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Can I Move My Roomba Base?

Can I Move My Roomba Base?

This is a common confusion for all the first-time users of Roomba and you are trying to explore different operations and parts.

Well, the simple answer is yes, you can move your Roomba base as long as it is done correctly.

In this article, you will go through the right way, which includes steps on how to move the base, changes that occur after you change the base, basic Dos and don’ts during the change, and some other common questions related to the process.


All AI machines are quite sensitive to the slightest change.

Therefore, it is very important to remember the following points while moving the base to a new place.

  • Reasons To Move the Base.
  • Things to Consider.
  • What Happens When You Move the Base.
  • Ideal Placement.
  • Manual and Digital Moving.
  • What to Do if it Goes Wrong.

Are you finding it difficult to deal with the modern models of Roomba?

We have a precise and useful guide to help you understand the base of your cleaner better.

A Complete Guide on Moving Your Roomba Base

We will dive into all relevant queries and procedures revolving around the base of a Roomba. Let’s start.

1. Reasons To Move the Base

Reasons To Move The Base

If the current setting does not cover enough area or some places are left undone, you might need to move the base to a new location.

You should change the base if there is a lot of signal interference or insufficient signals for efficient functioning. If the floor has a lot of obstacles and it prevents steady movement.

2. Things To Consider

Things To Consider

Always ensure you do not move it during a cleaning round. Ensure the new base position is spacious enough with at least one and a half feet of distance from the wall around all sides.

There should be no steps or slopes about four feet near the base. In addition, there should be no interference of radiation and signals nearby that can alter the directions of the Roomba base.

Make sure it has the same starting and ending point. You can ensure this by matching the two locations on your phone settings.

3. What Happens When You Move the Base

What Happens When You Move The Base

It is an artificially intelligent device. It is smart enough to modify itself according to the information about new settings, so there is not much to worry about.

If you move it to a similar room, it will automatically find its new spot since it has to operate by following the old map, but if the new base is in a new location, you will need to add the additional locations to the map.

You will need to arrange a new charging spot near the new base. In addition, you will have to update the new home location manually.

Did You Know

You can install a maximum of 10 floors in the new models of Roomba.

4. Ideal Placement

Ideal Placement

You can move it to another room, to a different floor, or the same room with a different location.

So basically, anywhere in the house as long as the safety precautions and rules are followed. There should not be any hurdles on the floor too.

You can move it anywhere that is spacious and is inserted on its map. There should be a steady availability of wifi signals for it to operate properly.

There should be flat surfaces to move on and a wall opposite the new base. It should not be close to a place with a risk of falling.

Where Not To Place It

It should not be facing direct sunlight throughout the day. This can cause overheating or other sensory issues.

5. Manual and Digital Moving

Manual And Digital Moving

You can move it digitally and manually since all its control settings are now available on your phones.

You have to install a new home placement for it to come back to the new place and delete the old information properly.

6. What To Do if It Goes Wrong

What To Do If It Goes Wrong

Sometimes the Roomba does not operate according to the new location and follows the old map. Recheck the updates and see if the new map has been fully uploaded.

This usually happens due to internet disruption, so you need to upload the map again and restart. First, make sure all the new settings match the same floor.

Check the power and battery. Then, try manually charging the Roomba and cleaning the charging spot to ensure no obstruction is blocking the vacuum.

Reset the virtual walls to avoid getting any false signals. If the old map is still installed along with the new one, it can get confused and move randomly due to the overlapping of old and new maps.

The Bottom Line

You can always move your Roomba base. It just has to be done the right way and for the right reasons, which include incomplete coverage of the surfaces, moving to a new floor, interference of signals that allow misreading of information, or moving for other safety purposes.

The right way includes deciding the new location according to space measurements, away from stairs and along the wall. Proper installation of the new map for the floor and deletion of the old one in case you keep just one floor.

Lastly, if it causes problems restarting from the new base, try recharging, reinstalling the map, fixing its position, and reconnecting it to the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does a Roomba Need Its Base?

When the cleaning is complete and the Roomba is full, it must return to its base, automatically emptying itself.

Another important function is recharging; the base connects it to the charging dock when the battery is low.

How Many Bases Can a Roomba Have?

It can have two to as many as your house needs.

The latest models allow multiple bases depending on the number of rooms in a house. It depends on the charging and map following the capacity of the Roomba.

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