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How To Clean Out a Dishwasher Pump

Dishwasher Pump

Sometimes your dishwasher can stop and block the drain function. If you open it, you can see stagnant water inside, and some flows to the ground.

You should not call a technician immediately before you identify the source of the water drainage problem, which could be the dishwasher pump.

Some items, such as a plastic, piece of glass, or cherry pit, take very little time to block the dishwasher pump. Therefore, you can spend little time cleaning this area, and your dishwasher will start working without a hitch.

You should do this daily to maximize the lifespan of your device.


Like any other appliance, your dishwasher pump can stop working, but you should not call a technician before you check it because some problems are very easy, and you can fix them.

Various items can block of dishwasher pump and prevent it from working properly. Such materials include glass, plastic, and a cherry pit.

Take a few minutes to check if you can find any foreign material on your pump, remove it and see if it will start working again.

It would be best if you learned to clean your appliance regularly to maximize its lifespan. For example, you do not have to use expensive materials to clean your dishwasher pump.

You can use any of the following:

  • A sponge.
  • A pair of gloves.
  • A degreaser, white vinegar, or an anti-lime product.
  • A Torx, screwdriver, or cruciform depending on the model type.

A well-functioning dishwasher pump drains rinse water to its bottom through the filter, then to the drain pump. However, food residue or foreign objects such as pieces of glass or plastic can hinder it from working properly.

Ensure you remove all food residues from dishes before placing them in your dishwasher to avoid this problem.

Various reasons cause water to stand still in your dishwasher, such as a dirty dishwasher filter, clogged drain hose, and damaged drain valve.

Following the eight below will enable you to clean your dishwasher pump.

Location of a Dishwasher Pump

The drain pump is at the bottom of the dishwasher tank. You can access it without dismantling the dishwasher.

You have to block the spray arms and pull out the filter by rotating it. It is inserted in the cavity, but some are covered.

Materials Used in Cleaning the Dishwasher Pump

Cleaning Dishwasher

You do not have to use expensive equipment to clean your dishwasher pump thoroughly. Instead, you can use the following:

  1. A sponge.
  2. A pair of gloves that protects you from ceramic or shards of glass.
  3. A degreaser, white vinegar, or an anti-lime product.
  4. A Torx, screwdriver, or cruciform for some models.

Why You Should Clean Dishwasher Oftenly

Clean Dishwasher Filter

When your dishwasher is functioning properly, it drains the rinse water into the bottom of the unit through a filter and, finally drain pump. However, when there is residue, pieces of glass, or accumulated grease, the pump cannot filter.

Sometimes they can pass through the filter and end up blocking the dishwasher pump causing it to stop working.

To avoid this trouble, remove all the food residue from the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. It may sound obvious these residues can cause huge damage.

Ensure you regularly clean your appliance and thoroughly clean the dishwasher pump to prevent the problem.

8 Steps of Cleaning Out a Dishwasher Pump

Clean Dishwasher Pump
  1. Turn off the Dishwasher.
  2. Unplug the dishwasher.
  3. Disconnect the filter from the device and clean it quickly using a brush. If there is water underneath, use a sponge to absorb it.
  4. Remove the pump cover.
  5. Remove anything that blocks the pump.
  6. Use a degreaser or white vinegar to remove accumulated lime or fat that is difficult to remove using your fingers.
  7. Replace the pump cover and the filter.
  8. Reconnect the unit and start using it.

Other Reasons for Standstill Water in the Dishwasher

Clogged Dishwasher Filter

Sometimes, the dishwasher pump does not cause standing or clogged water. Dirty dishwasher filters at the bottom of the tub can cause water to clog.

For instance, food particles or residues can accumulate in the filter, causing the water to stand still. You should clean, remove all the debris, and rinse with water and it will start working again.

A clogged drain hose can affect the functionality of your appliance. You have to turn off the power from the appliance, disconnect the hose from the pump, and blow through it to remove any debris present.

A damaged drain valve may affect the dishwasher pump. However, you can repair it because it is an essential item that prevents water from flowing back to the dishwasher tub.

Ensure there is nothing that hinders it from working properly.

What To Do if Water Does Not Flow Even After Cleaning the Pump

Pump Dishwasher

If you clean the drain pump and the dishwasher still blocks the drain function, check if there is water in the appliance.

If everything is fine, you should do an in-depth check as shown by the following steps:

  1. First, unplug the dishwasher pump from its recess.
  2. Place the device on its back and get the place at its bottom.
  3. Understand how it has been installed, then unplug all the connectors.
  4. Check if the pump is fine by disconnecting it from the device. You must unscrew it to remove all foreign items inside.
  5. Finally, check the valve between the drain pipe and the pump.

Other items that you should check include the dishwasher hoses and circulation pump. Use a multimeter to check if the current flows through the circ pump capacitor. If there is no current flow, you will replace the whole device.

If you feel unsafe handling electrical components, you can seek help from a professional technician who will advise you accordingly.


Your dishwasher pump is prone to blockage and can affect water flow to the ground. Various reasons cause this problem, such as food residues, glass pieces, plastic, and a cherry pit.

You do not need technical skills to resolve this problem because it is easy to fix it quickly.

The dishwasher pump is not the only cause of standing water in the dishwasher. There are others, such as dirty dishwasher filters, clogged drain hoses, and damaged drain valves.

Before you place your dishes in the dishwasher, ensure you remove all the food residues to avoid this problem from happening.

There are eight steps that you should follow to clean your dishwasher pump. Do it regularly to maximize your appliance lifespan.

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