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How To Enter Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostics

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Do you own a Whirlpool Duet dryer and having some issues with its performance? Here is the simple solution: You can immediately enter the diagnostic mode to troubleshoot and fix the issue!

By entering the dryer’s diagnostic mode, it will allow you to run a test which helps find out the errors that might be creating the problem.

This tool is extremely useful when identifying and fixing any underlying problems with your Whirlpool dryer unit.

Moreover, it can help you detect and cure problems yourself instead of calling the service, saving you time and money.


To enter the Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostics, you will need to follow the steps as written below:

  • Put the dryer into standby mode
  • Activate the diagnostic mode by selecting three buttons
  • Press the first button
  • Press the second button
  • Press the third button
  • Exit the diagnostics mode

If you encounter any diagnostics problem, you can fix it immediately using a valid code. Otherwise, you can call a technician for a proper checkup in case of unsatisfactory performance.

In this article, we will write down the step-by-step procedure explaining “how to enter the diagnostic mode on a Whirlpool Duet Dryer”.

6 Steps To Successfully Enter Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostics

Whirlpool Duet Dryers are high-performing, efficient dryers known for their unique features. They offer steam cleaning as well as wrinkle-prevention solution. Moreover, they also possess the ability to sensor drying.

This prevents automatically adjusting drying temperature and cycle timing based on what type of cloth is being dried.


Before you start, you need to note that do not enter the diagnostic mode “just for fun!” You must be a qualified appliance repair technician or a skilled do-it-yourselfer to run the diagnostics.

If you doubt your ability to accurately enter and resolve the issues coming along, we recommend calling a professional to do the work instead. Don’t wait for the problem to rear its ugly head – take preventive measures beforehand.

1. Put the Dryer Into Standby Mode

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The first thing to do is to put the dryer into standby mode. Ensure your dryer is plugged into the wall outlet but is not turned on or working.

Once ensured, you are ready to enter your Whirlpool Duet dryer into the diagnostics.

2. Activate the Diagnostics Mode

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The second step to enter Whirlpool Duet Dryer diagnostics is activating its diagnostic mode. Follow the instructions below one by one:

Choose Three Buttons

You have to choose any three buttons on the dryer screen. Ensure it is not the “Power” or “Start” button. It is recommended to choose three consecutive buttons, so you remember them when running the diagnostics.

Otherwise, you might mess up, creating a new issue out of nowhere.

Press the Buttons Three Times

Now, you will need to press these buttons three times. Remember! You have to complete the same sequence again and again, THREE times.

Suppose you name the first button “a”, the Second one “b”, and the third one “c”. Then you can follow this particular sequence to activate the diagnostics mode. Go: “a,b,c, a,b,c, a,b,c”.

Diagnostics Is Activated

Once you have performed the above step, you will see all the lights on the screen flash “ON”. Once flashed, all of the lights will automatically turn off except the 8:88 figure on the middle screen.

Congratulations! The diagnostic mode is now turned on, and you can continue the procedure.

3. Press the First Button

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The first button can perform two functions. Function number 1 is to check the button keys on the dryer unit. Function 2 is to turn off the diagnostic mode.

In this step, you can detect any problem with the button keys, whether they are working or dead and need a replacement.

Once, you can activate this function by pressing the first button (“a”). This will activate all the UI buttons. The lights of all the buttons on the dryer will turn on.

You can press each button one by one. If the light on the button goes off as you click on it, it is functioning properly. If, in case, it stays “on”, this means that the particular key is not functioning properly and needs to be checked.

Press the power button if no problem is detected in the first operation.

4. Press the Second Button

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Reactivate the diagnostic mode by pressing the three selected buttons in the same order: “a,b,c, a,b,c, a,b,c”.

Follow the following procedure one by one to check if the drying unit is working perfectly or if it is encountering any problems:

  • Press the second button once.
  • You will see the “Start” button flashing on the dryer screen.
  • Press the start button.

These steps will activate the dryer unit and complete one round of rotation. Along with that, it will also indicate the L1 voltage, L2 voltage, Hero voltage, and also the airflow of the dryer on the screen.

You can compare the values with the normal scale range to see if it is functioning properly.

This diagnostic helps you identify if there is any problem with the inner machine of your dryer or if it requires some mechanical fixture. If the machine starts, congratulations, your dryer is all fine and good!

However, if it doesn’t, you immediately need to call and book a repair with your technician.

5. Press the Third Button

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If everything seems perfectly alright above, and you still need to detect the issue, you must move to the third button.

As you enter the diagnostic mode, the errors will pop up on the screen (if any). The third button, “c”, will scroll through the errors. You will move on to the next error in the row every time you press the third button.

You can take a deep insight into them and resolve them one by one by consulting with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

For Your Information!

There are a total of 13 errors found in the Whirlpool Duet Dryer. To resolve the errors yourself, you will easily find them in the manufacturer’s guide.

Otherwise, you can contact the technician for the smooth working of your unit.

No Errors!

In some cases, when you run the diagnostics, you will hear three beeps and see no sign of errors on the screens. These beeps confirm there is no error in the system, and it is working fine!

6. Exit the Diagnostic Mode

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To exit the diagnostic mode, you can hold the first chosen button for at least three seconds. This will automatically return your dryer to standby mode.

Now, you can restart and power your dryer for normal use.


You will need to follow some specific steps to enter the diagnostics on your Whirlpool Duet dryer. You can choose any buttons on the screen other than power or start.

The first button will allow checking if all the other keys are working well or not. The second button allows you to check for any problems with the working of the dryer or issues with its voltages.

The third button will help you identify any errors and resolve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Run the Diagnostic on My Whirlpool Duet Dryer?

You might consider entering the diagnostic of your Whirlpool Duet Dryer unit if you are encountering any problems as listed below:

  • The dryer is not turning on.
  • The dryer is not heating up.
  • The dryer is not drying the clothes evenly.
  • The dryer is making weird noises.
  • The dryer is not spinning.

For the above-listed problems, you can enter diagnostics and run the mandatory tests to determine the cause of the problem and undertake necessary repairs.

What To Do if My Dryer Is Still Not Functioning Right After Running Diagnostic Tests?

If you are still unsatisfied with the performance of your dryer even after running the diagnostic, you need to seek help from an experienced technician.

Spending small money on the repair is better than losing large sums on purchasing a new machine.

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