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How Often Do You Need the Dryer Exhaust Cleaned

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Finally, have you got time to clean the dryer exhaust you have planned to clean for months? If it has been a year, you should probably clean it immediately.

Although it entirely depends on the usage time and the dryer model you are using. The average wait period should not exceed 12 months. Repeat the cleaning every 10 months.

However, if you notice signs like delayed drying time, abnormal vibrations, etc., it’s your call to clean it as soon as possible.


Almost all appliances use exhausts as a part of their machinery, and all require a proper and consistent cleansing to function efficiently, and you need to clean it once every 10-12 months.

The following are some quick giveaways your dryer needs to be cleaned before it gets too late:

  • The Drying Starts to Take More Time Than Usual
  • You Notice Vibrations Getting Louder
  • The Dryer Becomes Hot Quickly After Starting
  • You Start Smelling Unpleasant Fumes Coming From the Vent
  • Clothes Fail to Dry Properly

We will also briefly discuss the 3 best ways to clean your exhaust dryer:

  • Follow a Promising Schedule
  • Use a Protective Coating
  • Avoid Overloading the Machine

We will outline why you must follow a deep cleaning routine every 10 months and discuss the three most efficient ways to clean your exhaust perfectly.

5 Signs To Clean Your Dryer Now

Let’s quickly dive into all the signs that indirectly tell you to clean your exhaust immediately:

1. The Drying Starts To Take More Time Than Usual

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The average drying time is about forty to forty-five minutes for all dryers. You will observe that the overall drying time will increase by a few minutes and then about thirty minutes within a few more months.

Initial changes are very minute and usually go unnoticed, but they can go up to an hour if you ignore the situation. This is the first change indicating it is time to get your vent rinsed.

2. You Notice Vibrations Getting Louder

Young Woman Holding A Clothes Basket Frustrated And Covering Ears

Slight vibration is entirely normal, but loud or abnormal sounds and heavy vibrations that can make the machine move are not.

This is because of increased pressure due to clogged vents, and you should check the issue immediately.

3. The Dryer Becomes Hot Quickly After Starting

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Unless there has been an abnormal increase in the usage and overloading of clothes in the machine, it should not overheat within at least the first six months.

This overheating will not only be felt on the outer body of the dryer, but you will also feel this in the clothes right after taking it out.

Put your hand a little distance from the vent and see if the air is too hot; this will confirm the problem.

4. An Unpleasant Smell of Fumes Coming From the Vent

Housewife Cleanup Lints And Dirt From Tumble Dryer Filter

Your laundry smelling like dirty socks might not be the issue, but if it smells like rusty metal or you sense a burning smell, it is a clear sign that there’s bad news, probably related to your exhaust.

This usually does not occur immediately, but when you are delaying the cleaning.

5. Clothes Fail To Dry Properly

Close Up View On Clothes Dryer With Washed And Dried Shirts In And Door Open

If you notice that your clothes still are not completely dry enough to be directly put in the closet even after increasing the drying time, it is also one of the signs that your exhaust is functioning properly.

Did You Know?

Around 2900 people per year face a house fire owing to their dryers. Ensure your house is not one of those by following a proper maintenance routine.

3 Best Ways To Clean Your Exhaust Dryer

Now that we’ve discussed why you should clean your exhaust roughly annually, it’s time to look deep into how to keep it clean:

1. Follow a Promising Cleansing Routine

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You can start rinsing it with soap and water, use wire wool, polishers, and anti-rust protecting liquids or sprays.

Consider cleaning your exhaust when the previous cleaning exceeds ten months.

2. Use a Protective Coating

A Man Takes A Lint Filter Out Of The Dryer And Cleans It From Dust

There are a lot of coating materials available in the market, and powdered coating is considered the safest and most durable; although it is more expensive but works wonders in the long run.

3. Avoid Overloading the Machine

Washing Machine Overloaded With Clothes And Empty Basket In Laundry

Better safe than sorry! Before any of these signs appear or after you have done cleaning, make sure that you set a time limit for your dryer per week or month and do not overload; instead, run short cycles with a lesser load.


The only correct way to know precisely how often you need to clean your dryer exhaust is by noticing the signs appearing after a specific usage duration.

These signs include prolonged drying time taken by the machine, loud vibrations or other noticeable sounds, incomplete drying of the clothes, the bad rusty smell coming from the vent, overheating the dryer, etc.

The deeper you clean, the longer your machine’s lifespan will be. You will want to use a protective coating, avoid its overloading, and religiously follow a cleaning routine to make it last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Happen if I Forget To Clean My Dryer Exhaust?

If the exhaust is not cleaned on time, it will cause clogging of all the debris, leading to slow working of the machine, loud noise and vibrations, and early expiry of the dryer machine.

What Is the Function of a Dryer Exhaust?

A dryer exhaust removes all unnecessary fumes, prevents overheating, reduces humidity, and allows the removal of dirt and filtration of other harmful materials.

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