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How To Clean Fridge Water Dispenser and Ice Maker

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If you have a fridge with a water dispenser, you would need to clean it at least once a month to say protected from different health concerns.

Similarly, the ice maker needs to be cleaned regularly for optimum results and consistently good performance. The correct methods to clean both of them are discussed in detail in this blog.


The easiest method to clean the fridge water dispenser is as follows:

  • Mix the Cleaning Detergent and Water
  • Use a Straw Brush and Dip it In
  • Clean the Nozzle of the Dispenser With Brush
  • Repeat Until No Dirt Is Left Inside
  • Turn the Dispenser On and Let the Water Run

You can clean the ice maker through the following steps:

  • Drain All the Water
  • Thaw Your Ice Maker
  • Use the Cleaning Solution
  • Turn it On and Test

Let’s take you through the most effortless process of cleaning your ice machine and dispenser unit. Keep reading.

5 Steps To Clean Fridge Water Dispenser

Here is a foolproof method to clean your fridge dispenser. Make sure you have turned off your device before starting with the cleaning.

This method is widely known as the Nozzle Method. Let’s have a look a the first step:

Step 1: Mix the Cleaning Detergent and Water

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Firstly, you would want to get some water in a bowl. Now buy a cleaning detergent and pour some of it into the water.

Thoroughly mix the solution, and it’s ready to use. You can also buy exclusive cleaning detergents that are dedicated to the dispensers.

Step 2: Use a Straw Brush and Dip It In

Woman Cleaning Metal Straw With Organic Brush. Zero Waste Concept

Secondly, find a straw brush and dip it in the mixture of the detergent and water you have made.

This brush is very narrow and is specifically designed to fit into round hollow surfaces.

Step 3: Clean the Nozzle of the Dispenser With Brush

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Next, you would want to clean the dispenser’s nozzle (the part from where the water comes out) using the brush with the cleaning mixture.

Carefully clean the nozzle by efficiently rotating and moving the brush while pushing it inward.

Step 4: Repeat Until No Dirt Is Left Inside

Partial View Of Woman Holding Cleaning Brush And Stainless Steel Straw On Grey

At first, when you will get the brush out, there will be a lot of dust. But, eventually, after a few attempts, it will become clean. Repeat the process of pushing the straw inward until it comes out clean.

Step 5: Turn the Dispenser On and Let the Water Run

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Now connect the dispenser back to the power supply and turn it on. Let the water run. At first, the water might have a few dirt particles because you have freshly mobilized the dirt in the pipe.

It will eventually become clear when you let it run for some time. Now you can enjoy clean drinking water again!

4 Easy Steps To Clean the Ice Maker

Ice maker is also very easy to clean. You will need to follow an even shorter 4-step procedure to eliminate all the dirt and debris in your ice maker.


If you don’t take care of the cleanliness of your ice maker, you become vulnerable to many water-borne diseases.

Let’s dive into the four-step routine you will follow in cleaning your ice machine:

Step 1: Drain All the Water

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The first is to make sure the power supply is disconnected. Then you will need to remove the water supply and drain all the water from the ice machine. If there are any filters, remove and clean them.

Step 2: Thaw Your Ice Maker

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Next, you will need to melt the ice in the machine by thawing it. Keep your machine turned off for some time so that the ice can melt in the process.

Step 3: Use the Cleaning Solution

Medical Worker Hands Preparing Solution For Ultrasonic Disinfect Medical Instruments. Ultrasonic Cleaning.

You will want to make or buy a cleaning solution. The easiest DIY cleaning solution entails water and vinegar in it. Use a cloth to put the solution on the surfaces of the ice maker.

Dip the cloth in the solution and then wipe off the surfaces using that cloth.

Step 4: Turn It On and Test

Cube Ice Machine. Suitable For Small Beverage Shops.

Lastly, you must turn the machine back on and get a badge of vinegar-mixed water before freezing it.

Now keep testing the taste o the water in each badge for the trace of vinegar. When the water is clear of vinegar, the test is positive, and you can use it daily.


Cleaning ice makers and fridge water dispensers are important as they can directly affect our health if left unchecked.

You can follow the simple, fast, and easy methods discussed in this blog to clean them at least once a month.

The main cleaning process will take no more than 15 minutes. However, the thawing and testing can take longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Solution Should I Use To Clean My Ice Maker?

You can use a homemade solution for this purpose.

Mix one part of distilled vinegar with ten parts of water and clean your ice machine using this solution. It will work like magic!

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