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How To Hide Split AC Pipes

Painted Ac
Air Conditioner Hanging on a Wall

Summers can be uncomfortable without having an air conditioner in the house.

Though having cool air can be a huge plus, split AC pipes can ruin the house’s aesthetics. It can be a rather dreadful sight, either inside or outside part of the house.

What then can be done?

The good news is you can fix any ugly AC pipes ruining your decor. Let us look at some tips on how to hide your air conditioning pipes.


Painting the pipes, wall decorations, and pipe covers are the most inexpensive techniques to hide AC pipes around the house.

Other techniques involve making interior or exterior design adjustments to conceal the tubing.

Don’t worry! Different concealing techniques cater to your budget and the type of space you want to be covered.

11 Ways To Hide Your Split AC Pipes

Here are a few helpful tips to help conceal those eyesore AC tubes.

1. Paint the Pipes

Painting The Pipes
A Painted AC Pipe

A little paint can go a long way to mask any AC pipes inside your house.

The easiest way to conceal the pipes is to paint them the same as the wall color so they can blend. Spray painting is an excellent way to do this.

However, if you want to make the room pop out more, painting the pipes with complementary colors will give it an extra edge.

2. Recessed Into a Wall or False Beams

Ceiling Decor
False AC Beams

If your budget isn’t a limitation, making architectural changes to your house can be an excellent way to hide those pipes.

Using a recessed hole can offer a perfect way to prevent your split aircon tubes from sticking out like a sore thumb.

In addition, false ceiling beams add more dimensions to the room and can be used to hide pipes, lighting, or unattractive wiring.

3. Using Shelves

AC Pipes Used To Create Shelves

Installing large shelves can help save a buck or two if you are trying to distract people from noticing your AC piping.

Instead of adding random objects up on the wall, shelves are ideal because you can create small cavities that fit the pipes without taking up unwanted space.

In addition, shelves give you more space to hold books, tiny succulent plants, photo frames, and other accessories around the house.

They are also easily customizable by color, making it easy to match the house’s decor.

4. Pipe Covers

Pipe Covers
AC Pipe Covers

A pipe cover is another inexpensive way to fix your split AC problem. Depending on the room’s theme, you can get exciting designs covering up those pipes without breaking a sweat.

For example, if a room is jungle themed, the pipe can be covered by a vine decoration leading to the recessed hole in the wall.

Vertical lines can also be turned into fake tree branches with leaves climbing up to AC.

In addition, wrapping the pipes with butterfly decorations or fairy lights gives kids’ rooms a playful and relaxed aura.

On the other hand, if you want a more rustic feel to the room, you can use decorative wooden tube covers while maintaining a minimalistic design. Amazing, right?

5. Hide Behind Decoration

Air Conditioner Pipes
AC Outdoor Pipe Decoration

Decorations go a long way to keeping exposed pipes from sticking out. Depending on your pipes’ level, you can easily use big potted plants or paintings for concealment.

Hanging wall decor pieces are also an ideal choice. The AC pipes can easily blend with the hangings if you try to match their color scheme. A little paint can help with that.

A hanging garden can also be a creative way to mask those pipes on the house’s interior and exterior. The plants also add a little vibrancy to any living space.

6. Using a Room Divider Screen

Room Divider
AC Pipe as Room Divider

If it is within your budget, a room divider screen is an excellent way to add more personality to the room while hiding your split air conditioner and its pipes.

To get the best results, you can use a divider that matches your room’s colors, flawlessly blending with the walls and distracting anyone from noticing those pipes.

7. Creative Fence

Creative Fence Using AC Pipe

Though fences keep the peeper and creeper out, they are also an ideal way to cover up the AC and its tubes outside the house.

However, if your budget does not constrain you, artistic fences are a fun way to add a little spice and value to your outdoor space.

An artistic fence can be an excellent DIY project for the whole family. Creative fences can be made from stone, bamboo, logs, or decorative chain links.

8. Customized Furniture

Customized Furniture
Customized Furniture from AC Pipes

Adding customized bookcases and wall units is another way to help hide any ugly piping or even the conditioner’s air blower.

Customized furniture built around the aircon flawlessly blends in with your interior decor.

In addition, you can also add spaces around the conditioner, disguising it more and ensuring that the unit is well-ventilated.

9. Vertical Gardens

Vertical Garden
AC In a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens can be an excellent addition to your patio. They add a unique style to the yard while serving other purposes, like concealing split AC pipes.

However, maintaining a good clearance around the unit is essential to ensure the compressor and pipes get well-ventilated and do not get any humidity.

If you need any help with starting a vertical garden, consulting your landscape architect can help.

10. Adding Interesting Joints and Curves

AC Pipe Joints

Investing in pipe joints and extensions can help give AC pipes a more unique and distinct look and is a helpful way to manage copper piping.

By leaving the pipes exposed, you take advantage of their sturdy appearance, giving the room a rustic feel.

Installing joints and curves can allow the pipes to flow wherever you want and create decorative patterns on the wall.


Before installing any joints, or making changes to copper air conditioning pipes, always consult a professional engineer to ensure you do not interfere with their airflow rate, pressure, or temperature.

In addition, if installing the joints is a problem, hiring a metalworker is your best option.

11. Ceiling Redesign

Ceiling Redesign
Ceiling Redesign

In most cases, AC tubes are recessed into supporting beams in the ceiling. But instead of installing drywalls for the ceiling, leaving the beams exposed can help camouflage the pipes.

The design also creates an illusion of more vertical space in the house. Likewise, leaving the wooden beams exposed gives the room a modern and rustic feel.


Proper planning should always be the first step before deciding to make any modifications to hide the split AC pipes.

Planning can help you decide which technique is suitable for your home and if it is within your budget.

Lastly, feel free to get creative. Design to your heart’s content. Look for inspiration to help you get the right hanging decorations, art pieces, or covers to conceal those unsightly pipes around the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Way To Hide Air Conditioning Pipes?

There is no right or wrong way to conceal AC pipes. However, whichever technique you use, you need to consider which space you want to design and what your budget is.

Can AC Copper Pipes Be Joined?

Yes, copper pipes can be joined using fittings or butt-welding.

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