuse the device and mix up the saved maps resulting in inefficient cleaning.

Always let the machine do its job and explore the areas with good lighting sources.

4. Using the Roomba Smart App

Man Hand Activating The Roomba Irobot Vacuum Cleaner From The Application. Smart Life Concept, Smart City, Smart Home.

The ideal way to teach your Roomba about your floor plan is to let it explore. Once your device has learned the way, it will remember it for future cleaning jobs and choose the most efficient path for cleaning.

You can help your device to perform room-to-room cleaning by using the smart Roomba app.

Label each room map and only select the ones you want for cleaning. It will guide the Roomba to only move in the selected places.

However, the smart app’s efficiency also depends on the Roombas model. The newer versions have more advanced apps letting you schedule and pick the rooms accordingly.

5. Ensure Ample Light Source

Floor Cleaning Robot

Often, your Roomba will block a room and not enter inside for cleaning. Don’t worry; it isn’t due to a ghost telling it to go away.

The laser sensor and cameras in your device require light to get images of the room and learn about the floor maps.

If you notice Roomba blocking certain areas of your home, it is advisable to get abundant light sources and let your device explore the places again for mapping.

6. Avoid External Infrared Red Rays

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Another way to keep your Roomba clean from room to room is to avoid having external infrared rays. The Roomba device has sensors that use infrared rays to sense obstacles and navigate accordingly.

If your room has outer infrared rays like motion detectors or virtual reality headsets, it can disrupt the Roomba’s working resulting in inefficient performance.


Every home layout is different, and there is no specific way to let your Roomba move from room to room. However, by using virtual walls, smart apps, and a higher model, you can help your device take charge of your home cleaning and do its job best.

The best possible way to get the most out of your Roomba is to get a higher model with mapping and scanning technology.

It will save floor maps and help your clean not only different rooms but multiple stories as well.

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